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participant, interested party; —neming, participation, cominiseration, interest, sympathy; —tul, dividend; —woord, participle; —achtlg, bv. partaking of, participating in; — iitnkvn, to impart to; —achtigheid, y. participation ; —baar, bv.divisible;—baarheid, v. divisibility; —en, ov. & on. w. to divide, to share, to participate; —er, m. divider, divisor; grootste gemeene —er, greatest common divisor(or measure); —Ing, v. divlding, division; — a, bw. partly, what with.

Deemoed, m. humility, mcekness; —Ig, bv. & bw. humble (-biy), submissive (-iy); —igen, ov. w. to humble; — Igheid, v. humbleness, Hubmissiveness; —iging, v. humbling, huiniiiation.

DeerlQk, bv. & bw. pitiful (-ly), miserable (•bly), wretched (-ly), sore(ly), bad(ly).

Deern, v. girl, lass, wencii.

Deernis, v. pity, commiseration, compassion; —waardig, bv. pitiabie.

Deesem, ni. leaven, yeast; —en, ov. w. to leaven.

Defect, o. defect; —, bv. defective.

Deficit, o. deficit, deficiency.

Deftig, bv. & bw. grave (-ly), «tately, respectable (-biy), centeel (-ly), portiy; —held, v. gravity, stateliness, respectableness.

Degel, m. platen.

Degelijk, bv. & bw. worthy (-ily), solid (-ly), thorough (-ly), sound (-iy), real (-ly), proper (*ly), to the purpose; —heid, v. worthiness, solidity.

Degen, m. sword; den — trekken (opsteken), to draw (to put up) the sword; niet den — In de hand. sword in hand; — drager, swordsnian, bully; —gevest, hilt; —greep, handle; —kling, swordbiade-, — knop, pommel; —koppel, belt; —kwast, sword-knot; —sclieede, scabbard, slieath ; —stok, sword-stick.

Degene, vnw. he, she; — n, mv. they.

Degradeeren, o. w. to degrade; een offl. cier tot gemeen soldaat —, to reduce an officer to the ranks.

Degradatie, v. degradation.

Deinen, on. w. to swell.

Deining, v. swell, surge, surf, breaker*.

Deins en, on. w. to retreat, to retire, to give way; to shieve, to fall astern; — ing, v. retreat.

Dek, v. cover, bed-clothes, horsecloth, deck (of a ship); —balk, joist, crosstimber; — bed, feather-covering, upper-bed; —blad, floral leaf, wrapper; —bord.shingle;—deel, —plank, deck-deal, deck-plank; —hamer, nall-drawer; —hengst, stallion ; —kleed, cover, cloth: —knie, knee of the deck, transom i —Inag. covering layer; —lei, roof-slate ; —lood, sheet lead ; —l(|st, — •tak, abacus; —mantel, cloak, mask, disguise, pretext; —riet, —stroo, liawm, thatcli; —schild, wing-shell; —steen, ledger, coping-brick ; —stut, cross-pillar, stanchion; —verf, body-colour, opaque colour.

Deken, v. blanket, quilt, coveriet; niet is* mand onder cene — liggen, to be hand

and glove together; to be Tn tlie same boat; —, in. dean, master; —schap, o. deanship, deanry.

Dek ken. ov. w. to cover, to clothe; to slate (met leien), to thatcli (met stroo), to tile (met pannen), to shingle (met borden); to defend, to piotect; to shade (eens teekenliig), to leap, to line, to answer (een wissel), to make good, to reimburse; de tafel —, to lay the cloth; gedekt z|Jn, to liave security, to be secured againstjeen tekort —, to supply a deficit; — ker, m. coverer; -kin», v. covering, security; reimbursenient; —sel, o. cover, covering, lid, raiment, cloak ; zoo pot. zoo —, like cover, like cup; as the pot, so the lid.

Del, v. dale, deli, lowland;slut (een gemeen vrouwspersoon).

Delfstof, v. mineral; —feltyk, bv. mineral; —fenr(|k, mineral kingdom ; —kunde, t. mineralogy.

Delg en, ov. w. to eradicate; to pay, to sink; eene schuld —. to pay (to dixcharge) a debt; —ing, v. eradication, pay ment, sinking; —ingsfoii«ls, sinking-fumi.

Delibereeren. on. w. to deliberate ; dellberatie, v. deliberation.

Delnw, bv. livid.

Delv en, ov. w. to dig, to delve, to scoop; onder <le narde —, to biiry; —er, m. digger, delver; —Ing, v. digging, delving.

Demagoog, m. demagogue.

Demi-saison,ni. spring-overcoat; failovercoat.

Demissie, v. disniinsal; i()iie — aanvragen, to tender one'n resignation.

Democraat, m. democrat; democratie, ▼. democracy ; democratisch, bvn. democratic(al).

Demonstratie, v. demonstration; demonstreeren, ov. w. to demonstrate.

Demoralisatie, v. demoralisation; demo* raliseeren, ov. w. to demoralize.

Demp en, ov. w. to extioguifih, to quench (a lire); to nmotlier, to quell, to suppress (a rebellion, a riot); to deaden (the sound of); to fill up; to haul up (een zeil); —er, m. eztinguisher, quencher; queller, t-uppressor; sordet, sordino (on strings, op snnren)| —Ig, bv. pursy, broken-winded ; — igiield, v. pursiness; —Ing, v. extinguishment, ex* . tinction; suppression, fiIIing up.

Den, 1. the; to the.

Den, m. fir, fir-tree; —neboom, fir-tree; — nenhosch, forest of fir-trees; —nenhout, fir wood ; — nen, bv. of fir.

Denk baar, bv. itmginable, conceivable; — baarheid, v. conceivubleness; — elyk, bv. probable ; bw. prohably, likely; —en, ov. & on. w. to think (of); (aan) to remember, to considet-, to refiect, to muse, to ponder; to believe, to suppose, to imagine, to fancy, to judge, to intend ; —beeld, idea, notion; — beeldig, imaginary; ideal; —kracht, — vermogen, faculty of thinking, intellectual

L>EE. - DEN.