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Négeren, ov. w. to bully, to liector, to dragoon, to ride rough-shod over.

Negge. y. poney, nag. ...

NegorU, v. village inliabited by negroes, dull

Negotie, ▼. trade; — doeu, to trade; negotiaut, m. trader.

Neig ei», ov. & on. w. alen —, t. w. to in-

cliiie; het oor —, to irive ear to; —iug, v. inclination, tendency, bow; turn (for).

Kek, m. neck, nape of the neck; een styvc —, a stitf neck; lemniid dei» — breken, to break one's neck; to give him a soui-d thrashing; iemand met dei» — aanzien, to turn one's back upon a person; to coldBboulder n person; den — buigen (lig.), to subniit; (lett.) to bend one's neck; zich In «lei» — laten zien, to allow oneself to be taken in (cheated); —«lag, blow on the neck, finishing stroke; —«tuk, neck-piece; —ken, ov. w. to kill, to break, to vex, to ruin; — ker, m. killer, vexer.

Nel, v. nine of tramps.

Keu» ei», ov. w. to t ike, to accept, to receive; een eind —, to have an end; kwaiyk —, to take ill, • amiss; neeu» eens, snppose; een bad —, to take a bath, to have aswirn; op zich —, to charge one's selt' with; to take upon oneself; to undertake; In aanmerking —, to take into consideratio»; voor Het' —, to put up with; gevaugeu —, to capture, to take prisoner; iu hechtenis—, to take into custody; to put under arrest;

Klaat»en —, to book seats , iemand onder andea» —, to take a person up rouudly; de vlucht —, to take to tlight; weten van geven en —, to know of giving and taking; —er, m. taker, buyer.

Neoloog.m.neologistiiieologisme.neologism. Nepotisme, o. nepotism.

\eppe, v. calamint, cat's-mint.

Nerf. v. grain, scales, dandrulf.

Kergeun, bw. nowhere; — om geven, to care for nothing; het dient — tne, it is ol no use whatever; — goed voor, good for nothing.

Nering, v. trade, commerce, tramc, custom, ahop-keeping, living, livelihood; — doen,to keep a shop; ter — vare»», to go a herringflshing; de tering naar de — zetten, to cut one's cloak according to one's clotli, to reduce one's wants to one's havings; —doende, bv. shop keeping, m. & v. shop-keeper; -doendeu, tradespeople; —gierig,—ziek, eager for custotn, selfisli in trade; —huis, tradesman's house, house convenient for trade; —rijk, well-traded, having a good custom;

loos, bv. tradeless, without custom; —

loosheid, v want of trade, - of custom. Nest, o. nest, aerie, eyry (of a bird of prey); bed, paltry house; dog-hole (of a small town or village); minx, naughty girl; lltter (of children); —el, nest-egg; — haar, first liair; —korf, breeding-basket; —kul keu, — vogel, nestling; —vederen, first feathers. Nestel, m. lacè, (tagged) point, string, strop.

shoulder-knot; —beslag, —naald, tag; — gat, eyelet-hole; —kruid, aiga, sea-weed; —maker, lace-maker.

Nestelaar, m. loiterer, trifier.

Nestel en, ov. w. to lace, to tie with points; on. w. to nest, to nestle, to make an eyry, to loiter, to trifle, to stand upon trifles-, —tak, branch fit to nestle on; — ing, v. nestling, tag. Nestig, bv. bad, nasty; —held, v. nastiness,


Net, o. net, toil; caul; lu het — krUgen. to catch; achter liet — vlsschen, to miss the right moment, to lose one's chance; in het — vallen, to fall into the snare ; itfu — in deu wind steken, to institute an inquiry ; zy»»e —ten drogen (flg.), to rest on one's oars; to give up fishing (drinking); ■—bord, moistening board;—bretik, epiplocele ; —stok. pole of a net;—vlies, retina; —voroiig. retiform ; —werk, net-work; — tenhoeter, — tenboetster. mender of nets; —tenbreier. — tenbreister, —teuknooper, —tenknoopster, net-maker, netter. Net, bv. & bw. neat (-ly), clean (-ly), quainfc (-ly). spruce (-ly), exact (-ly), accurate (-ly), just; — van pas, in the nick of time; i»» het — schreven, to copy fair; — gepast, the exact money; het kon er — iu, it was a tight fit; het was — tien uur, it was. precisely ten o'clock.

Netel, v. nettle; —bosch, nettle-busli; — doek, —doeksch, lawn, muslin; —heide, heath full of nettles; —koninkje, waterwren; —koorts, purples; —roos, nettlerash; — achtig, bv. zie Netelig; —en, ov. w. to nettle; — ig, bv. full of nettles, thorny; spinous; ticklish, peevish, morose; difficult, intricate, critical, nice, delicate; — igheid, v. spinality; ticklishness, peevishness, moroseness; difficulty, intricacy, criticalness, delicacy. Netenkan», m. small-toothed comb, dandruff-

comb; —, m. & v. zie Neetoor.

Netje, o. small net, reticle.

Netjes, bw. neatly.

Netten, ov. w. to moisten, to wet, to humect. Netto, bv. & bw. net, neat, clear; — bedragen, — opbrengen, to net; —gewicht, suttle-weight, net-weight; — opbrengst, net proceeds.

Neuleu, on. w. to mutter, to grumble. Neuriën, ov. & on. w. to hum.

Neus, m. nose; nozzle, snout; (van een schoei») point; (aan eene lamp) snull; (van een slot) bolt; (van een schip) bonk, head; een haviks—, an aquiline nose; een kromme —, a hooked nose; een platte

, a flat nose; een wip—, a turned up

nose; een korte, dikke —, a snub- (pug-) nose; een gebogen —, a Roman nose; b$| deu — hebben, to lead by the nose, to put a sham upon, to lead (one) a nice dance; een (langen) — krUgen, to be snubbed, to stand shame-faced, to get a sad balk, to be put to the blush; op zU»» — kyke»», to be disappointed, to look blue, to pull a long face; onder den — wryveu, to up-