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The Achehnese

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189. S. manyct'. the funeral service, I. 423. See also "prayers".

seumbah: salutation of deep respect. I. 33. seumbö: medicinal bespewing with chewed

up medicaments, I. 376, 385, II. 53. seumeuléhan: a reward to the teukgku for

slaughtering an animal, I. 226.

seuna maki: senna leaves, II. 57. seunalén: an outfit of clothing, I. 46, 326,


Seunanyan: Monday, I. 195.

seu'öb: steaming rice. I. 237.

seu'ön: to carry loads on the back (I. 26)

or on the head (I. 423).

seupeuëng: a wood used in dyeing, II. 64. seurabi: a famous burdng woman. I. 379. seurawa: a kind of sauce, I. 219. seureuban: turban ; also the naine of a cloth placed under the head of a corpse,

I. 421.

seureukab: a coop for brooding hens. I. 37. seureuma: "kuhl" or antimony-powder used

for darkening the eyes, I. 307.

seutuë': the areca-palm spathe, I. 36,

II. 192.

seven: superstitions as to the number seven.

I. 236.

Shafi'ites: the Achehnese are Shafi'ites, I. 196; but they deviate in details, such as the ru\ya, I. 196, and the penalty for neglected prayers, I. 435; they also show Shi ite influences, I. 203, and accept some Hanafite practices about marriage, I. 345—• 348.

shahld: a martyr in the cause of religion,

II. 87, 110.

Shaikh Abbas: = Teungku Kutakarang. Shaikh Shamsuddin : a pantheistic mystic, II. 13.

Shamsul Alam : Sultan. A. I). 1726—1727*

I. 4.

sharif: a descendant of the Prophet through

IJa san, I. 154.

sharks: II. 302.

Shawwal: name of a month, I. 195, 237

24i, 255.

Shi ite customs: their introduction and in-

lluence in Achèh, I. 202—205.

shops: I. 289, 291.

shoulder-cloths: I. 28.

Si Meuseukin: an Achehnese Kulenspiegel.

II. 71, 72. Also Si Gasten Meuseukin.

Si Ujut: the legendary "infidel" villain of the Story of Malém Dagang, II. 81—88. siawan: a disease, I. 225, II. 53. sibeurantö: fruit of sindora sumatrana, II. 56.

Sidi Meukamay: Sultan, A. I). 1530 —1552

or 1557; I. 190.

sieves: I. 272.

sigalah uröë: the sun a pole high, i. e. 7

a. m.; I. 199.

sihé: the ttlack Art, magie; I. 414. II. 33. sijalöh: a plant, I. 421.

sijuë'-seu'uëm: fcver, I. 415, II. 48. sikatöë meuïh: a kati of gold, about p 500, — the jinameê in the case of princes; I. 339-

sikhan uröë: "half a day", six hours; I. 201. sikin: — panyang a sword, I. 27, 93. II. 95.

sikléb mata: a blink of the eyes, a moment:

I. 201.

silueuë: trousers. I. 25.

silversmiths: II. 65.

sima'; hearkening to religious teaching, I.


Simpang: a village-centre of learning. II. 26. simpang lhèë. or simpang pcuct'. crossways, I. 417.

simples : list of medicinal simples, II. 55—58. singöh : to morrow, I. 200.

sipa' raga: a sort of football, II. 193, 194. sipheuët dua plöh: the twenty attributcs

of God, II. 188.

sirih : see ranub.

sisijuë': a plant used at the "cooling" ceremonies, I. 305.

si uröë seupöt: ua sun-dark", — the full

day of 24 hours; I. 201.

siwaïh: a curved dagger, I. 309. skin-diseases: kudé and kurab, I. 415, II. 5°i 31, 38; ///'/', II. 50; glum^ II. 50; puree, II. 50.

slaughtering: the slaying of animals, I. 224. 227, 243.

slaves: Nias slaves in Acheh, I. 19, 21,22; other slaves, I. 23; religious lavv as to slavery, I. 21; right of intercourse with female slaves, I. 21.

small-pox: I. 416, 417.

smoking: see "tobacco" and "opium", snake-bite: its treatment, II. 49.

sorcery: see ttmagic'\