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fevour; te water —. to fall into the water, tot sUn doel —, to attain one's end- in brand —. to catch flre. '

Gerammel. o. rattling.

Gerand. I)T. edged. bordered, rlmnwd: (van munten) milled; —e dukaten, ring-ducats Geratel, o. rattling.

«ereclit. o. (court of) justice, tribunal, jurisdiction, cour.se; dish. service; Jongste — jast juditment, dootnsday; iemand voor e* dageu, to summon a peraon, to sue a person at law. to have the law of one; to enter an actioo against; — houden over to uit upon (a criminal); voor het — verschuiten, to appear in court, belore the barer waren vjjf —en. there were five dishes' (or: coui-Hes,; — houden, to udmioister justice, to hear causes; —sbode. apparitor. nimmoner; —«dag. court-day; -(dienaar omcer, constable; —«hof. court ofjustice—•konten, law-chargea, legal expenses; — splaats, place of execution; — szaal.justiceroom; — szltting. session, aasizes; — bv. & ^*JUSt (.'!& equitable (-bly), due (punish. ment); — eltfk. bv. & bw. judicial (.|y), legal HU; — vervolgen, to pursue at law; —|ff, nii , i iu" <-;*>•.'"Tul l-'y), litri.teou» « L . ? * bv- aut,,or,2ed.qualified, entitledigneid, v. justice. equity. rigbteousness!

r k » T.' ready (;lly)' l""ePlired, in act to; — e betaling, ready payinent, cash.

payment on the nail. nioney down - mn.

hen. to prepare, to get ready; —ellik, bw readily ; —held, v. readiness; in — brengen, to prepare, to make ready. Gereed.rhap, o. uteni,il,. tooi». implements

(of busband ry - ». d. landt w), i„stru.

mento; koukeu-, kitcben utensila; het — vau feu tmimertiiai», a carpenter-i tooi, Gereformeerd, bv. reformed.

Geregeld, bv. regulated, regular, orderly flxed, set; — e uren. set liours; een — e veldslag, a pltched battle; — heid. v. regularity, order.

Gerel.Gerelde, o. utensils, tools. Implements

things, stuff.

Gereis, o. travelling, journeyin*.

Gereken, o. reckoning, calculations.

Gerekt, bv. tedious, draw» out, long-winded

(speeches); —heid, v. tediousness.

Gerei, o. ruving, ranting, cliat.

Gereutel, o. rattle, rattliug, prattle.

Gerf kamer. v. sacriaty, vestry; —schaaf

▼. joiner's plane.

Gergel. m. notch, cross-groove.

Geribd, bv. ribbed, nerved; — napier, laid paper.

Gericht, o. zie Gerecht.

Gerief, o. accotmnodation, convenience, comiort; — eiyk, bv. accoinmodating, couvenient eommodious, comfortable.serviceable.—elilkheld, v. accommodation, convenience, comluodiounness.

Gerieven, ov. w. to accommodate, to oblfge. 5P": °*. rid.in&» driving to and fro. noisy bustle of vehicles.

GerUmel, o. rhyming, versifylng.

Gerlkkik. o. croaking (of frogs).

Gering, bv. low, mean, vile, small, trlflingiu -e mate, in a small measure; In 't JVJ"*'®. of "'«t, not at all, not in

the least; —achten, —schatten, to undervalue, to slicht; —schatting, disregard-

V* lowne8s» meanness, smallness'. trmingness. *

Aerluad. bvr. rina-ed, fa»tened to rings. Oer «kei, o. jingle, clang, iingling.

«■erltiel, o. rustling (of leaves).

Gerochel, o. rattliug, «pawling.

Ophef ° ca'"">>". <">». .bout,, clamor. zie

Geroer, o. stirring. rolling or beating (of

drum,); —d, bv. nioved, touched. Geroezemoe». o. bustle. «tir Geroffel, o. roll (v. d. trom].

Gerol. o. rolling.

Gerommel, o. rumbling (of tliunder); mak-

inff hay (in papers). '

Geronk, o. snoring.

Geronnen, bv. curdled, clotted; -bloed, clotted blood, gore; zoo gewonnen, zoo

gone ' iH-spent; lightly come, lightly

Geros, o. bustle of carriages.

Gerst. v. barley; geparelde —.pearl barley Repelde —, pot barley; ongepelde bcotch barley , -akker, barley Held ; oog.t, barley barvest; -ebler. beer brewed of barley; — ebr(J. biirley-porridge; —brood, barley bread ; —edrank. -eaat, —ewa-

.L„bArleyi,W?t'r ; bar,ey g»*oata ;

—ekoek, barley-cake; -ekorrel, barlevcorn; -emeel, barley-meal; — e.troo, barley-,traw. '

Gerucht, o. report, rumour; Boise; fame leputation; lo. —, iiying report, hearsay;

®®n,|K"«,d (kwaad) - .taau. to have a good (bad) reputatmn; er loopt een — It is reported; a rumour is abroad ; wee den wolf, die In een kwaad — staat. glTt.

j °.f " ba,d. r"tm" an<1 lla»ff him : li» once and tliey will ncver believe you ; »oor ireen M»1» -J» vervaard lijn. to be not eaeilv ■ntiniidated ; to take tbe buil by tlie iiorns to maren up to the cannon's mouth : to go through fire and water, etc.; — uiakend bv. sensational.

Geruim, bv. long, considerable.

Geruisch. o. purlin?, murmur, rushine, roarJng (van een stroom); whinfeliog (van den wind); rustling (van bladeren), tin^ling (In de ooren).

Geruit, bv. checkered, squared.

Gerust, bv. & bw. quiet ( ly), calm (-ly), tranquil (-ly), easy (-ily), secure (-ly); — stellen, to set at ease, to pacify • stel u 7' 8et y°ur ',eapt at rest; Je kunt het — doen. you may do it fearlessly; |e mag Het wel doen, upon my word (really) you are safe to do it -. ik durf- zeggen, dat »»u een schurk Is, I am lully satisfled tnat he is a rogue; Je mag — lederen