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Afhandel en, ov. ft on. w. to conclude, to

term i nat e, to settlo, to arrange, to treat of; —Ing, v. terminntion, treatise.

Afhandig. bv. iemand Iet* — maken, to deprive (to rid, to ease, to fllch) any one of


Ariinn geling, m. & v. dependant, retainer; —gen, ov. w. to take down, on. w. to hang doivn, (van) to riepend (up)on, to turn on; —gend, bv. sloping, shelving; —g«r, m. dt'jifiidunt; —kelijk, bv. dependent (on) ; — kciyklieid, v. dependance.

Afhuren. on. w. to lose the hair.

Afhaspelen. ov. w. to reel (to wind) off, (flg.) to bunvrle, to finish hurriedly.

Afhebben, ov. w. to have done, • finished.

Afhellen, ov. w. to take (to heave) off, to ent (the cards).

Afliein en, ov. w. to fence (In), to hedge (about); —ing, v. fencing in, enclosure.

Af heil en, on. w. to slope, to incline; — Ing, v. sloping, slope, declivity.

Afhelpen, ov. w. to help down, to delirer-, to relieve (from), to rid-, to care (of); Iemand van zijn «tuk (de wj)i) —, to put one out of countenance; liij hielp hem van z|)n geld af, he helped him in running through hls money.

Afhlnken, ov. w. to measure by hopping ; on. w. to come down (to descend) hopping.

Afhysclieu, ov. w. to let down by means of a pulley.

Afhooren, ov. w. to hear, to listen to; to examine, to overhear, to question, to cont'ront (witnesses, getuiteen;.

Afhoud en, ov. w. to keep off, • back,-from, to fend off, to detain, to debar, to withhold, to deduct, on. w. to sheer off, to keep aloof, to keep off (the shore); van het kwade —, to keep one from doing mischief; Iemand van «On werk —, to detain one from his work; link* (recht*) —, to keep to the left (ïight); houd van de klip af, keep aloot' from (keep clear of) the rock; houd Je handen er af, keep your hands off; op een •chip —, to bear down upon a aliip; —er, m. detainer, guy (zeker touw aan een «chip); —Ing, t. keepiug off; hinderauce, deduction.

Afhouw en, ov. w. to cut (to chop, to hew) off; Iemand het hoofd —, to bchead a. O; —er, m. hewer off; —Ing, v. liewing off.

Af huichelen, ov. w. to obtain by hypocrisy from.

Afhur en, ov. w. to hire (from); — ing, v. hiring.

Af huurder, m. —ster, v. hirer.

Afjagen, ov. w. to drive down, • away, to chase off, to beat down (a field); to overdrive, to override, to founder, to jade, to hunt down (game, wild).

Afjakkeren, ov. w. to founder, to jade; to rate.

Afkaatsen, ov. w. to cast (to parry, to ward) off, to avert, to prevent, to rebound.

Afkabbeleu, ov. w. to fret (to wear) away.

Afkakelen, ov. w. to cliatter, to jabber, to gossip.

Afkalken, on. w. to lose lime, to remove the piaster.

Afkammen, ov. w. to comb off.

Afkanten, ov. w. to take off the corners, to wear smooth, to chamler.

Afkapp en, ov. w. to cut (to chop) off, to ituppress, to apostrophize (a word); —ing, v. chopping off, elision, suppres*ion; —ingsteeken, o. apostrophe.

Afkeer, m. aversion (to); — hebben van, to dinlike; — krijgen van, to take an aversion to; —der, m. averter; —en. ov.w, to turn off, - aside, to avert, to ward off (a blow, een slag), to preveut; —ig, bv.& bw. averse (-ly: ; —igheid, v. averseness, aversion; —ing, v. turning (warding) off.aveiting.

Afkeur «Ier, m. blamer, censurer; —en, ov. w. to disapprove, to condemn, to censure, to cry down; —ing, t. disapprobation, condemnation, censure.

Afkeurenswaardig, bv. blamable, censurable.

Afkijken, ov. w. to spy, to observe, to learn by looking at, to copjr (tasks, opgaven), to temporize, to watch an opportunity.to ferret, to xcrutinize; wij zullen «Ie zaak eerst kalm —, we shall calmly wait and watch our chances; w|) hebben het moois er afgekeken, we have got enough of it, we have looked at it to satiety.

Afkijker, m. watcher, spy, tenporizer.

%f kladden, ov. w. to botch, to patch up.

Af klar en, ov. w. to clarify, to clear off, to decant; —Ing, v. ciarification, decantation.

Af klanteren, on. w. to climb off, - down.

Afklemmen, ov. w. to pinch off.

Afkleppen, ov. w. to rnake known (to pablish, to proclaim) by ringing a bell.

Afklimmen, on. w. to climb off, • down, to descend.

Afkloppen, ov. w. to beat off, to drub, to tlirash; w() zyn nu aan «Ie beurt, want wl) hebben afgeklopt (bilj.), it is our turn now, for we have reserved the (billiard) table; iemand —, to give one a sound thrashing, to dust a man's Jacket.

Afkluiven, ov. w. to piek, to piek off.

Afknabbelen, ov. w. to nibble off, to browse.

Afknagen, ov. w. to gnaw off, to piek off.

Afknappen, ov. ft on. w. to anap off, to bi'eak (to fly) off with a snap.

Af knauwen, ov. w. to gnaw off.

Af knellen, ov. w. to pinch eff.

Af knevel aar. m. extorter, extortioner; —en, ov. ft on. w. to extort; —Ing, v. extortion.

Afknibbel en, ov. ft on. w. to cheapen, to abate, to beat down the price, to get by haggling; —Ing, v. haggling, higgling.

Afknijpen, ov. w. to pinch off.

Afknip pen, ov. w. to clip (to cut) off; — per. m. clipper; —ping, v. clipping; —sel, o. clippings.

Af knoeien, ov. w. to botch (to hammer, to bungle) up.