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Doorhakken, ov. w. to hew (to cut) through, to cleave; on. w. to continue hewing; den knoop —, to cut the Gordian knot, to make an end of a thing.

Doorhal en, ov. w. to pull (to draw) through, to moisten, to blue (linen), to starch (»= »tyvei»), to era-*e, to cros», to strike out («=» uil» •naken), to rekuke, to lecture (*= beriepen), to recover (from an illness), to kring round ; to get over, to bring to bear; —ing, v. erasure, rekuke.

Doorheen, !>w. througli; er — tlirough it.

Doorlieet, kv. thoroughly heated, very hot.

Doorhelpen, ov. w. to help tlirough, to kack, to run tlirough, to dissipate, to spend.

Doorhouwen, ov. w. zie Doorhakken.

Doorliiippelen, on. w. to skip (to jump) through.

Doorliuteeleii, ov. w. to jumble (together).

Doorjagen, ov. w. to drive (to cliase) through. ' to dissipate; on. w. to liunt on; to drive (tu ride) very fast through.

Doorkakelen, on. w. to continue prating, to tattle on.

Doorkappen, ov. w. zie Doorhakken.

Doorkerven, ov. w. to carve to pieces, to


Doorkenvelen, on. w. to continue chatting.

Doorkyken. ov. w. to exaniine narrowly; on. w. to look (to peep) through.

Doorklauteren, ov. w. to cümb all over, on. w. to clinib through.

Doorkleinzen, ov. w. to strain, to flltrate.

Doorklieven, ov. w. to split through, to cleave.

Doorkliniiiieii, ov. & on. w. zie Door» klauteren,

Doorkluteen, ov. w. to beat up together.

Door knabbelen. Doorknagen, Doorkauwen, ov. w. to gnaw through, to consume, to corrode.

Door kneden, ov. w. to knead thoroughly, •well;—kneed, bv.elaborate, highly finished, well-versed, skilied (in), conversant with; — kneedheld, v. great skill, familiarity (with).

Doorknippen, ov. w. to cut tlirough.

Doorkoken, ov. & on. w. to koil thoroughly.

Door komen, on. w. to come (to g>et) through, to recover, to come (to get) off, to escape (from a danger); —komst, v. passage, issue, event.

Doorkoud, bv. quite chilled, very cold,

Doorkrabbelen. Doorkrabben, ov. w. to

scratch open, to scratch out.

DoorkrUgeu, ov. w. to get through.

Doorkruiden, ov. w. to season all over, to spice thoroughly.

Doorkruipen, ov. w. to creep through, - all over, to pry into, to wear out with creeping; on. w. to creep through.

Doorkruisen, ov. w. to cross, to ramble over.

Doorkniineu, on. w. to be able to get through; to be tolerakle; dat kan er niet door, tliat will not do indeed; I cannot put «p with it.

Doorlaten, ov. w. to let pnss, to pass (a candidate), to transmit (light).

Doorleerd, bv. erudite.

Doorleiden .ov. w. to lead (to conduct) through.

Doorlekken, ov. w. to drop (to leak) through.

Doorleven, ov. w. to live over, to pass.

Doorlez en, ov. w. to read over, to peruse; on. w. to read on, to continue reading; — en. bv. rend, well-read ; —Ing, v. perusal.

Doorlichten, ov. w. to light through; on. w. to shine tlirough, to continue lightening.

Doorliggen, ov. w. to gall (to make sore> with lying; ziel» —, t. w. to be bed-sore.

Doorloop, m. passage, gate-way; looseness; —en, ov. w. to run (to pass) through, to traverse, to peruse, to run (to glance) over, to run sore, to wear off with walking; on.w.torun through, to run on, to walk Taster; —en, bv. streaked with fat; — end, bv. & bw. uninterrupted (-ly), continuous (-ly), current.

Doorlouteren, ov. w. to purify (to refine) thoroughly.

Doorluchtig, bv. airy, pierced, broken, transparent, illustrious, august, most serene; — iaeld, v. airiness,transparency,illustriousnes% eminence; (serene) highness, serenity.

Doormager, kv. very lean, skinny.

Door marclieeren, on. w. to march through, — on; — iiiarscl», m. marching through, march, passage.

Doormengen, ov. w. to intermiz, to mingle.

Doornieiten, ov. w. to fatten (to dung) thoroughly.

Dooruioetei), on. w. to be obliged to pass through.

Doormogen, on. w. to be permitted to pass through.

Doorn, m. thorn, brier, prickle; het is hem een — in 't oog, it is an eye-6ore to him; Keen roos zonder —en, no rose without thorns; —appel, thorn-apple; —boom, thorn-tree, coral tree ; —bosch, thorn-hush, bramMe-kush, krake, brier; —haag, —heg, thorn-hedge, quick hedge : —struik, thornbush, brnke, brier; — enkroon, crown of thorns; —a chtig, bv. thorny.

Doornaaien, ov. w. to wound by sewing, to quilt, on. w. to continue sewing, to sew fast.

Doornagelen, ov. w. to pierce with nails.

Doornat, bv. wet through; —ten, ov. w. to wet thoroughly.

Doornemen, ov. w. to take tlirough,to chide, to rebuke; on. w. to continue taking.

Doorn en, bv. of thorns; — lg, bv. thorny» briery.

Doornepen, ov. w. to pinch through.

Doorpappen, ov. w. to open by cataplasms or poultices; on. w. to continue poulticing.

Doorpeinzen, ov.w. to pass (the night)meditating; on. w. to continue meditating (on).

Doorpersen, ov. w. to press through, to press to pieces; on. w. to continue pressing.

Doorpraten, on. w. to continue talking.

Doorpriemen, ov. w. to pierce with abodkin.

Doorprikken, ov. w. to prick through; • open.

Doorraken, on. w. to get through.

Doorredden, ov. w. to help out, to eztricate.