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Now do I exorcise thee with thy own incantation '). Blunt be the iron, sharp the incantation!

White is the flower of the confession of faith — the limitless sea is the kingdom of my Lord.

Twenty attributes (hath God), name of God's majesty! — My body is of a truth the possession of my Lord.

A drop of water in the palm of the hand — who knoweth the art of bathing himself in the glitter thereof?

It is my Lord alone who may thus bathe; — none other may bathe himself in the glitter thereof2).

O soydilah 3), O Abdulqadir — may all (red-hot) chains be affected by the incantation !

May they be as cold as water, may they be powdered like dust through the blessed influence of our noble teacher!

Ya ho alah; ya ho mèëlóë 4)— o iron! thou art under the influence of exorcism.

O Allah! There is a conflict in the cause of Allah!5) O for help in the conflict in the cause of Allah!

The sibon-bon bush, its flowers are withered — they lie disconsolately round the stalk.

1) It is a great sccrct of all formules of exorcism against objects or beings injurious to man, to throw in their teeth their own names, their origin or a description of their nature, or resist them with an incantation in some way derived from that against which it is used.

2) Both these verses contain allusions of a profoundly mystic nature.

3) Sec page 253. 4) See page 253.

5) The common expression for the holy war.