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The Achehnese

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• hould one of the attacking party be touched then all are dead, and t ie players change places, but if once two of thcm succeed in passing backwards and forwards unopposed over the space between the lines and CD' thls is called bilon and they are the winners, game?At the time of th« full moon a number of grown girls or young women often assemble to tob alèé eumpïéng % literally = "to pound with cumpieng-pounders". Each holds in her hand the mid-rib of an arènleaf, and with these implements they pound all together in the ricemortar (h itsong) to the accompaniment of a singsong chant the effect of which is often pleasing to the ear.

, Girls "c f0"d »'* SOTt of knuckle-bone game, played with &„w„ (pips (» the small fruit known in Java as native sawo). This game is °a meugeuti, meuguti, or, in some places, mupacluh inbngJ), and is al most identical with that called kubu in Java.

Cha,5. Another game which is much played by women and children, resembles in pnnciple the Javanese dakon and is played with peukula or geutuc seeds or pebbles. Wooden boards are sometimes used for it but as a rule the required holes are simply made in the ground, the whole bcing called the unu or holes of the game.

ne little round holes are called rumbh, the big oncs A and Bgeudóng

or and the p,ps The game itself is k„ow,i in different ,,la-

ces under the name» c/.aro >), chuka' and jungka'. There are four different

ways of piaytng it i„ Aehèh with which I am acquainted, called respec-

ively meusueb, „uuta, „uuchöh, „uuUeh. Let us herc describe the metisu'êb as a specimen. 4)

1) Eumpiëng is a sweetmeat made of irrains of rice dri.-d lw .„„i j .

in a moitar and sieved. It is eaten with ,ii„i r-, g a" pounded

2) The game of pacHik which we shaU deseriL


3) hato (chatur) ls also the name for the ordinary game of chess which Ie i i by the greater chiefs. In some places it is usec' to sLifv r u r X P y game {m<„nmuëng.rim„ïng). ^ °ne °f 'he fürms °f tigcr-

4) I have secn this game of chatd as here described plaved bv k"lin„ (t -n • •