Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

—deksel, bat, cap, covering for the liead; —denkbeeld, principal (leading) idea; — deugd, cardinal virtus; —deur, principal door; —doek, handkercliief for the liead; —doel, prioclpal aim, main object; — draaling, —duizeling, giddiness; —eigenschap, principal quality; —gaarder, chief taxgatherer; —galei, first galley; —gang, principal passage; —gat, opening for the head ; —gebouw, principal (chief) building;—gebrek, chief fault, capital defect; —geld, poll-tax, capitation, head-money -,- gerecht, principal dish, supreme court (of justice); —geschil, principal dispute; —getal, cardinal number; —gracht, principal canal; — grond, principal reason. - argument; —haar, nair (of the head); —hulsel, head-dress, -gear; —ingang, principal entrance; -ingeland, chief landholder; —inhoud, sumniary, chief contents; —kaas, brain-pudding, potted nieat; —kantoor, head centraloffice; —kerk, cathedral; —ketter, heresiarch; —kleed, kerchief, principal article of dress; —kleur, principal colour; —klier, cephalic glaud; —knik, nod ; —kraan, principal cock; —kussen, pillow; —kwartier, head-quarters; —leen, principal fief;—leer, niain doctrine; —letter, capital, initial; —man, captain, chieftain, chief, deacon, head-man; — over honderd, centurion; —manschap, captainship, office of a headman; —mast, main-mast;—mis,high-mass; —misdaad, capital crime; — officier, high officer, field-officer; —onderwijzer, headmaster, head-teacher; —oogmerk, principal aim; —oorzaak, principal (main) cause; —pacht, general farm; —pachter, farmer -general; —pan, skull;—persoon, principal peraon, chief, leader; —peluw, bolster; — PB». head-ache; —plaats, chief place, capital; —poeier, cephalic powder; —poort, principal gate, front-gate; —punt, main point; —rad, principal wheel; —rechter, chief jnstice; —regel, general rule; —register, index; —rol, principal part; —schedel, scalp; —schilfers, dandruff; —schotel, principal dish; —schout, sheriff, chief bailiff; — echuld, principal debt; —sieraad, —siersel, head-dress, head-gear, principal ornament; vorstelijk —, diadem ; —sleutel, masterkeyj —sluier, veil; —soui, capital, principal, ftotal; —spil, principal spindie; —stad, capital, metropolis; —stel, head-stall; — •telling, principal thesis, man point; —stof, elsment; —stoffelijk, elemental; —straat, principal streetj —streek, cardinal point; —studie, principal study; —stuk, chapter, main point; —tooisel, head-dress, -tire; — toon, key-note; —touwen, main-shrouds; —trelTen, decisive engagement, pitched battle, general fight; —trek, principal trait, leading feature; —trekker, forceps; —rak, principal pursuit, chief department; -Terband, bandage for the head, main connexion; —▼Hand, principal enemy; — vieesch, marmade, pickled mince-meat, potted-head;

—vloed, flux ion in the head, principal rhrer; —vonnis, flnal sentence; —wacht, main guard-house; —wal, principal rampart; — water, cephalic water; —waterzucht, dropsy in the head, hydrocephalus; — werk, chief business, principal work; head-. wovk; —wind, cardinal wind, - point; — wond, wound in tiie head; —worm, headworin; —wrong, head-roll, turban, diadem, wreath; —zaak, principal matter, main point, chief care; —zee, main (sea); —zeer, scald-head; —zeil, main-sail; —zetel, principal seat, residence; —zonde, mortal sin; —zwarigheid, principal difficuity; —zweer, ulcer in (on) the head; —enelnde, head.

Hoofde lijk, bv. & bw. a head, one by one, individual; — e omslag, poil-tax; —loos, bv. headless, acephalous; leaderless, without a leader.

Hoofdig, bv. heady (wine); obstinate, selfwilled, headstrong; —held, v. headiness, headstrongness, obstinacy.

Hoofsch, bv. courtly, stift', ceremonious, court-; —held, v. courtliness, stiffness.

Hoog, bv. high, lofty, tall, great, eminent, sublime, supreme ; liet is — dag, it is broad day; het is — tijd, it is high time; dat is m|| te —, tliat is above my reach, that poes beyond me; — aangeschreven staan by, to be in great favour; het —e woord moest er wel uit, the bare truth was to be said; — en droog, high and dry; b|) — en laag zweren, to swear by high and low; een —e borst zetten, to give oneself airs; —, bw. high (-ly), loftlly;—aanzienlijk, highly respectable, iiiustrious; —achtbaar, highly respectable, most worshipful, - venerable; — achten, to esteem; —achting, esteem, regard, respect; — adellijk, verynoble;—bejaard, very old, aged, stricken in years; — bejaardheid, advanced (old) age; —beroemd, highly renowned, iiiustrious; —beroemdheid, great renown; —blauw, deep blue ; —boordig, with high boards, of several decks, large; —bootsman, upper-boatswain; —bootsmansmaat, upper-boatswain's mate; —borstig, higli-breasted, haughty, proud; —bruin, dark brown; —dag, festival, holyday; —dravend, high-flown, stiited, bombastic; —dravendheld, bombast, fustian; —dringend, very urgent; —edel, right honourable; — edelgeboren, —edelgestreng, right honourable; —eerwaard, most revercnd ; —gaande, ascending high, crying, enormous; —geacht, much esteemed; —geboren, nobly, right honourable ; —geducht, formidable; —geel, deep-yellow; —geleerd, very learned; —geleerdheid, deep learning; —gerechtshof, high court of justice; —gewelfd, high-arched; —gezag, chief (royal) authority; —gezaghebber, sovereign, commander in chief; —gezind, high-ininded;— groen, deep-green; —hartig, haughty, proud; —hartigheid, haughtiness, pride; —heemraad, chief dike-reeve; —land, highland; —lander, highlander; —landsch, highland;