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grateful • — telUklieid, v. thankfulness, gratefulness, gratitude; -tenla, ». conception, perceptiou; recognition, acknowledgment, return for a favour; zie ■-'.rkentelHkheld.

Erlangen, ov. w. to acquire, to get, to obtain.

Ernst, m. earnest, zeal; in allen —, in sober earneit; In — meeneu, to be quite serious; to mean business ; in — opnemen, to talce seriously; — zaak, serious matter; —Itaftig, bv. & bw. irrave (-ly), sedate (-ly), serious (-ly); — hartigheid, v. gravity, sedateness ; seriousness; — ig, bv. & bw. earnest (-iy), grave (-ly); een — geval, a critica! case; een —e toestand, a dangerous situation; —igheid, v. earneatness, seriousness.

Krt», o. ore ; —r(|k, abounding with ore, rich In ore.

Er#«p en, ov. w. to experience; to learn; —en, bv. experienced, expert, skilful, skilled, well-versed,— enlield, v. experience; expertness, skiil; —Ing, v. experience, practice ; Information ; — Ingsleer, experimental (inductive) philosophy.

Erve, v. appurtenances; —loos, bv. heirless;

^"-s« mv. heirs; —n, ov. & on. w. to inherit.

Erwt, v. pea; —enbed, pease-plon; -eudop, pea's-cod, pea's-shell; —enmeel, pease-meai; —enr(Js, prop for pease; —ensoep, peasoup; — enstroo, pease-haum.

Kscadron, o. squadron, troop of borse.

Esch, m. ash, ash-tree.

Kskader, o. squadron.

Esp, m. asp; —eblad, aspen leaf; — eboom, asptree ; —enhout, aspen wood; — enhonten, aspen; —enloof, aspen leaves.

Essche boon», m. ash-tree; — nhout, ashwood; —nhouten, asben ; —nloof, ashleaves.

Essaleur, m. assayer; essaal kautoor, o.

assay-offlce ; essaleereu, ov. w. to aseay.

Estrik, m. square, brick, flag-stone.

Eten, o. eating; food; dinner, supper; —, ov. ft on. w. to eat; to dine, to sup; —sbakje, eating-trough, seed-box (for birds); —skast, pantry, buttery, safe; dinner-time,


Eter, m. eater; IslJ Is een kolossale —, he is

^a huge feeder; ven slechte —, a poor eater.

Etgroen, o. after-growth, aiter-math.

Ether, m. ether; —Iscli, bv. etherial.

Etiquette, v. etiquette; label (on bottles).

Etmaal, o. natural day, 24 hours.

Ets en, ov. w. to etch; — |)zer, —naald, etching-(needle)-tool; —kun«t, etching; — plaat, etcli-engraving; —er, in. etcher; ! —Ing, v. etching.

Etteiyke, tw. some, several.

Etter, m. matter, pus; —borst, empyema; —dracht, suppuration; —gat, fistula; — gezwel, ulcer, abscess ; —prop, core (in abscess); — sl|)m, puruient phlegm, matter; —wond, suppurating wound; —zak, cyst, abscess; — achtlg, bv. mattery, puruient; —en, on. w. to suppurate — ig, bv. puruient; —ing, v. suppuration.

Euvel, o. evil, disease, fault; aan een — ■■■ank gaan, to be given to a fault; —, bv. evil, bad; —, bw. ill; —duiden (opnemen), to take amiss; —daad, crime, wickeddeed-, —moed, raahness, pride, insoience ; —moedig, rash, proud, insolent.

Evangelie, o. Gospel; het — prediken,to evangelize; als — aannemen, to take for Gospel; —dienaar, minister of the Gospel; —leer, doctrine ot the Gospel; —prediker, preacher of the Gospel; —woord. Gospel; —Iscli, bv. evangelical, of the Gospel; —ist, m. evangelist.

Even, bv. — of oneven, even or odd; —, bw. even, equally, just, slightly, a little, a moment; om het —, quite the saroe, indifferent, never mind ; wacht —. stay a little, wait a minute; haal — een kistje sigaren, just fetch (get) me a box of cigars.

Evenaar, m. tongue (of a balance), equator.

Evenaardig, bv. similar, liomogeneous; — heid, v. similarity, homogeneity.

Eveuar en, ov. w. to equal, to match, to balance; —Ing, v. equalling, matching.

Evenbeeld, o. image, likeness, counterpart.

Eveneens, bw. quite (all) the same, equally, likewise, in the same manner.

Eveiigeiyk, bv. & bw. equal (-ly); —held, v. equal ity.

Evengoed, bw. (just) as well, equally well.

Evening. v. dag» en nacht—, equinox.

Evenmatig, bv. proportional.aliquot; —held, v. proportionality, proportion.

Evenmensch, Evennaaste, m. fellow-creature.

Evennachtslijn, v. equinoctial line.

Eveiioud, bv. equally oid, coeval.

Evenredig, bv. & bw. proportionate (-ly); — held, v. proportion.

Eventyes. bw. slightly, just a little; a moment.

Evenveel, bw. (just) as much; —tje, o. (a sort of) cake.

Evenwel, bw. yet, however, nevertheless.

Evenwicht, o. equipoise, balance,equilibrium; Iets in — homlen, to balance a thing; politiek —, balance of power; in —, in equilibrio; —ig, bv. equiponderant, equilibrions.

Evenwijdig, bv. parrallel; —e l(Jn, parallel; —held, v. parallelism.

Evenzeer, bv. as much, so much.

Evenzoo, bw. likewise, in the same manner.

Ever, m. boar, wild boar ; —spek, brawn ; —wortel, carline thistle; — zw(|ii, zie Ever.

Exant en, o. examination; — doen, to pass an examination; zich onderwerpen aan

een —, to go up for an examination; vergelijkend —, competitive examination; — cominissie.examining-committee;—opgaaf', pass-paper; examinandi, examinees; —inator, m. examiner ; probator; — ineeren, ov. to examine, to try.

Excellentie, v. excellency.

Excentriek, o. switch, eccentric-gear; —, bv. odd, eccentric.