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volks, (the) rabble, the scum of the people.

Hef fen, ov. w. to lift, to heave, to raise, to levy; belastingen —, to raise taxes; teu doop —, to stand sponsor (god fat her) (to a child); —boom, lever; —deeg, leaven; — offer, lieave-oflering; —fer, m. —«ter, v. raiser; —Uur, v. raising (of taxes).

Heft. o. zie Hecht.

Heftig, bv. & bw. zie Hevig.

Heg, Hegge, v. hedge; over — en steg, over hedge and ditch, across country; —ge•chaar, garden-sheara; -gevuur, firing by platoons.

Hei, tsw. ho !, holla!

Hel, v. heath, broom; —bezem, broom; — bloem, wild tliyme; —boender, broom; —brand, lieatli-flre; — d«in|», —rook, heath-smoke; —klokje, heatiier-bell; — kruid, heather ; —plant, erica, heather; —veld, moorland; —krekel, heath-cricket, zie Heide.

Hel. v. beetle, rammer; — hitna, ram-master; -blok, rammer; —machine, pile-driver, ramming apparatus; — paal, pile; —•telling, ramming-frame; —werk, piling, piie-work.

Heide, ▼. heath, broom; —bloem, wild tliyme, heath-flower; —grond, —land, —veld, heath; —kruid, — plaut. heather.

Heiden, m. heathen, pagan, gentile, gipsy; —dom, o. heathenism, paganism ; —ach, bv. ft bw. heathen, heathenish (-ly), pagan (gods), terrible (-bly), annoying; uproarious (noise).

Heldin, v. gipsy (-womnn).

Hei en, ov. w. to ram (iu), to pile; on. w. to draw a great deal of water, to go verydeep, to pitch, to plunge; —er, m. rammer ;—Ing, v. ramming.

Heil, o. happiness, prosperity, blis9, salvation; —•leger, salvation army; — bede.good wish, benedictory prayer; — begeer! g, desirous after bliss; —bron, —fontein, souice of happiness (salvation), fountain of bliss; — dronk, toast, health; een—dronk in «tellen, to give (propose) a toast (a sentiment); to drink to a person's health; — gymnastiek, health-gymnastics, calisthenics; — r(jk, salutary, blissful; — wenich, felicitation, congratulation.

Heiland, m. Savior.

Heilbot, v. halibut, brill.

Heilig, bv. & bw. holy (-ily), sacred (-ly); — verklaren, to canonize, to saint; —avond, eve (of a festival); —been, (os) sacrum; — bitter, bitter-holy; — dom, sanctuary, relic; —doinahulsje, sanristy; —domakast, shrine; —makend, sanctifying ; —maker, sanctifier; —maklng. sanctificution; — achender,sacrilegist; —schendig, — acliendeud, sacrilegious ; —acliennia, sacrilege ; —apreklng, —verklaring, canonization, repos itory of.

Heilig e, m. ft v. saint, patron, patrones»; het —e der —en, the Holy of Holles; de —e Maagd, the Hoiy Virgin; het —e V^and, the Holy Land, the Promised Land; de —e Schrift, Holy Wrlt; — enbeeld, image of

a saint; —endng,saints'day,holy-day; —endienst, —envereerlng, worship of saints;

—enkrana, aureola, halo; —en, ov. w. to •anctify, to hallow, to saint, to canonize, to consecrate, to keep holy; —heid, v. holiness, sanctity, sacredness; —ing, v. sanctification, hallowing, canonization, consecration.

Heillooa, bv. ft bw. fatal (-ly), nel'arious(-ly), flagitious (-ly), wicked (-ly); — heid, v. nefariousness, flagltiousneas, wickedness.

Heilzaam, bv. salutary, beneficial, salutiferous; —held, v. salutariness, beneficialness, salutiferousness.

Heimel||k, bv. ft bw. secret (-ly), private (•ly), clandestine (-ly), by stealth; —e kulplngeu, backstairs intrigues; —heid, v. secrecy, privacy; — geiuak, water-closet, privy.

Helmpje, o. cricket (on the hearth).

Heimwee, o. home-sickness, nostalgia; het

— hebben, to be home-sick.

Heinde, bw. — en ver, far and near (wide). •

Hein en. ov. w. to enclose, to hedge (to fence) in; —aloot, ditch 5 —ing, v. enclosure, hedge, fence.

Ileir, o. army, host; —baan, high-road; — ban, army; den —ban oproepen, to call the military to arms; —byi, battle-axe ; — kraclit, forces, troops; —leger, — achaar, zie Heiri de Heer der —scharen, the Lord of hosts; —schouw, review, muster; —toelit, —vaart, march of an army; — voerder, —vorst, leader of an army.

Heisa. tsw. huzzal holla 1 cheer upi chirrupt

Hek, o. grate, baluster, railing, bar, fence, enclosure, stile, stern-frame; de —ken ztyn verhangen, the tables are turned; het — waa van den daui, the house was turned out of window; een IJzeren —, an iron railing; het — alulten (lig.), to be the last, to bring up the rear; — balk, wing-transom; —boot, fly-boat; —geld, wheelage, toll; — sluiter, bringer-up, last child, last-comer; —atut, stern-timber; —werk, stern-frame, railing, grating, trellis-work; — keuspringer, hare-brained fellow.

Hekel, m. liatcliel. hackle; dislike, aversion; over den — halen, to censure, to criticise severely, to take up roundiy, to taunt; een

— krijgen, to take a dislike (to); een — hebben, to have a dislike (to), to hate; — dlclit, satire; —dichter,satirist;—schrift, satire, lampoon; —taal, satirical language ; • style ; —tand, prickie of a hatchel; —teef, scold, shrew; —woord, satirical word; — zucht, censoriousness; —aar, m. —aarster, v. hatcheler, hackler, censurer, satirist; — achtig, bv. ft bw. captious (-ly), censorious (-ly); —achtigheid, v. captiousness, censoriousness; —en, ov. w. to hatchel, to hackle, to censure, to criticise; —Ing, v. hatchelling, hackling, criticising.

Heks, v. witch, vixen; — eitdans, dance (vigll) of witches, witches' dance (vigll); —enmeester, wizard, conjurer, sorcerer; h(j la waarlijk geen —enmeester (fig.)« he ia