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OVE. -


Overhaast lg, bv. & bw. overhasty (-ily), precipitate (-ly), in a hurry; —en, ov. w. & zich, —, t. w. to hurry, to precipitate, to overhalen (one's se 11); —Ing, v. hurry, precipitation. .

Overlial en, ov. w. to pull over, to fetcli over, .to lerry over; (den haau) to cock a gun; to persuade, to prevail (upon), to engage, to diatil (spirits); — er, m. ferry-man, persuader. Overhaud, v. upper hand, better, superiority; «Ie — hebben, to have the better (of), to prevail (upon), to predomiuate; «Ie — krijgen, to vet the better (of). ... v . Overhandig en. ov. w. to hand (over), to deliver; — ing. v. handing (over), delivery. Overhand a, bw. by turns, alternately; —

■cli, bv. cross.

Overhangen, ov. w. to hang over; on. w. to hang over, to jut (out), to project; —de rotuwand. beetling rock (precipice). Overhebben, ov. w. to have lelt, to have to spare ; veel — voor, to make much of, to sacrifice much for, to be willing to do much 1'or.

Overheen, bw. over it, across.

Overheer en, ov. w. to conquer, to subdue,

to dominee.' over; —ing, v. conquest. Overheerljjk, bv. & bw. delicioun (-ly). Overheeracli en, ov. w. to overrule, to domineer over, to predominate; —er, m. overruler; —ing, v. domiuation.

Overheid, v.magistrate.government;—aaiubt,

magistracy; — aperaoon, magistrate. Overhell en, on. w. to incline (to), to hang over (to), to have a leaning (to); —Ing, v. inclination.

Overhemd, O day-ahirt, dress-shlrt. Overboek a, bw. diagonally, transversely,

athwart; —ach, bv. diagonal, transversal. Overhoop, bw. in disorder, iu a liuddle, pellmell, in a litter, topsyturvy, at variance; — halen, — ainUten, to throw together, to put in disorder; — liggen, to be at variance; — roken, to fall out together; ateken, to «tab, to kill; — werpen, to overthrow, to overturn, to rout. Overhoord!, ov. w. to hear (a lesson). Overhouden, ov. w. to keep, to have left, to save (money), to preserve (fruit, vegetables etc.).

Overig, bv. remainliig; het —e, the re-

mainder, the rest; de —en, the others. Overigena, bw. for the rest.

Overijl en (zich)* w- to burry, to precipitate, to overhasten one's self; —ing, v. hurry, precipitation. . 4

OverjHchten, ov. w. to hurry, to precipitate. Overjagen, ov. w. to overdrive, to founder,

to jade (a horse).

Overjarig, bv. more than a year old. Overjaa, v. great-coat, over-coat, top-coat. Overkant, m. other side.

Overkyken, ov. w. to review, to revise; to overlouk (=» over 't hoofd zien); to look over (-= nog eena nazien). O verklappen, ov. w. to blab, to teil (tales).

Overklauteren, ov. w. to climb over. Overkleed, o. upper-garment; surpllce, alb (of a priest); drugget (over a carpet); —en, ov. w. to clotlie, to ciiange one 'a dress; to cover; to walnscot.

Overklikkeu, ov. w. to teil (talea), to blab. Overkliuimeu. on. w. to climb over. Overkoken, on. w. to boll over.

Overkom elfjk, bv. surmountable; —en, on. w. to come (over); to pass (to fjet) over; to surmouut, to overcome (difficulties); to bel'all, to happen (of accidents); i»»|Ji» vriend kwam over, my friend canie over; hem overkwam een ongeluk, an accident befell him; he met with an accident;—at, v. coming

(over), arrival.

Overkorateu, ov. w. to cover with a crust,

to incrust.

Overkoua, v. upper-stocking.

Overkraclitig, bv. very powerful.

O ver krop pen, ov. w. to glut, to gorge, to

cram; to overcharge, to overwhelm. Overkuuatig, bv. most iugenious.

Overlad en, ov. w. to overburden, to overload, to overfreight, to overcharge, to surfeit; to clog, to cloy; overladen, to transBhip, to shift; iemand met weldaden —, to lavish bounties upon one ; de maag —, to surfeit the stomach, to overeat oueself; —ing, v. overburdening, overcharging; tranashipment.

Overlang, bv. too long, very long. Overlangen, ov. w. zie Overreiken. ^ Overlanga, bw. lengtliwise.

Overlaiigzaaui, bv. & bw. too slow (-ly),

very slow (-ly).

Overlaat, 111. trouble, nuisance, annoyance, dunnaure, overweight, stircharge; —aandoen, to trouble, to annoy, to importune (one). Overlastig, bv. «verfreighted; troublesome,

aunoying, importunaie.

Overlaten, ov. w. to leave, to let (a. o.) have, to resign, to transfer (to); to let pasa (over); Iemand aan z|)n lot —, to leave one to his (her) late ; zjjne plaata aan een ander —, to cede (to resign) one 'a place to an other ; nieta —, to leave nothing. Overleden, bv. deceased, late; —e, m. & v.


€>verlcer, o. upper-leather, vamp. Overleeren, ov. w. to learu over again. Overleg, o. consideration, deliberation ; goed — ia het halve werk, a atitch iu time saves nine ; ieta met — doen, to do something with much consideratiou ; met — handelen, to act deliberately ; —gen, ov. w. to cousider, to deliberate; met iemand—, to take counsel (advice) with one; óverleggen, to lay (put) by; to lay over; to produce, to show; to lay by, to save; — ging, v. deliberation; lay ing by. Overleven, ov. w. to survice (a person); to live down (ill-feeling etc.), to outlive (one's la me).

Overlever en, ov. w. to deliver, to surrender, to give up to, to transmlt, to