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The Achehnese

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meuiagi: a game ot liall, 11. 193, 194. meulhö: wrestling, II. 193.

meulinteuëng: lying face upwards: I. 394. II. 202.

meulisan: molasses, I. 273, 275. II. 48. meunang: to win, II. 193.

meunari: to dance, II. 261.

meunarö: the ceremonial fatching of a bride hy her mother-in-law, I. 356, 358. meunasah: the building, I. 61: its uses, I. 6j, 62, 63; its furniture, i. 63; antiquity of the institution, I. 61, 62; use of the building during the Fast, I. 229. meungkhé: = meu'ingkhé.

meunta batèë: a medicinal drug, II. 57. meuntróë: a title of low rank, I. 92, II. 143.

meura': name of a medicinal plant, II. 52. meuraja bisé': a game. II. 194.

meurambuy: a form of spirit possession,

I. 410. 411.

meuramiën: social gatherings at the Safar

festival, I. 207.

meurampót: = ntcurambnv.

Meura'sa: a district in Achèh favourable to peace; I. 170, 171; II. 96. 103, 110. Meurasab: see 'Titan Alcttrasab.

meureubö': a fighting-dove, II. 210. 215. Meureuduati: name of a village, II. 110. meureutabat tujoh: the seven lines ofcrea-

tive evolution, II. 34.

meurimbang: name of a game, II. 191. 192. meurimuëng-rimuëng: the tiger-game, II.


meusapi: travelier, 1. 269, 270.

meusara meuseugit: mosque-Iands, I. 122.

meusaröng : bom with a complete caul.

believed to give luck, I. 374.

meuseugit: see "mosque". Af. rara: the gieat mosque at Kutaraja, the panglima of which administered the surrounding mukims; I. 121.

meuseuraya: labour in combination. I. 267. meusikupan: name of a card-game. II. 209. meusömsöm: "covering up", — the name

of a game, II. 193.

meusréng: name of a banking game, II. 193. j meusugot-sugöt: name of a game, II. 195. meusui: a drug. tmssmfrmi goesianum,, II. 52, 57-

meuta'-tham: a fighting-game, II. 198. meutari: to dance. II. 261.

meuteuga-teuga: to emulate in l.odily

strength and skill, II. 193.

meutië': a game of chance. II. 208. meutröb: a card game, II. 209. meutunang: "betrothed", i. e. pledged to

fight, — of cocks; II. 212.

meu'uë: ploughing, I. 260.

Midan: Mtzan, a book of paradigms, II. 7. milé': rights of property, I. 287.

milön: an evil spirit. II. 149.

minyeu' nawaïh: castor-uil. II. 4S. mirahpati: name of a pattern, I. 41. II. 192. mirië': rice-bird, I. 266.

misè: "strings", i. e. lines in courts marked

for games, II. 197.

miseuë: proverbs, II. 67.

mó: a resin, II. 52, 56.

Mohammad: hymns in his honour, I. 284: reverence to his descendants, I. 153, 154. Mohammedanism: see "Islam".

molasses: I. 273, 275, II. 48.

mö'löt: the maulud or festival- of Mohammed's birth; the month in which it occurs, 1. 194, 195. 207.

mön: well, 1. 36. Af. eungkdt'. fish-pond;

I. 276. Af. Taste': name of a village,

II. 107.

Möngkaronwanangki: Munkar and Nakir, the angel-questioners of the dead; I.419. monogamy: reasons for it, I. 360.

months: their names, I. 194. 195; the calculation of the first day, I. 195, 196;

festivals in each month. I. 202 245.

morals: II. 318, 319.

mortgage: (ga/a) I. 291.

mosque: its description, I. 82: itsfurniture I. 82; its connection with the imeum I. 83—85; its officials, I. 85: their duties, I. 85; maintenance of the mosques, I. 86.

mosquito-bites: their treatment, II. 50. mosquito-nets: I. 41.

mu'alah: converts to Islam, their immuninities, I. 270; their right to a share in tithes, I. 269.

mudém: a circumciser, I. 400.

mugè: a fish-buyer, I. 282.

muglé : zingtber cassumunaar, II. 38. mugréb: evening prayer, I. 62; sunset, I. 200.

Muhamat Dawöt Shah Juhan: name and title of the Pretender-Sultan, I. 190.