Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

—blad, treefoil ; — bladerig, tripetalons ; — bladig, threeleaved. tritoliate ; — deelig, tripartite; —dekker, three-dekker; virago; — dik, threefold; — draadsch, of three tlireada; —dubbel, bv. treble, threefold, bw. trebly; —dubbeling, triplication; —eenheid, trinity, Holy Trinity; — eenig, triune; —hork, triangle; —hoekig, triangular; —hoeksmeting, trigononietry; —hoofdig, threeheaded ; —Jarig, triennial, three years old; —kant, —kantig, trilateral, three-edged, three-cornered, cocked (van een hoed); — klank, triphthong; —kleur, tricolour; — kleurig, tricoloured;—koningen, Epiphany, Twell'thday; —lettergrepig, trisyllabical ; — woord, trihyllublej —maal, —werf, three times, thrice; — maaudeiy ka, — ■nnaiideiyksch, quarterly; —man, triumvir; — uiauuig, — e plant, triander; — manschap, triumvirate; —mast, —maater, three-master; —ponder, three-pounder; — puntig, three-pointed; — regelig, of three lines; — vers, tiercet; — slag, ambling pace; —span, spike-team; — spletig, trifld; — sprong, cross-way wliere three roads meet; —stal, joint-stool, tripod ; —stemmig, for three voices; —tal, nuniber of three; —tand, trident; —tandlg, with three prongs, trideutate; —voet, tripod, trivet; —voetlg, threelegged, tripedal; —vond, threefold ; —voudlg. bv. threefold, triple, treble, bw. trebly; —vuudigheid, triplicity; —zydig, threesided, trilateral; —erhande, — erlel, bv. of three sorts; —Üng, m. & v. one of a triplet.

Drieg draad, m. tacking-thread; —en, ov. w. to baste, to tack.

Driest, bv. & bw. rash (-ly), bold (-ly), daring (•ly); —heid, v. rashness, daringness.

Drift, v. drove, berd, flock (= kudde); course, current (=■ stroom); flight (of birdsj; passion, anger (= toorn), eagerness, baste, instinct; —kop, hot-head; —recht, commonage; — zand, zie Di-yfzand ; —ig, bv. & bw. afloat, adrift, passionate (-ly), in a passion, eager (ly), hasty (ily); — worden,zich — maken, to fly into a passion; —Iglieid, v. passionateness, eagerness, hastiness.

Dr()f beitel, m. chisel;—bout, starting-bolt, driving-pin ; —hamer, mallet; —hout, floating-wood, drift-wood, driver; -(ju, drift-ice, floe-ice ; — (fzer, driving-bolt, driver;—Jacht, track, battue; —land, floating-land ; —rad, pinion, driving-wheel; —steeu, pumice-stoue; —tol, whipping-top, whirligig; —ton, buoy; —veer, motive, spring; —zand, drift-sand, quick-sand, inutable sands.

Dry v en, ov. w. to drive, to push, to emboss, to chase (gold, silver etc.); handel —, to carry on trade, to trade (in); op de vlucht —, to put to flight; het te ver —, to go too far; den spot — met, to ridicule, to make a game of; —en, on. w. to float, to swim, to drive, to hover (van vogels); op z()ue ankera —, to drag the anclior; op elgeue wieken —, to shift for one's «elf; —er, m.

driver, embosser, chaser, obstinate fellow, zealot (■» dweepziek drHver).

Dril, m. drill, slap; —, v. jelly; —boog, drillbow; —boor, drill, wimble; —gat, hole made by a drill; —meester, drill-sergeant; —plaats, drilling-place; —lei», ov. & on. w. to whirl round, to wield, to brandish (arms), to drill (recruits), to train, to form to arms, to run liither and thilher, to gad about.

Driug en, ov. & on. w. to crowd, to throng («* opdringen), to push, to press, to urge, to compel; de noodzakelijkheid drong hein, necessity urged hitn on ; zich door een menigte heen —, to elbow one's way through a crowd; —end, bv. & bw. pressing (-ly), urgent (-ly); —er, m. —ster, v. pusher, presser.

Drink baar, bv. drinkable,potable;—en,ov. & on. w. to drink, to be given (addicted) to drinking; op iemands gezondheid —, to drink (to) one's health; veel —, todrink deep; drink eena uit, toss off your glass; —bak, watering-trough; —bakje, (bird's) through; —beker, cup, goblet; —gelag, drinking-bout, company of tipplers; —en zetten, to keep an ale-houae; —geld, — penning, drinl<-money, vails; —gezel, pot» cotnpanion; —glas, drinking-glaas, tumbler; —horen, drinking-horn;—huis, ale-liouse, gin-shop; —kan, jug, tankard; —lied, catch, drinking-song; —schaal, drinking-cup, bowl; —vat, drinking-vessel; —water, drinkable water; —zaal, tap-room; —ebroer, potcompanion, toper, tippler; —er, m. —ster, v. drinker, toper, tippler; —ery, v.drinking.

Droef, bv. sad, afflicted; — te moede, sad, cast down, in low spirits ; —enis, v. zie Droefheid; —geestig, bv. & bw. sorrowful (-ly), depressed, dejected, gloomy (-ily), melancholie ; —geestigheid, v. aorrowfulness, dejectedness, gloominess.melanoholy; —heid, v. sadness, sorrow, affliction.

Droes, m. strangles, snufflea, glanders; deuce, devil; de —, the deuce! the dickenst

Droesem, m. dregs, lees; —Ig, bv. dreggish, dreggy.

Droevig, bv. & bw. sad (-ly), afflicted.sorrowl'ul (-ly), gloomy (-ily), dismal (-ly), pltiful (-ly), miserable (-bly).

Droezig, bv. liaving the stranglea, glandered, having the anufflles; —heid, v. stranglea, glanders.

Drog e, o. dry land; zijne schaapjes op het — hebben, to have made one's pile, to have feathered one's nest; op het — zijn, (fig.) to be safe (secure), to be out ofharm's way; (lit.) to be in the aanda, to be beached; —en, ov. & on. w. to dry, to wipe; —ery, v. drying-place; — erijen, v. mv. drugs; — Ist, ra. druggist; —winkel, druggist's (shop).

Drogreden, v. sophism; —aar, m. aophist.

Drok, bv. enz. zie Druk, enz.

Drol, m. turd; Jack Pudding, merry Andrew, thick-set fellow; -Mfc. bv. funny, droll (•ingly), drolliah, merry (-ily), facetious (-ly);