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Gemeenlijk, bw. commonly, usuaiiy

Z«k„-,C!;ePj T- conlmun'ty. relati'on, con. nection, intercourse, communicat.on, society; 1 *«n goederen trouwen, to marry

mnnlt» ftf ,'t18; T T"n ".'-..k- 'oS munlty of interests; In -t belang der —

dén ÏC°. 'i, °f socie'yi - nuderliou„fü.i!?' keep UP 'ntercoume with: — iofntf. ' i°Tnion' j°lnt: bw- '» common, # h*'«"Re». joint interests. ',T; oon""0"»!ly. community; com* ü .V ' chllrclli congregation; de — /fc».t.ii.if^"lnU" J" lcomniu»<') of H.; de iïr. . Ju — """ • the paris}) of L.; thf h !hoor®»«,< de gnnselie —, in the hearing 0f the whole congregation ; de ■ff? «lecommonalty, the honen (worthy) """'i F"1* der —• Hou.e ot Common.; —bela.Hng, town rates; parisli -he.tunr. municipaliiy. common 'i0Uncil: Ho"se 01 Common. j -Ma.fi»,. town ratea ; parisli rates ; _

narUh "1"nlolP?1"y; -grond, commune, par sh ground ; —hul., commoii-liall. town-

m.i.w'IS "• 1 (Pa-risl,| raten; -lid, ™'™M " co.m.mu»"y i -raad, common1». JrVk C, ri?ht. of common, privi■t ° .. iP '!' ! —1•choo'.Pirisli-«choul1 ', ,t0WD*clerk; clerk of the parisli; —welde, common; —wet, law regulating the management of the affaire of

• commune; municipal law.

bv' & bw' fami,far (-ly). inti-

tuffttfni*!7 ~~ °.,,<lerhon«l. » confab-

(ulatlon) • —held. v. lamiliarity, intimacy.

:z^Lert,o'>'d- """■ »b«"("id).

Gemelijk, bv & bw. cro»> (-ly), peevisli (-ly), morose (-ly)j; — zijn, to be in the mopesi to be cros», —sullen etc.; —held, v. crossl ness, peevisliness, moroseness.

Gemengd. bv. miied ; _ ge.el.ehap,

• scratch company j een — huwelijk, „ lli-assorted marrmve (matcli).

Gemet.el, o. building, masonry. bemiddeld, by. average; — schoolbezoek, average attendance (at school); -iteuouien upon an average. '

"mêfe'n.0- r*"r3'' d°tinï"

Gemijterd, bv. mitred.

®®'nii. o. want, absence (van, of).

«einoed, o. mind, conscience, lieart; Iemand let. op z0n — drukke», to iwpross someining on lus mind; op Iemand. — werIitïj 'O «peak to a person's heart; een liefderijk —, au nflectionute disposition ; lu —e, in conscience, earnestly ; — .aandoe emotion ; -.aard, —.geateldheid, disposition, temper, turn ol mind ; —.bezwaar, conscientiou* scruple • —.ru.t, tranqulllity of mind ; —..temmln,' disposition, frame of mind; -ellik, bv fi JiW' 'OMcie,"liou' (-'y)i eurnest, genial', kmdly disposed ; -elykheld, v. conscienti^

Gem^SS*?' °- mT; mind., hearts, opinions. Gemoedlg bv. meek. soft; supple.

»ï!. .* £r' oicerned, at stake; on. Ie-

w« T.üi'.W" " -• our "»PPi»«i

Cteo'"?a« bw- - ■ t0 e° ">

tö iwfnij . — komen, to meet

—? ! T'"1 — '•«en, to object; f *7 ' to «P«t; to fore.ee; to anticipate. «rmok, o. pouting, sulkin,.

<■«».«».,.el, o. mumbling. mnttering, rumor. Gemor. o. murmuring, grumbling.

?• spatiering, making a mess. e®",",- chamojs; -bok, buck of the chamoif. «-einuit, o. riot, revolt, rebellion.

aimU,,!,'(1"' coin,di h«« — hebben op, to

nim ut, to mean.

mur7,nr-»»»«»». .piashin,.

| ' br- » cap; goed —, In »

flik T°Ur'K0rHt?mper1 "«ll-disposed; kwa■O" —. >n a bad humour (temper), fi . ^er' °* »'i»mmy, sliamoy; —nlacht SensTlIi f1 —lijagcr, chamoiB-hnnt«r.

G-hel!S!,rr.ccebJsibBiH,rible' °f

Genaamd, bv. named, called, by name; .Hne Genade 1*wouid-be ieaming.

H Kr".C0- m"cy- favour; op _ e» <>»—, at discretion; door God. bv the

feav.8,"',,0011' " '-«*» «"üven. to itmlnrfi mer;y.of wind "d wavesira» nTercv .. ~ t0 b" »' one'a

fl-ivl - le,,,®,ld 1,1 — aanueweu, to forK«ve a man, to restore one in one's favour: - ••"«ken, to cry mercy; —brief. K^.« i refrlevei —brood, charity; bet— broo«| eten, to live upon charity- —leer doctrine of grace; —middel, means of grace-

ments"' " «",,e.r k,!rk>- the

grace *' »'roke, stroke of

m;ro,iful <-'y). eracious L,^ ' » W °11* —• be merciful (have Sn iS 0n "|S! wee* haar —• ll0ïe a pity He». t"": Kr?ciou" lord; >>U heeft

mercWlv h "l i - }'" has «1'Mted bim

mercifully; —beid, condescension. h,,,«aï:,1r«°n w* tto »PPr°ach. to draw near; V,1'0"®. n,et te —. he ia almost in-

acc«J. ' U "Cht '® "• h# is 01 e«y "1W- yonder, that, the other, the for. *" —• tlie one ttnd tlle other; f . T" 'ome PeoP'e, many people. Geuelid, bv. beaked, billed. nibbed.

l,'.ch>> '• "■ 'o (rai» one's liveliood, (met) to make shift with; to constrain (to inconven.ence) one's seif; ge»eer u niet, make yoiirself at home; Ik geneer u toch '• ' wel ? I don't trouble you, I hope -

ff l fr ? a',,, '• neuien, do not

be delicate of accepting it.

51TÏ. bj'"r- ,br' -'Uk, br. curable; drank, draught, potion; —heer. -kun«•g«. physician, medical man, doctor- — kracht, healing power; —krachtig, 'me-