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verize; —hamer, flattening-hammer; flatter; —uiolen, llattening-mill; —ter, m. fiatter, laminator; te — stooten (trappen), to

crush to pieces; to smash ; —tery, v. flat» tening; laminator'» work-place.

Pleuris, ▼. plenrisy.

Plicht, m. duty, obligation ; handelen volgen* —, to act up to one 'a duty; zyu -verzaken, to fail in one 's duty ; —betrachting, performing a duty; atteution to duty ; —gebod, command of duty ; —gevoel. Bende ol' (one 's) duty; —matig, conformable to one 's duty, dutiful;—plegend, officioua; —pleging,compliment; ceretnony; —schuldig, in duty bound; —verzaker, prevaricator; —verzuim, prevarication; — vr(|. free, unenuraged ; —«-halve, officially, in duty; —eiyk, bv. obligatory.

Plint, v. plinth, skirting-board.

Ploeg, m. plough; plane; bookbinder's knife; —, v. set, reliiy (of hands, ot" workmen); de handen aait den — «laan (Hg.), to put the irons in the fire; to put one 'a shoulder to the wheel; —ezel, plodder; —hak, — «tok, plough-stick; — yzer, —k«»uter, coulter ; —lnnd, arable land; —mes. bookbinder's knife; —os. plough-ox ; —paard, plough-horse; —rad, plough-wheel; — schaaf. jrroovinar-plane ; —schaar, plough' share ; —schy f. zie Ploeg(|zer, en Ploegniesi —staart, —steel, plough-tail; — voor, furrow; —en.ov. & on. w. to plough; to jrroove: todrudge-, — er.m. plouirher, ploughmau; Spurgeon 's „Praatjes vau Jan —er, S. 's "John Ploughman's talk".

Ploert, m. snol), cad ; —acht ig. —lg, bv. snobby, snobbish, cadlike; —ighcid,—ery, v. snobbishness.

Plof, m. plump: —, tsw. plump! —fen.ov. w. to throw; to fling; on. w. to fall down plump.

Plok, m. handful; iarge sum; —geld, — penning, premium (to the highest bidder).

PloiuUeeren. ov. w. to lead; to ft11 (atootli).

Plouip, m. plump, spla9h; —, tsw. plump I splasn 1 —, bv. & bw. clownish (-ly), rude (•ly). gross (-ly); —aard, —erd, m. clown, rustic; —en, ov. & on. w. to plump, to plunge; —heid, v. clowuishness, rudeness, grossness.

Plonzen, ov. & on. w. to plunje.

Plooi, v. plait, fold; wrinkle (in a forehead e. g.); de —van zyn karakter, the bend of bis character; hy komt nooit uit de —, he never loses his self command; he always remains serious; In de — zyu (» netjes zyu), to be in apple-pie order; de —en vau 't uiensclieiyke hart, the folds (the recesses) of the human heart; —en, ov. w. to plait, to fold ; to manage, to settle, to accommodate, to give a colouring to; — er, in. —«ter, v. plaiter, folder ; —ing, v. platting, folJiug; accommodation, colouring.

Plot en, ov. w. to pluck off the wool from, to shear wool; — er, rn. wnol-dresser; —ery, v. place where the wool is plucked off.

Plots, m. & int. zie Plomp; — eiyk, — eling.

bv. sudden; bw. luddenly ; —en, on. w. to plump, to splash.

Plug, m. rake, debauchee ; —, v. peg*; bung (of a cask).

Pluim, v. plume, feather; hy Is nog In de

—en, he is still between the sheets, — still in bed; een helui met —en, a plumed (heimet) hat; —aluin, plume-alum; — bal, shuttle-cock; —berelder, dresser of feathers; —bos, plume, crest; —gedierte, poultry, barn-door fowls; —graaf, chief1'owler; —gras, feather-srrass ; —strijken, to fawn, to coax; — stryker. fawner, toadeater, coaxer, tail-carrier; —strykery, fawning, coaxing, adulation; —aclitig, bv. plumy; —age, v. plumage; —eloos. —loos. bv. featherless; —en, ov. w. to plume; ge—de zangers, singing-birds, feathered song.sters.

Pluis, v. flock, lint, nap (of ciotli); —, o. plush; niet —, not as it should be; —kraag, plush collar; —touw, mended cordage; —achtig, bv. plushy.

Pluiz en, ov. w. to ravel, to piek (oakum), to strip entirely, to pluck (a bird), to eat up; —er, m. pieker, cleatter; —lg. bv. full of lint, nap; —ing, v. picking, carping.

Pluk, in. catcii, gripe, handful, plucking, gatherlng, plucked fruit, erop ; large quantity, - sum, proflt; —keu, ov. w. to pluck, to gather, to reap, to plume, to fleece, to touse; —haak, rave-hook; —haren, to fall together by the ears, to flght, to tcuffle, to come (to fall) to loggerheads: —mand, fruit-basket; —vogel, parasite, sponger; —vrucht, fruit tliat is plucked; —lier. m. —ster, v. gatherer, reaper, fleecer; —sel. o. lint.

Pluuder aar, rn. —aarster, v. plunderer, robber, plagiary (of booksj; —en, ov. & on. w. to plunder; —ing, v. plundering, pillage; —kamer, v. lumber-room.

Plunje, v. slops, clothes, baggage, togs (toggeryj; myu Zoudagsche —, my best Sun«iay togs.

Pluvier, v. plover.

Poch en, on. w. to boast (op, of); —hans, —er, m. —ster, v. boaster, braggart; —ery, v. boasting, boast.

Podagr a. o. gout, podagra; —eus, bv. gouty, podagric (-al).

Podding, m. pudding.

Poedel, m. poodle, a miss (in a game); — hond, poodle.

Poeder, Poeier, o. powder; —doos, powderbox; —kamer, dressing-room; —kwast, powder-puff; —suiker, powder-sugar; —en, ov. w. to powder.

Poel, m. pool, plash, puddle, (modder-) slough, marsh, leii, (lig.) gulph, ab.vss: — snip, water-snipe; —vogel, tnarsh-bird; — water, pool-water.

Poelier, m. poulterer; —s winkel, poulterer's shop.

Poelje, v. pullet.

Poen, m. tin, rhino, money; cad («=« ploert); —lg, bv. caddish; om den — is het al te doeu, it is all for the loaves and fishes.