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ing, by the way; —eikhuis, temporary abode.

PftiiAtOt bw. of last month; anno —, last year. raueiyk, br. & bw. tolerable (-bly), indifferent (-ly).

Passement, o. facing, walloon, lace; —werker. lace-inaker; —winkel, laceshop. Patsen, ov. w. to fit, to adjust; to pay down, to measure, to try; 011. w. to fit, to suit, to become; to give exact change; to pass, (op) to take care of, to watch, to tend; to mind; kleeren —, to try on clothes; ik kim liet wiet —, I have no change; op zakken» roller» —, to beware of pick-pockets; deze J®* pwet ml) niet, this coat does not fit me; zty post u wonderwel, it fits you to a Ti * to a nicety; dit ia gepast geld, this is the exact inoney; het punt u niet zoo t® spreken, it does not heconie you to speak thus; wien de schoen past, trekk' hem aan, if the cap fit, wear it; liet pnst er niet h(J, it does not match it; it does not 50 with it; ik pas (in ft kaartspel). I deel ine; pas op hem, beware of hini; (ook:) watch him, mind him; de sleutel past niet op het slot, the key does not fit the Jock; met — en meten wordt «Ie t|)d ▼ersleten, by useless preparation time is wasted; effen Is kwaad —, it is hard to hit the nail ou the head.

Passer, m. (pair of) coinpasses.

Passie, v. passion; als de vos de — preekt, boer pas op Je kippen, when the fox preaches, beware of your geese; —bloem, passion-flower, love-ln-a-mist; —spel, passionPlay; —week, passion-week; — Zondag, Palm-Sunday: —f, bv. passive.

Pasnlva en Activa, liabiiities and assets.

Pastei, v. pas try, pie; — van overgeschoten vleesch. resiirrection-pie; —bakker, pastrycook; —korst, pie-crust.

Pastel, o. pantel, pastil; woad (plant) 1 met — teekeiien, to draw in crayon (ciialks).

Pastinak, v. parsnip.

Pastoor, m. pi-iest, pastor, parson.

Pastorie, Pastnr(|, v, parsonage, manse. vicarage, rectory.

Patent, o. patent, license; —, bv. capital; een —e Jongen, a capital fellow; —lamp, patent lamp; —olie, patent-uil, refined rapeseed oil; —wet, licensing-act; —eeren, ov. w. to patent, to grant a patent.

Pater, in. superior, father, confessor; —stuk, short (best) rib of beef; — svaatje, best barrel (of beer, wine etc): — tje-laugs-deii-kaut, the game of bally-Water.

Paternoster, o. paternoster; chaplet, beads; •en — bidden, to say (to teil) one's beads; —s, mv. manacles, hand-cuffs; iemand —en, to manacle, to hand-cuff one.

Patiënt, m. & v. patiënt; —Ie, v. patience.

Patriarch, m. patriarch; —aal, bv.patriarchal; —aat, o. patriarchate.

Patriciër, m., patricisch, bv. patrician.

Patr(Js, m. partridge; —houd, spaniel; — poort, v. seuttle-port.

Patrijzen Jacht, v. partridge-hunting; —net, o. tunnel; —vanger, partridge-shooter.

Patriot, m. patriot; — isch, bv. patriotic.

Patrones, v. patroness.

Patroon, m. patron (=» schaats—); master, principal, employer; —, v. cartridge; scherpe, losse —, (ball-) blank cartridge;'—, 0. pattern, model; —koker, cartridge-case ; — tasch, cartridge-box, pouch 1 —schap, o. patronage.

1 auk, v. kettle-drum; —en, on. w. to beat the kettle-drums; —euslager, —er, m. kettle-drummer.

Paus, m. pope; —dom, o. popery, papacy; Iioman-Catholicism; —gezind, papistic (al); —gezinde, papist.

Pauseer en, on. w. topause; —laag, v. pause.

Paus elfjk, bv. papal; —e kroon, tiara; —schap, o. papacy.

Pauw, m. peacock; zoo trotach als een —, as proud as a peacock, - as Lucifer; —estaart, peacock's tail; —eveer. peacock's feather; —in, v. peahen; —inaie^Je, o. proud glrl, vain woman.

Pauze, v. pause, rest, interval.

Paviljoeai, o. pavilion, tent; canopy.

Peilaal. o. pedal.

Pedant, bv. & bw. pedantic (-ally), concelted; —, m. pedant; — erie, v. pedantry, couceiteduess.

Pedel, m. beadle.

Pedestal, o. pedestal.

Peel, v. hairstring (haarband); marshyground (drassig land); —laud, marsh.

Peen, v. carrot (gele —); witte —, parsnip; —loof, carrot-leaves; —zaad, carrot-seed.

Peer, v. pear; —voriuig, pear-shaped, peariform; —zoet, bv. sweet as a pear; perewjjn, perry.

Pees. v. tendon; string; de — van Achillea, Acliilles' tendon; veel pezeai op zyu boog hebben, to have many strings to one's bow; —knoop, ganglion; —aclitig, bv. like a tendon, tendonous.

Peet, m. godfather; —, v. godmother; —van iemand z(|ti, to staud godlather toachild; —ooui, —tante, zie Peeti —schap, o. godfat hership, godmothership; conipaternity.

Peil, o. gauge, mark, scale; level; IO cM, boven A.P., 10 cM. above Amsterdam water-mark; beuedeu het —, below the mark; not up to the mark; het — te boven gaan, to exceed (to go heyond) the liinits; God's goedheid zonder —, God's boundless (infinite) goodness; —ketting, gauge; —kompas, sea-compass; —lood, soundinglead, piummet; —roede, —stok, gaugingrod, gauge; —achaal, tide-gauge, gaugingapparatus; —en, ov. w. to gauge; to sound, to plumb, to heave the lead; to probe (a wound); —er, m. gauger, sounder; — v. gauging, sounding.

Peinz en, on. w. to muse, to ponder (upon), to meditate (revenge); —eaid.bv. thoughtful, pensive; —iug, v, musing, meditation.

Pek, v. pi tch; wie met — om gunt, word' er mee beeuiet, pitch défilés; he thr