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I. - IJZ.


I, I; de paneel op de — zetten (lig.), to be very correct (accurate) ia everything, (lett .) to dot one's i'a.

Ide aal, o. & bv. ideal; — alisme, idealism ;

idealist; —aliseeren, to idealize.

Idee. o. idea, notion; een hoog — van zich «elf hebben, to tliink much of one•elf; een lumineus —, a happy thought—fl*e, flxed idea.

Idem, vnw. ditto, the same.

Idioom, o. idiom.

Idioot, m. idiot; —, bv. idiotie, idiot

Ieder, tw. & vnw. every, eacli; —, —een, vnw. every one, every body, ai.y one, any body.

Iegelijk, tw. & vnw. every; een —, everybody.

Iemand, vnw. aomebody, some one, any body, any one.

lep(etiboom), m. elm, witcli-hazel; —en, bv. elm.

Iets, vnw. something, anytliing, aomewhat.

IJdel, bv. & bw. vain (-ly), fruitleaa (-ly), useless (-ly), frivolous (-ly), trilling (-ly), selfconceited; — e pogingen, vain attempts (efforts); — vertoon, vain pomp (show); —darm, glutton ; —tuit, thoughtless (giddyheaded) peraon; —tuiten, to be frivolous, to be fond of fineries, to rave, toact thoughtlessly; —tuttig, thoughtless, coquettish, giddy-headed; —beid, v. vainneas, vanity, fruitlessneaa, frivolity, self-conceit; — der IJdelheden, vanity of vanities.

IJf, m. yew-tree.

Uk, m. aize, assize, standard-mark, hall-mark; gauging- Office (=» {Jkkantoor); —geld. assizer's fee, gaugemoney; —maat,—schaal, Standard; —meester, asaizer, gauwer; — uierk, stamp; —en, ov. w. to size, to assize, to stamp; een ge(|kte teriu, a standing phrase; —er, m. assizer ; —Ing, v. assizing, stamping, gauging.

IJl, v. haste, speed; iu aller —, hastily, in a hurry, full speed ; —botle, express, courier; —goed, goods conveyed by last train; als —goed verzouden, to forward by fast train.

IJl, bv. thin, flimsy ; loosely woven, raving; —e lucht, rarefied air ; —e ruimte, vacant space; — lieid, rareJaction, thinness, porosity; — hoofd. tliroughtless (giddy-headed) person ; —hoofdig, bv. thoughtless, raving, delirious ; —hoofdigheid, thoughtlessness, delirium.

IJlen, on. w. to basten, to liurry; to wander, i to rave; eeue —de koorts, a wandering fever, a brain-lever.

IJliugs, bw. hastily.

IJp, m. elm, elm-tree; —eboom, elm-tree; —enbosch, elm-grove; —en loof,elm-leavcs; —elaar. m. elm, elm-tree.

IJ», o. ice; beklagen ten — komen, to be

armed at all points, to be fully prepared for; het — kruien, tlie drifting of the ice; zich niet op glad — wagen (lig.), notto venture on unsale ground ; —baan, course (for skating), slide; kunst —baan, skating, rink; — beer, white bear, polar bear; —berg, lee-berg, glacier; —breker, ice-breaker; —dam, ice-dam ; —gang, lloating or drift of ice ; —glas, frosted glass; —kegel, icicle; — kelder, ice-house ; ice-cellnr ; —koud, as coid as ice; —schol, —schots, flake of ice; —slede, ice-sledge ; —spoor, ice-spur; — vogel, king-fislier, halcyon ; —zee, icy sea, Frozen Sea,- Ocean; (ant)arctic ocean, polar sea.

IJselfyk, bv. & bw. horrible (-bly), dn*adful (•ly), shocking-(-ly), direful (-ly), extremely; —held, v. horror, dreadlulness; enormity.

IJver, m. zeal, diligence ; ardour; blinde—, blind (fanatici zoal; —zucht, jealousy; — zuchtig, bv. & bw. jealous (-ly); —aar, m. zealot, stickier; —en, on. w. to be zealoui; to stickie (for, against); —Ig, bv. & bw. zealous (-ly), diligent (-ly), assiduous (-ly). eager (-ly), jealous (-ly); —igheid. v. zealousness,diligence, fervour; —loos, bv.without zeal, indifferent, indolent; —loosheid, v. want of zeal, inditference, indolence.

I Jzegrlm, m. grumbler, cross fellow, bully; —mig, bv. grumbling, boisterous.

IJzel, m. glazed frost; —en, onp. w. het Ijzelt, the rain falis frozen ; there is a glazed trost; U'lg. bv. very (intensely) cold; horrible.

IJzen, on. w. to break the ice; to shudder (van, at), to sliiver with horror; Uzing, shudder(ing), shiver(ing); —wekkend, shuddery, horrible, dreadful.

IJzer, o. iron ; men kan geen — met handen breken, nobody can do the impossible; men moet het — smeden terwijl het heet is, mnke hay wliiie tiie sun is shining; strike (beat) tlie iron wiiile it is hot; een hart van —, a heart ofstone; een —en wil, an irou will ; 't is lood om oud —, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other; In de —s slaan. to put in irons (fetters, cliains); nood breekt —, nceessity has no law ; gegoten —, cast iron; geslagen —, wrought iron; —aarde, terruginous earth ; —baan, rail-road; — draad, iron-wire; —erts, iron-ore; —gieter, iron-founder; —gieterij, iron-foundery; —grauw, iron-gray ; --handel, iron-trade ; —hartl, as bard as iron; —hout, iron wood; —hut, torge ; —kleur, iron-gray colour; — kleurig, iron-coloured, gray; — koek, wafer; —kooper, —kramer, iron-mouger; — kraam, iron-mouger's stall, iron-ware; — —kruid, vervain ; —magazijn, ironwarehouse; — inUu, iron-miuo ; —proef, irontest, fire-ordeal, touch; — pletter^, iron-