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Onderwicht, o. diminution of weight.

Onderwal, bv. meanwhile ; o. in the meantime.

Onderwijl, o. instruction ; laser — .primary lelementary) instruction; middelbaar —, secondary instruction; hooger —. higher education ; b|jionder —♦ denominational education ; openbaar —, public education ; kosteloos —, free education; — voor volwassenen, instruction for adultu; — wet, education-act. -

Onderwijl en, ov. w. to instruct; to teach; —er, m. instructor, master, teacher, abecedarian ; —ersacte, (teacher'» —, maater*») certificate; —ersgenootschap, teachers' uriion; —ere», v. instructress, mistres», governes»; — Ing. v. instruction, teaching.

Onderwlud en (zich), t. w. to venture, to attempt, to undertake; —Ing, v. undertaking.

Onderworpeling, m. b ▼. subject person, slavish fellow.

Onderworpen, bv. subject, submissive, resigned, liable (to); —held, v. sjibjection, liability, resignation, submissiveness.

Ouder wroeten, ov. w. to root up, to undermine.

Onderzaal, v. lower room.

Onderzaat, m. subject.

Onderzet sel, o. prop; —ten, ov. w. to »et (to put, to place) under; to prop, to support.

Ondersoek, o. inquiry, investigation, examinatios, exploration, research; een streng —, a close investigation, a searching scrutiny, a strict inquiry; b|) nader —, upon (on) closer inquiry (scrutiny), on inspection; «en — Instellen, to institute an inquiry into an affair, to inquire into (after); In — *U«i, t0 be 0D trial5 seheikundig —, chemical analysi»; commissie van —, examining committee; committee of inquiry; het

der oudheidkundigen, the researches

of antiquarian»; —lievend, inquieltiye; — en, ot. w. to inquire into, to examine, to explore (countries, the course of rlvers eto.), to probe (a wound); —end, bv. searching, inquisitive; —er, m. inquirer, examiner, analyst; —ing, v. research, exploration, scrutiny, examination.

Ondeugd, v. vice, mischief; naughty girl; —, m. naughty boy, rascal.

Ondeugdelijk, bv. defective, imperfect.

Ondeugend, bv. bad, naughty, wicked, vielou» ; de Jongen is opzettelijk —,the boy means to be bad; —, bw.naughtiiy.wickedly; —held, v. badness, naughtiness, wickedness.

Ondicht, bv. untight, loose, open, leaky.

Ondicht, o. prose; — eriyk, bv. & bw. unpoetical (-ly).

Ondienst, m. ill service, bad turn (service).

Ondienstig, bv. useless, improper, unserviceoble, inconvenient, unwholesome; —heid.v. uselessness, impropriety, unserviceablenes», unwhoiesomeness.

Ondleiistvnardig, bv. disoblipring.inofflcious; —lieid, v. disobliginguess, inoffleiousness.

Ondiep, bv. shallow, superficial; — te, v. shallow, shallowness.

Ondier, o. monster, tyrant.

Onding, o. chimera, idle fancy, nonsense, nonentity.

Ondoenlijk, bv. unfeasible, impracticabls, impoBsible; —held, v. impraoticability, impossibility.

Ondoordacht, bv. Inconslderate, thoughtless, unconcocted; —held, v. inconsiderateness, unconcoctedness.

Ondoordringbaar, bv. impenetrable, im* pervious; —heid, v. inipenetrability, imperviousness.

OndoorgankelUk, bv. impsssable; —held, r. impassablenes».

Ondoorgrondelijk, bv. unsearchable, impenetrable ; —held, v. unsearchableness,impenetrability.

OndoorkomeliJk, br. impassable, insurmountable.

Ondoorschijnend, bv. untransparent.opaque; —heid, v. opacity.

Ondoorwaadbaar, bv. not fordable.

Ondoorzichtig, bv. zie Ondoorschijnend.

Ondoorzocht, bv. unsearched.

Ondraagbaar, bv. not to be carried, unportable.

Ondraaglijk, bv. intolerable, insufferable, Insupportable, excruciating (pain); —held, v. intolerableness, insufferableness, iusüpportableness.

Ondrinkbaar, bv. not drinkable.not potabls; —held, v. unfljkness to be drunk.

Ondubbelzinnig, bv. A bw. unequivocal (-lyh —heid, v. unequivocalness.

Onduldeiyk, bv. & bw. uninteliigible (-bly), indistinct (-ly), inarticulate (-ly), confused (-ly); —heid, v. unintelligibility, indistinefcness, inarticulateness.

Onduitsch, bv. bastard, foreign; —held, V. solecism.

Onduldbaar, Onduidelijk, bv. intolerable.

Onduurzaam, bv. not lasting, of short duration; —heid, v. want of duration, shortnes».

Onecht, l>v. false, spurious, bastard, illegitimate, natural, bom out of wedlock; m. concubinage; — eliJk. bv-. adulterous, iliegitimate; —ellng, m. & v. bastard; —held, v. falseness, spuriousnes», baatardy, illegitimatenes».

Onedel, bv. & bw. ignoble (-bly), base (-ly), mean (-ly); —heid,v. ignobleness, meannes».

Onedelmoedig, bv. ungenerous, illiberal; — heid. v. want of generosity, illiberality.

Oneenig, bv." disagreelng, discordant, at variance; —held, ▼. discord, variance, strife.

Oneenparig, bv. A bw. differing, unequal (•ly), uneven, not unanimous (-ly); —held, v. inequality, disparity.

Oneens, bv. disagreelng, at variance, at odd»( zy zy n het —, tliey differ in opinion, they do not agree.

Oiieensgezind, bv. disagreelng, discordant; —heitl. v. discord.

Oneenstemmig, bv. ft bw. not unanimous (-ly); —heid, v. being not unanimous.