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Rndclom, bv. desperate, at one *s wit's end, at a loss, perplexed; —held, v. desperateness, desperation, perplexity.

Rad en, ov. & on. w. to advise, to counsel; to «uess; Ie — geven, to leave to guess; laat u —, be advised ; —er, m. adviser. Radheid, v. quickness, swiftness.

Radicaal, bv. radical ; een —, a root-andbranch man in politics; a radical; —held, v. radicalneas.

Radicalisme, o. radicalism.

Radijs, v. radisb.

Rafel, v. fray, feazings; —en, ov. & on. w. to fray; to ravel (out); —drnad (-zyde;. thread (silk) ravelled out; —ig. bv. ravellinpr (out); — iug, v. lint.

Raffln aderU. v. sugar-reflnery; — adeur,

m. refiner; —eeren. ov. w. to re.me. Ra", o. cobweb; — lijn, as fine as gossamer; —ébol, head-broom; —en, ov. w. to brush (to takt') away the cobwebs, to dust.

Rage, v. rage, fashion; *t is nu een —,

it is all the "go" now.

Rail, v. rail; uit de —s loopeu, to run oll

the metais (the rails), to derail.

Railleeren, to rally, to jest, to polce fun (at

a person); Raillerie, v. fun, joking.

Rak. o. part, reach (of a river, canal); parrc ; zie Rek* — in den wind, contrary wind; — ketalie, downhaul-tackle; -ketouw. parrel-rope; —ketros, parrel-truss, trus>tackle.

Rakel, m. rake; —en, ov. w. to rake up; — {jzer, —«tok, rake-, — iugs, bv. close to (by), hard by.

Raken, ov. w. to hit, to touch; to concern, to matter, to move; to vex, to hurt; de schijf —, to hit the target; iemands hart —. (flg.). to move to the heart; het raakt kant nucli wal, it is quite at sea ; zoek—, to get lost; van 't «poer —, to get oft the rails; van z\Jn —• t0 loseone's head;

to become confused; to be put out of countanar.ee; slaags —, to coine to blows, to get engaged in battle; uit de mode —, to go out of fashion; aan den grond —, to Ktrike-, to run a ground; verzeild — onder, to fall among; een Transvaler raakt alles, a Transvaal boer is a dead shot; on. w. zie Cierakei».

Raket, v. rocket, cracker: —, o. racket, battle-dore; —spel, battledore and shuttlecock ; —ten, ou. w. to play at battledore and s'huttlc-cock.

Rakker, m. hangman's helper; scoundrel. Rallen, on. w. to jabber, to chatter. Ram, in. ram; rake; Aries (sterrebeeld); —siioofd, ram'a head; — shoorn, ram's horn ; —skooi, ram's stable; —svacht, ram s üeece. .

Ramen, ov. w. to hit; to plan, to scneme; to

estimate; on. w. to tako one's aim. Rauieiias, v. Spanish radish, horse-radish. Raming, v. estimation; estimate. Rammeien, ov. & on. w. to ram, to batter. Rammel aar, m. buck-rabbit; rattler; rattle;

—en, ov. w. to buck; to rattle; on. w. to rattle, to clank (of chains); to clink, to jingle (of money); —kees, cliatterer, rattler. Rammen, ov. & on. w. to ram, to batter. Ramp, v. disaster, calamlty.

Rampspoed, m. adversity, —ig, bv. unfortunate, disastrous. .... ...

Rampzalig, bv. & bw. wretched (-ly), fata.

(_ly); _heid, v. wretchedness, fatality.

Rand, m. border, edge (of a table, a ftowerbed, a coin etc.), brim (of a hat), rim (of & dish), 6kirt (of a wood); brink (of the grave„ of a precipice); margin (of a book); op dei»

— des grafa, at death's door; op den — van dm afgrond, on the brink (verge) of the abyss ; gekartelde —, milled edge; — schrift, legend; marginal inscription, -note;

en, ov. w. to border, to edge, to brim, to

mill (of coins).

Rang, m. rank, degree, grade; naar — vam ouderdom, according to seuiority; een oorlogsschip rnu den eersten —, a first-class (tirst-rate) man-of-war-, A 1; van zijnen — ontzet worden, to be degraded;

— en stand, rank and station; op deis 2den — zitten, to sit in the 6econd row ;

—lijst (van ofliei«'ren), roster, army-list; —lijst (van candidnten), list of candidates», —schikken, to class, to range; —schikking, classing; — str^d, pretension to prefereuce; —zucht, ainbition; —»uchtig> ambitious.

Rangeer en,ov. w. to shunt(railway-carriages);

—terrein, o. shunting-ground, —-yard.

Rank, v. tendril, shoot; trick, intrigue.

Rank, bv. slender, slim, crank, frail; —heldr

v. slenderness, crankness, frailty.

Ranonkel, v. rauuucalus.

Rans, bv. rancid ; —uil, screech-owl.

Ransel, m. knapsack; wallet; back, bellyp beating, drubbing, satchel (lor school-b«.oks); —en, ov. w. to beat soundly, to drub; —ing, v. beating, drubbing.

Ransheid, v. rancidness, rancidity.

Ilansig, bv. rancid; — lieid, v. zie RanshelU. Ransoen, Rantsoen, o. ransoni; ration.allowance. —eeren, ov. w. to ransom; to give an allowance. .

Rap, bv. & bw. nimble (-bly), quick (-ly); o. scab, scurf; Jan — en z^ji» maat, the rabble, tag-rag and bobtail; —perig, bv. rickety, ramshackly (vehicle, e.g.).

Rapaije, o. rabble.

Rap en, ov. w. to reap, to gather; to glean (ears of cornh —er, m. ïeaper. gatlierer, gleaner. .

Rapheid, v. nimbleness, quickness.

' Rapier, o. rapier; foil (at fencing).

Happig, bv. scabby; —lieid, v. scabbiness. Rapport, o. report, statement; relation, connection; —eeren, ov. w. to state, to give an account of, to report upon.

Rarekiek, m. raree-show.

Rarigheid, v. rarity, curiosity.

Rariteit, v. curiosity; —enkamer, —enknst, cabinet of curiosities.