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Onllad «o. ov. ». to nnload, to discharge; er, m. loader; — Ing. v. unloading, dis-

Ontlaat en, ov. w. to unburden, to discharge, to ea". to rld of. to free. to tak. tl.e exc se off- ziln hart —. to unbosom one 8 «elf; zich —, t. w. to fall. to disgorge onesself; —Ing, T. discharge, stool; — hebben, to eo to stool. ,

Ontlat *i», ov. w. to temper. to "ootlie \ w. to thaw, to relent, to grow milder; — ing, ▼. tempering, soothing, relenting.

Ontled en, ot. w. to carré, to dissect, to anatomize, to dismember, to analyse (redekundig —). to parse (taalkundig —); — er. m. anatomist.

Ontledig en, or. w. to empty, to evacuate;

—iniE. v. emptying, evacuation.

Ontleding, v. dissection, analysis, Par*jn&*. Ontleed kunde. v. anatoiny; '

& bw. anatomical (-ly); -kamer, dissecting room* —kundige, in. anatomist; -m(«,o. scalpel, dlttecting-knife; —tafel, dlsaecting-

Ontleen en.ov. vr. to borrow.to derlv, (from);

—Ing, T. borrowing, derivation.

Ontleeren, ov. w. to unlearn.

Ontlokken, ov. w. to draw from.

Ontloop en, on. w. to outrun. to run (to flow awav from, to elope (to evade, to escape) from; -In*. v. elopeinent. evas.ou, escape Ontluik en, on. w. to open, to expand, to

blow: —In*. T. opening.

Ontluisteren, OT. w. to tarnisli.

Ontmaagd en, ov. *. to dellour; Ing, V.

OntanmtnDén. ov. w. to castrate, to unraan, to emascnlate, to effeminate-. —Ing.v. casliation, unmanning. emasculation. Ontmantelen, ov. w. to dismantle. Ontmasker en, ov. w. to unmask; g<

v. unmasking.

Ontmoeten, ov. w. to dismast.

Ont.neii.cht, bv. Inhuman barbarous. Outmoedlg en, ov. tv. to discourage; -Ing.

v. discouragement.

Ontmoet en, ov. w. to meet. - wlth,, tei en counter, to occur; die wel doet, wel ont moet. do well and liave well; -l»g. v. meeting, encounter. occurrence.

Ontmuren, ov. w. to dismantle (a

On n en. ov. w. to take away «*>". t0

rob (to deprive) of; -Ing, v. taking a»aj,

Ontneetelei'i, ov. w. to take out of the nest.

* on. w. to imike

(to grow) sober aqrain; (flg.) to undeceivc ,

zich , t. w. to breakfast, to break one s

tast; —Ing, v. disilluskm(ment). Ontoegankelijk. bv. inaccessible; -hem,

v. inaccessibility. ,

Ontoegeveixl, bv. not Indulgent. uncomplying, disobliging; -held. v. uncomplying character, disobligingness. i

, Ontoereikend, bv. & bw. insufficiënt (-ly),

Inadequate (-ly); -held, T. Insufficieney. inadequateness, inadequacy.

Ontooinbaar, bv. ungovernable, unmanageable.

Ontoonbaar, bv. nnpresentable.

Ontpakk en, ov. w. to unpack: -Ing. r.

unpacklng. . .

Out pa n de ii. ov. w. to redeem (pawns). Ontnnren, ov. w. to nncouple. to unmatch.

Ontpekelen, ov. w. to freshen. .

Ontplof!* en. on. w. to detonize, to explode,

— inir, v. detonation, explosion.

Ontplooi en, ov. w. to unfold; to display;

— Ing. v. unfolding; display. . Ontnliiinien, ov. w. to plume, to strip on. Ontniuiz en, ov. w. to take away; to in-

vestigate-, —ing, v. investigation. . .

Ontpoorteren, on.w. to deprive of citizensn ïp. Ontrad en, ov. w. todissuade from; er,m.

dissuader ; —Ing. v. dissuasion.

Ontrafelen, ov. w. to unravel, to unweave.

Ontrampeneerd, Ontredderd, bv.disabled»

broken, shattered. dania«?ed. . ..

Ontreinig en. ov. w. to pollute, to denle,

—ing. v. pollution, defllement.

Ontrennen, on. w. to ontrun, to outride. Ontriev en, ov. w. to deprive or-, —ing» »•

inconvenience, deprivation.

Ontrijden, on. w. to outride.

OntrMgen. ot. w. to unlace.

Ontrim pelen. ov. w. to unwrinkle, to gmootlie. Ontroeien, ou. w. to outrow. vi» .

Ontroer en, ov. w. to perturb, to trouwe, on. w. to be alarmed ; - agitated; —mg, vdisturbance, perturbation. agitation, alarm. Ontrollen, ov. w. to unroll, to unfold, to unfurl; to display; to piek a. o. » pocket of; on. w. to roll (to fall) from; hem werd *Un horloge ontrold, he waa robbed of liis wateh; his watcl» was picked (pilfered) from him. . f

Ontronselen, ov. w. to cheat out of. Ontroonien, ov. w. to skim tlie cream off. Ont roost haar, bv. inconsolable, disconsolate,

held. v. inconsolableness.disconsolateness.

Ontrooven, ov. w. to rob, to bereave. Ontrouw, v. unfaithfulness, infidelity; — worden, to turn one's coat; to become disloval ; —, bv. & bw. unfaithful Hy), disloval (-ly); — held, v. unfaithfulness, disloyalty. Ontruim en, ov. w. to evacuate (a town), to clear (a house, a room, a tabtej; er» m. clearer; -ing, v. evacuation. Ontrukken, ov. w. to snatch away (to tear) from; to save (from); zich —. t. w. '««"[ to break away (off) from, to tear (to force) one's self away from.

Ontrust en, ov. w. to trouble, to disturb, to alarm, to harase; —end, bv. alarm mg; ing, v. disturbance, harassing. , Ontschakeleu, ov. w. to unlink.

Ontschaken, ov. w. to ravwh, to carry off, to carry away from, to'elope wlth- , . Ontachep en, ov'. w. to uaa lip. to «"load. to disembark ; —Ing, v. unloading, disembark , ment.