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OPE. —


Openspringen, on. w. to fly open; to crack, to burst, to chap.

OpeiiBtaan, on. w. to be open; to be vacant; to be unsettled, to be unpaid, to be due.

Opensteken. ov. w. to pierce, to broach (a cask); to piek (to cut) open.

Openstelt en, ov. w. to open; to afTord; —ing, v. opening.

Openstooten, or. w. to tlirust open.toforce (open).

Opera, v. opera; —gebouw, opera-liouse; —zanger(es), operatie singer.

Operette, v. operetta.

Operatie, v. opcration ; opereeren, ov. w. to operate (upon).

Opeten, ov. w. to eat up; to consume; to spend, to squander.

Opfleuren, on. w. to revive, to clieer up.

Opdikken, ov. w. to trim (up), to vamp up; to repair, to patch (old shoes etc.).

Opflikkeren, on. w. to ilare, to fliclcer up, to blaze; to revive.

Opfokk en, ov. w. to breed (cattlel; to bring up; —er, in. breeder.

Opfrisseh en, ov. w. to refresh, to revive; to brush (to rub) up; — ing. v. refresh inent.

Opgaaf, v. declaration, statement, account; probleni, exercise; taak, (examination-j paper.

Opgnau, on. w. to go (to walk, to come) up; to shoot; to ascend (a mountain); to inount (a li UI); to rise (a kite rises in tlie air); to be consumed, to be spent (money is spent); to remain nought; m[| gaat een liclit op, I begin to see clear, I get au insight into it, light dnwns upon ine; liet gaat niet op, niyn waarde, it won't do, my dear; it is altogether wrong; de vlieger giug niet op, (fig.), that cock won't fight; «I de voorraad wai opgegaan, all tlie provisions were consumed; tien in dertien maatniet op, thirteen is not divisible by ten; gaat de deeling op ? does tlie division teriniuate? ging hy op en zakte li|| ? did lie iro up lor liisexaiiiination and was he pluckedïvan alle zydeu gingen klachten op, ou al 1 hands (on every side) coinplaints were heard; — d, bv. rising, ascending; lot'ty; de —de zon. the rising sun; hoog —de hooiuen, lot'ty trees; —de brug. draw-briiige; «Ie —de linie, the ascending line; eene —de deeling, a terminatiiig division.

Opgaar «Ier, m. —ster, v. gatherer, collector.

Opgaderen, ov. w. zie Opgaren.

Opgang, m. going up, rise, rising, ascension; aseent; stairs, entranc? (of a liouse); success; in den — myuer dagen, in tiie beginning of my life; — maken, to meet witli success, to fiiid renown, to make a stir.

Opgaren, ov. w. to gather, to lay up; to save (money).

Opgeblazen, bv. bloated, puffed up, inflated, presumptuous, self-conceited; —, bw, presumptuously; —lieid, v. bloatedness, presumptuousuess, self-conceit.

Opgebruiken, ov. w. to consume, to leave nothing of.

Opgeld, o. agio, surplus; — doen, to flnd a ready market; de edele metalen doen—,

the bullion trade yielda a surplus (a premium).

Opgeruimd, bv. & bw. good-humoured (-ly), ciieerful (-ly), in high spirits; —heid, v. good huinour, cheerfulness.

Opgescheept, bv. saddled (with a person); w(j waren er leeiyk mee —, we were at our wit's end what to do with it.

Opgeschikt, bv. flaunting, gaudy.

Opgesm.ukt, bv. trimmed up, tlaunting, pompous, bombastic. done up; — lieid, v. gaudU ness; pompousness.

Opgetogen, bv. ravished, elated (with); — heid, v. ravishment, rapture.

Opgeven, ov. w. to give (to tlirow) up (a situation); to put (to lay) upon; to surrender (a town); to yield; to resigu, to lay down, to give up, to set, to propose; to vomit, to spit, to expectorate (spuwen, braken); to give up (a patiënt); to meution, to give in (a name); to lose (courage); on. w. to heave, to rise, to sweat out; hoog —, to boast, to brag, to vaunt; eene taak —, to setatask; een raadsel —, to propose a riddle; «Ie hoop —, to renounce (to abandon) all hope; alle pogingen —, to give np (to resign) all eflorts; het spel. «Ie party —, to throw up (to lay down) the cards, to frive up a game; slijm —, to expectorate flegm; ni(Jne „onderdanen" geven het op, my understandings betray me.

Opgewassen, bv. — zyn tegen, to be a match for, to be equal to.

Opgewekt, bv. & bw. cheerful, gay (-ly), animated, in high spirits; —heid, v. sprightliness, gayety, aniination.

Opitewoiideu, bv. & bw. in agitation, excited, pas.sionate (-ly)» —held, v. agitation, excitemeut, passionateness.

Opgezet, bv. llushed (colour), bloated, swollen.

«opgieten, ov. w. to pour upon.

Opglanzen, ov. vr. to pulish again, to give a new gioss to.

Opglimmen, on. w. to kindie again.

Opglippen, ov. w. to split.

Opgloeien, ov. w. to make red-li ot again; — on. w. to glow anew.

Op^loron, on. w. to glow anew.

Opgooien, ov. w. to throw up, to toss up (for a tiiing); een balletje — over iets, to feel one's way in a matter, to lead ofT a discussion on a subject, to try to get informed on a thing.

Opgrabbel en, ov. w. to piek up, to scraniblo lor; —ing, v. scrambling.

Opgrav en, ov. w. to dig up, to exhume (dead bodies), to excavate; een schat —, to dig up (to unearth) a treasure; —er, m. digger, excavator ; —ing, v. diggiug up, exhumation, excavation.

Opgrypen, ov. w. to take up.

Opgroeien, on. w. to grow up.

Opgroenen, on. w. to become green again.

Ophaal, m. upstroke (of a letter); —brug, v.