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Excuus, o. excuse, pardon; — vragen, to heg one's pardon; to beg pardon, to make amends.

l'ixecuteur, m. executor; «xeculricr, executrix; executant,m.performer; executie, v. execution.

Exemplaar, o. specimen, model, copy; een present—, a presentation copy; een proef —, a specimen copy.

Exerc teren, ov. & on. w. to drill, to exercise; —eerplaats, parade; —itie, v. exercise, drill.

Expedl teur, m. dispatcher, forwarder, trans» mitter; —tie, v. dispatching, transmission; —tiekantoor, forwarding-ol'tice ; — tiehandel, agency, transmission business; —tie* kosten, charges of transmission.

Exponent, m. exponent, index.

Extase, v. ecstacy, rapt ure.

Extra, bv. extra; — tyri, grace; — trein, express*(special jtrain.

Extract, o. extract, excerpt; geboorte—, eertificate of birth; extrahecren, ov. w. to extract; to make abstracts ifrom a book).

Ezel. 111. ass, donkey, easel (of a pa in ter); blockliead («domkop, dunce); —dry ver, —man, ass-driver; —sbrug, ass's-bridge, crib; — slioofd, moor's-head, cap ; —•kop. ass's-head, dunce, ass, blockliead ; —«oor, dog's-ear; met — sooren, dog's eared (van boeken); —svel, skin of au ass; —sveuleu. loal of an ass, ass's-foal; —wagon, m. donkey-cart; —achtig. bv. & bw. like an ass, stupid (-ly); —achtiglieid, v. stupidity; — en, on. w. to drudge, to slave.

Ezelin, v. slie-ass; — nemelk, ass-mllk.


F, v. F (Roman number) =-• 40; II., florin; f. I., (fiat insertio), to be inserted; Tol., folio; Feb., February.

Faam, v. fame, report, reputation; ter goeder naam en — staan, to be in good repute, to have a good character; — roovend, — roover, zie Eer roovend, Eerroover; —loos, bv. forgotten, fameless.

Fabel, ▼. fable, story, tale, quib; —boek, book of fables; —dichter, —schrijver, fabulist; —kunde, —leer, mythology; — achtig, bv. fabulous.

Fabriceeren, ov. w. to manufacture, to make; (fig.)« to fabricate, to forge.

Fabriek, v. (manu)factory, mill, works, (Roni. Kath., voor bestuur eener kerk) churcligovernment; (lig.), coining, invention; —arbeider • — werker, (factory-)hand, operati ve ; —district, manufacturing district; —gebouw, manufactory; —goed,—werk, manufacture; _—opzichter, foreman; —pr(Js, factory-price, prime cost; —stad, manufacturing-town; —wezen, manufacturing industry, factory-system; —en, ov. w. to make, to fabricate.

Fabrik ant, m. —eur, m. manufacturer.

Factie, v. faction.

Factor, m. factor, agent; —y, v. factory.

Factureeren, ov. w. to invoice.

Factuur, v. invoice; —boek, invoice-book; —bedrag, invoice-amount; —waarde, value as per invoice.

Faculteit, v. faculty; facultatief,bv. optional.

Fagot, v. bassoon; —blazer, bassoonist.

Faill eeren, on. w. to fail, to break, to become a bankrupt, to get into the Gazette; —let, bv. insolvent, broken, bankrupt; eene —e massa, a bankrupt's estate (goods); — —isseuient, o. failure, Insolvency, bankruptcy; — *s wet, Insolvency- (bankruptcy) Act.

Fakkel, m. torcli, link; luminavy (of the world, i. e. thesun);—drager, torch-bearer, link-man ; —llclit, torch-light.

Falbala, v. furbelow.

Falen, on. w. to miss, to fail, to make a mistake.

Falie, v. mantle, veil, hide; hU heeft op zyue — gehad, he has had a good hiding


Faliekant, bv. & bw. otherwise, wrong, false (•ly), deceitful (-ly), treacherous (-ly).

Falievouw en, on. w. to coax, to wheedle, to dissemble; —er, m. —ster, v. coaxer, wheedler, dissembler.

Falkonet, o. falconet.

Falsaris, m. forger, cheat, impostor.

Familie, v. family, relations, tribe; h(f Is geeu — van uitf, he is not related to me; een man met —, a man with a wife and famiiy-, familiaar, bv. & bw. familiar (-ly), informal; een — diner, a quiet (plain) dinner, an informal dinner; — ztyn met iemand, to be on familiar terms witli one ; —betrekking, relationship, kindred; —gek. —ziek, lond of one's relations; —goed.family-estate; —graf, family-vault; —hoofd, head of a family; — kring, domestic ciicle; —kwaal, family-distemper, hereditary disorder; —Ieven, family-life; —naam. 1'amily-name; — raad, family-council; —stuk, family-piece; — trek, family-feature, characteristic; —trots, family-pride; —twist, family-discord; — wapen, eoat of arms (of a family); —ziekte, hereditary disorder (illness).

Fanatiek, bv. fanatic (-al); fanatisme, o. fanaticism.

Fanfare, v. fiourish of trumpets; fanfare; — korps, o. brass-band.

Fantasie, v. fancy, phantasy, fantasia, extempore performance; een —-hoed, a bowlerhat; fantaseeren, on. w. (on a musical