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van Tolk. a queer «ort (kind) ofpeople; het gewone — van meiiachen, thegeuerai run of people; h(| cal op — komen, he will come Immediately; een — van den molen hebben, to be cracked 'crazy, mad etc.); hart—, the beating (the pulsation, the throb) of the heart; klok—, the stroke of the clock; —ader. artery;—aderbreuk, aneurism; — aderiyk, arteriai (blood); — bal, tennis-ball; —bed, featlier-bed; —boeg, turning of the prow, tack; —boom. bar, barrier, turn-pike, impediment; —deur, wicket; —duif, tame pigeon; —hoedje, percussion-cap; —horloge, repeating-watch;

"°° < 'raP. gin; —HJi», line, order (iine) 0 battle »—net, fowling-net, clap-net, racket; —orde, order of battle, array ; —pen, large feather, - quill, tail- (wing-) feather; —regen, heavy shower, down-pour; —schaduw, cast shadow ; —(and, husk ; —uurwerk, striking clock, - watch; —vaardig, ready lor battte, (lig.) quick at repartee ; —veld, field of battle; —werk,ciock-work; —zijde, lapside; —zwaard, claymore (of the Highlanders), two-lianded sword.

Slagen, on. w. to succeed; — om Iets te krUgen, to succeed in getting a thing; — ▼oor een exauteu, to passan examination.

slager, m. butcher; —«bank, sliambles; — •bMI, butcher's aze; —«blok,chopping-block; —•knecht, butcher's man ; — ahond, buildog; -imei, butcher's knife; —•priem, —••taal, butcher's fleam, - steel ; — srekebutcher'» blll; -avrouw, butcher's wile-, —swlnkel. butcher's shop; — II, v. butcher's trade, butchery.

Slak, v. snarl (with a shell), slug (without a shell), slag, refuse (of coal, metal); — kengang, snail's gallop, snail's pace, snail-post; uat gaat deu — kengang. tliat progresses at a snail's pace; — keiiliuisje, snail-shell; —kenklaver, snail-clover; — ketrap, winding-staircase; — kenwol, slag (silicate)cotton.

siakeu, ov. w. to loosen, to untie, to unbind to heave (to fetch) (a sigh).

Slampamp en, on. w. to banquet, to carouse, to revel; —er, m. —ster, v. banqueter, reveller; —ery, v. banqueting, revelry.

Slang, v. snake, serpent, culverin, pipe, leathern tube, hose (of a fire-engine), serpentine, worm; z(| was eene —. slie was a virago (a shrew;; eeue — in s(Jn boezem koesteren, to nourish (to nurture) a viper in one's bosom; — braudapuit. fire engine; —stuk, culverin; —voruiig, serpentine, formed like a snalce; —ebeet. bite of a snake; —ekon, serpent shead; —estaf, —eetok.Mercury's wand, caauceus; — etong, serpent's tongue, addei's tongue, deceltful tougue; —evel, slough;(flir.) vixen, serpent; —enbezweerder, snakecharmer; —enbloem, snow-drop; —enei egg of a snake; -engeblaaa, hissing of •erpents; — engebroed, serpent's brood; --engir, — engift, venom of serpent»; — ennout, suakc-ivood ; —enkruid,—en wortel, snake-weed, serpentine; —eumensch, con-

tortionist; -iwHa, — •w|)ze. like a snake, serpentine; —achtlg, bv. snaky, serpentine. Slank, bv. slender; —held, v. sienderness. « - ®lack, loose, lax, piiant, flexible, flabby, flaggy, soft, weak. flat, siow, remiss — •■• «en vaatdoek, as weak as aitchwater; — pe kost, unsubstantial (poor) fare; de —pe t(|d, the slack time, the goose-berry season; -pe handel, dull (slack) trade; —pe koflie, weak coflee* — pe Tluger, supple flnger; -pe pen, soft nib (of a pen); —pe boord, limp coilar; °.P..het —ne koord, on the slack rope; zich — lachen, to split one's sides with

laiighter; to laugli one's heart out* na

eene ziekte, feeble (weak) alter an'illness;

~P® briefschrjfver, a remiss correspondent; een - weefsel, a loose texture; —pe darmen, lax bowels; —pe nerin*. few customers, little custom, dull trade - —ne zeilen, flabby saiis; -hartig.-moedig, V 4,WL fil,.nt*hearted ( coward (-ly); —hartigheid, —moedigheid, faint-hearteduess, cowardice; — lendig, having weak ioins; — achtig, bv. somewhat slack, - loose. slapeloos, bv. sleeples»; een slapelooze nacht, a white (sleepless) night; —held. v. sleeplessnesa.

Slap en, on. w. to sleep, to rest; tobenumb, - numbed; gaan —, to go to bed, to turn

"S"* ,M, de" da« —• t0 very late, to sleep far into next day; —er. m sleeper, lodger, drowsy fellow; —• houden! to keep lodgers.

Slaperig, bv. sleepy, drowsy, dull; —held, ▼.

sleepiness, drowsiness.

Slap held, v. slacknes», laxity, flabbineis, weakness, flatness; —Jes. — pel ijk bw ftlowly, poorly, reniissly, badly, so so. ' s,*l» pe"; ov. & on. w. to slacken, to abate, to diminish, to decrease, to rail. to erow bnd; -plgliekl, ,. zie sl«pheld| -pliic,

T. junk J —te, V. zie Slaphviil. slaven, on. yr. to slave, to drudge, to toll Slaven, m. mi. nlavei; — aard, nature (dispoaition) of a «lave; -arbeid, alare work: —Ulen.t, Blavery, hard-service; —haler, Elave-trader; —handel, slare-trade : —houder, slave-holder; —keten, ciiain of a slave. bondage, thraldom ; —markt, alave-market—.chip, slaver; -alel, slavislx mind.aervllé disposition.

Slaverny, v. slavery, thraldom, bondage. In-


Slavin, v. woman-slave, female slave; zH Is —. she is a slave.

'i ibvx* & ï*w* b?d wron® (-'y).

mean (-ly), paltry, base (-ly), vile (-ly>; In —en staat, ill-conditioned; een — geheugen,^ bad memory; -e gezondheid, bad health; een — menach. an eviUminded (w'cked) Person; een — geaarde man, au ill-disposed (ill-tempered) man; — se* humeurd, ill-tempered; een — beraamde maatregel, an ill-contrived measure; een geschreven brief, a badly written let-