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Nagraveeren, ov. w. to copy •, to imitate (In j

engraving), to engrave after.

\ncrnveu, ov. w. to tracé out (by digging). Naj<rypen, on. w. to catch (to seize, to grasp) after.

IVacroiiimen, ov. & on. w. to grumble after. Naharken, ov. w. to rake a second time; on.

w. to rake after.

Nahekelen, ov. w. to liatchel again ; on. w.

to hatchel after.

Naherrst, m. after-autumn, last days of autumn.

Nali|)gen, on. w. to gasp (to pant, to long) after.

Nahinken, on. w. to hop (to halt) after. Nahoepelen, on. w. to play with a hoop (to

trundle) after.

Nahollen, on. w. to run (to gallop) after. Nahout pelen, on. w. to hobkle (to limp) alter.

Nahooi. o. after-math.

Nahouden, ov. w. to keep in (at school), to hold out long; to keep (cigars, wine, dogs, etc.).

Nahuileii, on. w. to howl after. Kahunkereu, on. w. to hanker after. Nahuppelen, on. w. to hop (to skip) after. Naïe f, bv. & bw. ingenuous (-ly), unaffected (-ly), natural (-ly), simple (-ply), innocent (-ly); een — Jongmenscl». an unsophisticated youth; au unaffected, au ingenuous young man; — ve manieren, innocent, unaffected manners; —veteit, v. ingenuousness, unaffected simplicity, naturalness, inuocence. Naijlen, on. w. to hasten after, to follow hastily.

Naijver. m. emulation, jealousy; —Ig, bv.

emulating, emulative, jealous, envious (of). Najaagster, v. purwuer.

Najaar, o. autumn; —«loover, autumnal leaves ; —festonnen, blasts of autumn, equinoctial gales; —«weer, autumnal weather; mooi —«weer, St. Martiu's nummer; —•zou, autumnal sun.

Najag en, on. w. to hunt (after), to chase; (lig.) to pursue (eagerly), to covet; —er. m. pursuer; — ing, v. hunting after, pursuit. Hfajammeren, on. w. to moan (to wail) after. Najaiiken. on. w. to howl (to yelp) after. Najouweu, on. w. to boot after. Najulclien, on. w. to 6hout after. Nakakelen, on. w. to cackle (to chat) after. Nakallen, ov. w. to prate (to toll) alter. \akcllVn. on. w. to bark (to yelp) after. Naken, on. w. to approach, to draw near. Nakerm is, v. after-luir.

Nakijken, ov. w. tQ look over (a paper, a lesson etc.); to exami»e,to revise (prool'-sheets. papera etc.); on. w. to look after, to follow (witli the eye), to watch (a persen) out. Nakiud, m. child by a second or third


Nakiug, v. approach.

Nakladden, ov. w. to copy daubingly. Naklagen, on. w. to complain after. Naklank, m. echo, reaound, resonance.

Naklappen, ov. w. to repeat by rote, to prate

after; on. w. to clap after.

Naklauteren, on. w. to clamber after. Naklimmeu, on. w. to climb after. Naklinken, on. w. to resound, to sound after. Naklucht, v. after-piece, farce.

Naklulven, ov. w. to piek over again. Naknaging, v. remorse.

Nakneden, ov. w. to kneed again. Naknorren, ov. w. to grumble (to growl) after.

Nakoeteren, ov. & on. w. to imitate (a. o. 's words).

Nakoken, ov. & on. w. to boil (to cook) once

more, to boil (to cook) afterwards. Nakomeling, m. & v. descendant, off-spring; —en, mv. — schap, v. progeny, off-spring, posterity.

Nakom en, on. w. to follow, to come (to arrivé) afterwards, to follow (an advice), to perform (a promise), to fulfil, to execute; — end, bv. ensuing, next; — iitg, v, performance, fulfilment, observance. Nakrabbelen, ov. w. to imitate -, to copy

(in scribbling).

Nakrant, v. special edition of a newspaper. Nakroost, o. issue, progeny.

Nakriiieu, ov. w. to bring af^pr (a. o.) on a wheel-barrow; on. w. to l'ollow with a wheelbarrow.

Nakruipen, on. w. to creep (to crawl) after. Nakuieren, on. w. to walk after. Nakweelen, ov. & on. w. to imitate (the

warbling of), to warble after.

Nalaten, ov. w. to leave, • off, - behind, to neglect, to omit; een groot vermogen—, to leave (behind) a large fortune; la(| kon ulet — haar te zeggen, he could not forbear (omit, neglect) telling her; —schap, v. inheritance.

Nalatig, bv. & bw. negligent (-ly), neglectful, (•ly); een — briefschrijver, a remiss correspondent; —heid, v. neirlect, negligenee. Nalating, v. leaving (behind); neglect, omission.

Nalekken, on. w. to continue leaking, to

leak afterwards.

Nalente, v. after-spring.

Nalev en, ov. w. to observe, to live tip to ; to act in accordance with ; — ing, v. observance.

Nnlez en. ov. w. to glean; to read over, to revise; — ing, v. gleaning; reading over, revision.

Nalichten, on. w. to liglit after.

Naloeien, on. w. to low after.

Naloeren, to leer at, to dog, to spy, to spot. Naloeven, on. w. to luff alter.

Naloop, m. concourse; veel — hebben, to be much sought for, to be much followed, to have many auditors, - lovers, etc.; —en, on. w. to run after, to follow; to court (a girl); to be slow, to lose (of a clock, a watch); —er. m. --ster, v. follower; naloopertje spelen, to play at prison(er's) bars; —ing, v. 1'ollowing,