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ba': director of a sadati troupe, II. 211. ba meulineum: a (second) ceremonial visit paid by a woman to her pregnant daughterin-law; I. 372.

ba' padé: rice-straw, I. 267.

Bab an-nikah : a treatise on marriage, II. 22. babah: mouth (of a fish-trap), I. 276. B.

rit: entrance of a gampöng, I. 416. bada: a tree-name, I. 421.

badal haji: substitute pilgrims; the hajj

by deputy, II. 308.

badöm: a light form of dropsy, II. 51. Badrudin Asem: a Sultan of Achèh, I. 5. bait: for fish, I. 278, 279.

bait al-mal: State-treasury, I. 439.

baja: soot (used for blackening the teeth),

1. 401.

bajèë: jacket, I. 25.

baköh: a bird-name, II. 161.

baköng: tobacco, also used as accessory in

betel chewing; I. 32, 288.

balè : hall, court; e. g. b. meuhakamah, a court of justice in religious matters, I. 161, and b. rdm, the Sultan's audienceliall, I. 139.

balé : turning; when a child can turn on his side, — us a measurc of age, 1. 394. />. meudcuhab: to turn to another school of doctrine 011 some one point (to avoid a difiiculty), 1. 347, II. 22.

balèë: widow, divorcée; I. 111. See also

pulang balie.

balu: dried buffalo-flesch, I. 3S0.

baluëm beudé: an evil spirit, 1. 409. Also

baluëm bidc.

baluëm ubat: a medicine-bag, II. 49. bambang kunèng: jaundice, II. 49.

Bambi: a village in Pidië (Pedir), II. 120. banana: see pisang.

banda: town, town-bred, cultureel; I. 24, 145. B. Achch: the old seat of government and culture in Achèh, I. 24, 25. bands: see "orchestras".

bang: the call to prayer, I. 85, 426. bangbang jamèë: a butterfly the appearance of which is believed to betoken the coming of guests; II. 42.

bangles: see "bracelets".

bangsat: neglectful of religion; II. 313. bangsi: a flageolet; II. 258.

banta: a title given to near relatives and agents of a territorial chief (1uliébalang); '• 92, 135bantay: cushion, I. 41.

bantöt: checking a disease at the outset; II. 50.

barah: a large boil, II. 50.

ba' raja peunawa: the aloë; II. 48.

baróë: yesterday (daytime), 1. 201. B. sa: the day before yesterday; b. sa jih, the day before that, I. 201.

baröh: lowlands; I. 24, 25, 45. barönabeuët: a talisman conferring invul-

nerability; II. 37.

Baros: a place, the S.W. limit of Achèh, I, 1. baröt: enwrapping, enfolding; II. 52. baruëh: a name given to beri-beri, II. 51. basi: premium on dollars, I. 293.

basö: severe dropsy; II. 51.

Bataks: I. 22; as slavcs, I. 23; their evil

reputation, I. 23.

bate: a sirih-bowl, I. 210.

batèë: stone. B. bada»: a stone extending longitudinally over a grave, I. 431. B. jturat tombstone, II. 59. ft. kawé: a fishing-lead; I. 278. Pula b.\ the setting up of tombstones, I. 259, 402, 430, 431. Batöh: a village near Kutaraja; I. 24. bayeüen: a talking-bird, II. 148, 155. bedrooms: (jurïc), I. 35.

bedstead: see prataih.

Béntara Keumangan: a chief, II. 13, 14,92. beri-beri: II. 51.

betel-chewing: I. 32.

betel-leaf: (ra/iub), I. 32.

betel-nut: (pineung), I. 32, II. 45. betrothal: ceremonies, I. 301; rulcs for breach of troth, I. 301 ; gifts, see tan Ja tong narit and ranub dong.

beuda': cosmetic fnce-powder; II. 47.

beudé china: crackers, I. 235.

beuët: to declaim in singsong style, 11. 75. />'. di jeuraf. the chanting of the Quran at a grave, I. 429. B. Kuru'an: the chanting of the Quran, II. 3.

beuklam : last evening, I, 201.

beum: a medicinal plant, II. 53. beungköng: cloth wrapped round the body

in a particular way, I. 112.

beunö: goitrc-causing spirits, I. 412. beureu'at: see malam.

beusóë : iron, hot iron, I 110; see "ordeals".