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—komen, to come nearer, to approach; bfy i

— inden, on second thou<;ht8, after mature deliberation; tot — order, until further orders; —en, on. w. to approach, to draw near; —hand. bw. afterwards; —ing, r. approach, draw in?.

Nadiscli, m. dessert.

Nadoen, ov. w. to imitate; to mimic; —er, m. imitator; -iyk, bv. imitable.

Nadorachen, ov. w. to thrash again.

Nadorat, m. after-tliirst.

N ad raai en, ov. w. to imitate (in turning).

Nadragen, ov. w. to carry after.

Nadraven, on. w. to trot after; to imitate.

Nadrei»telen, on. w. to come lounging (loiterine) bebind, to follow at a loitering pace.

Nadribbelen. on. w. to come tripping behind.

Nadryven, ov. w. to drive after ; on. w. to float after.

Nadrogen, ov. & on. w. to dry afterwards.

Nadruipen, on. w. to drop (to drip) after, to stenl away after anotber.

Nadruk, m. pirated (counterfeited) edition, piracy; energy, emphasis, stress, accent; den

— leggen op, to lay stress on (upon); to emphasize; -keiyk, bv. & bw. energetic (-ally), empbatical (-)y), impressive (-ly), 1'orcible (-biy); — keiyklieid, v. energy, emphasis, empbaticalneBs.impressiveness;—ken, ov. w. to counterfeit, to pirate; —Iter. m. piratical publisher, literary pirate; —«el, o. counterfeited book, copy.

Naduiden, ov. w. to impute (to ascribe) to.

Naduiken, on. w. to dive (to plunge) after.

Naduiren, ov. w. to push after.

Nadweilen, ov. w. to swab (to mop) a second time.

Naeggen, ov. w. to harrow again; on. w. to harrow after.

Naeten, ov. & on. w. to eat after, - afterwards; wat zullen w|| — ? what shall we bave for by-disli ? •

Naetsen, ov. w. to imitate (in etching).

Nafeest, o. after-feast, second festival.

Nafladderen, on. w. to flutter (to twire) after.

Nafluiten, ov. w. to imitate in wliistling; on. w. to whistle (to boot) after.

Nagaan, ov. w. to follow, to spy, to dog, to tracé (to find) out (a man's steps); to keep an eye upon, to look at, to watcli; to con■ider; iemand op deu voet —, to be close on a person heels, to dog a. o.; on. w. to follow, to pro after; to be slow (of a watch, a clock); to give concern, to grieve; het iiilf na (aan 't hart), it grieved me deeply; 1 was deeply struck (with) by it; uw huisklok gaat ÏO in. na, your houseclock is ten minutes slow; w(| gingen al de bijzonderheden der zaak na, wc retraced all the details of the case; eene zaak goed —, to consider (to reflect on; to mind) a business carefully.

Nagalm, m. echo, rebound; • en. ov. w. to echo, to re-echo; on. w. to resound, —ing, v. echoing, resonance.

Nagang, m. track.

Nagapen, on. w. to gape after.

Nageboorte, ▼. after-birth, placenta.

Nagebuur, m. zie Nabuur.

Nagedachte, v. reflection, after-thought; zonder —, inconsiderate (-ly); —nis, v. memory, remembrance; ter — van, in commemoration of; gewyd aan de — van, sacred to the memory of; ter zaliger — van, to the blessed memory of; te aiiyner —, in remembrance of me.

Nagel, m. nail, pin; op zUne —• byten. to bite one's nails; iemands — s korten (lig.)» to clip a person's wings; zijne —■ scherpen (Hg.), to whet one's claws, to stand on the defensive; het was een — aan z|)ne doodkist, it brought him to an untimely grave; it was the death of him; it was a nail in bis coffin ; zy heeft klauwen en -• (Hg*). she is a shrew, a virago; —bloem, gilIy-Hower; —boom, clove-tree; —hoor, borer; —borstel, nail-brush; —hamer, mallet; —hout, cl<>ve-wood; smoke-dried meat; —kruid, cominon-burnet, mountainknot-grass; —neep, pinch with the nails; —nieuw, brand-new, spiek and span new; —olie, oil of cloves, clove-oil; —schaar, nail-sciesors ; —schuier, nailbrusli; —smid, nail-smith, nailer; —vast, nailed, Qxed with nails; aard- en —vast, immovable.clinched and riveted; een —vast voorwerp, a fixture.

Nagelag. o. what is spent (in a public liouse) after the bill bas been given; surplus.

Nagelaten, bv. posthumous; — werken, posthumous Works.

Nagelen, ov. w. to nail.

Nagemaakt, bv. counterfeit, forged, false, mock- (turtle, schildpadsoep); —e bloemen, oogen enz. artificial nowers, —eyes etc.; — e munt, counterfeit (false) coin;—e haiidteekening, —wissel, a forged signature, —bill; —e mock-silk.

Nagenoeg, bw. nearly, almost, pretty near.

X«gerecht, o. dessert.

Nageslacht, o. posterity, issue.

Nagev en, ov. w. to give afterwards, to report of, to impute to (*= betichten, ten laste leggen); on. w. to give way, to slacken (= slapper worden), to yield toegeven/; —ing, v. imputation.

Nagewas, o. after-growth, after-crop.

Nagezang, o. song (psalm) after the sermon, concluding song.

Nagiet en, ov. w. to pour (to cast) afterwards, to counterfeit; — sel, o. counterfeit, copy.

Nagillen, ov. & on. w. to scream (out) after, to scream at.

Nagisten, on. w. to continue fermenting.

NaglUde.., on. w. to glide (to slide) after.

Nagluren, on. w. to follow (with the eye), to look after, to leer at, to ogle.

Nagonzen, on. w. to buzz alter.

Nagooien, ov. w. to throw (to cast) after.

Nagras, o. after-grass, at ter-mat h.

Nagrauwen,ov. &on. w. tosnarl(togrowl)after.