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koker, pin-case; —enkussen. pin-cushion; —enmaker, pin-maker; —skins, bone; —enwerk, lace-work; -enwerker, —en-

werkatrr, I:ice-maker; —en, ov. w. to pin, to Tasten with pins; op tle uiouw —, zie onder Mouw.

Spelemeien, on. w. to go a-maying.

Spel eu, ov. w. to play, to perform; to have a fcame (at card* etc.), «len baas —, to plny the master, to lord it; de beent —, to play the devil; —, on. w. to play, to game, to sport; to spai'kle; to be chiming; to be fired; (met) to move, to sport (to trifle) with, to make a jest cf; laten —. to chimc (of a clock); to flre (cannon); to spring (of a mine); to play (waterwerken) i —er, m. player; gamester; musician. fiddler; performer, actor.

Spele ryden. on. w. to go a-riding, to take a pleasure-dtive; —varen, on. w. to make a trip ou the water, to go out boating.

Speling, v. playing; room; sport (of nature); zie Speelruimte.

Spel len, ov. w. tospell;to forebode; —boek, spelling-bonk; —fout. ortliographical mistake (error); — kunst. orthography;—regel, ruie lor spelling; —ling, v. speliiug, orthography.

Spelonk, v. cave, cavern, den; —bewoners, troglodytes.

Spelt. v. spelt, bearded wheat; —akker, — land. spelt-field; —bier, spelt-beer; —bouw, cultivation of spelt; —gras, worst sort of spelt; —liaan, locust; —maand. September; —meel, spult-meal; — oogst, spelt-harvest; —stoppel, ..peit-stubble, -wtroo.spelt-straw.

Speu en, ov. w. to ablactate, to wean-, to deprive; to soak, to water, to purge (fish); to bed (oysters); zicli —, t. w. to wean one's self, to abstain (from); —ing, v. weaning; purgintr.

Spergelkruld, o. wild asparagus.

Sperren, ov. w. to spread, to open, to strain «one's eyes), to trig, to lock, to bar;—boom, bar; —ketting, trigger, drag-chain.

Sperwer, in. bparrow-hawk; —bezie, sorbapple.

Speten, ov. w. to skewer, to spitch-cock.

Speur eu, ov. w. to perceive, to tracé; — bond, limer, blood-hound, sleuth (•hound).

Spichtig, bv. slender, lank; —held, v. slenderness, laukness.

Spie, m. spy; —, v. pin. peg, wedge; —bout, iron pin; —gat, scupper-hole ; —mouw, — zak. cowhide, scupper-hose.

Spieden, ov. w. to spy, to spot, to doscry.

Spiegel, m. looking-glass, mirror, glass, stern (of a vessel), example; —beeld, reflected image, figure-head (of a vessel); —boog, bow with a glass, taffarel, crowning of the stern, pilot's cross-bow; —gevecht, inock-figlit, sham-fight; —glad, as omooth as a lookingglass; — glas, mirror-glass, piate-glass; — har», coiophony. —karper, carp withshining scales; —kooper, dealer in lookingglasses; —l||«t, frame of a looking-glass; — maker, looking-glass-maker; —rog, shining ray; —schip, square-sterned vessel; —steen,

specular stone ; —tafeltje, consol-table, plertable; — vlsch, dorse, John-dory;—winkel, looking-glass shop; —en (zich), t. w. to look into a looking-glass, to be represented, (aan) to take an example by; —Ing, v. looking into a glass, rellection.

Spier, v. muscle, martlet, sand-martin (— gierzwaluw;; blade, spire (of grass); — kracht, inuscular strength; — naakt, starknaked ; —vogel, —zwaluw, inartlet, sandmartih; —wit, lily-white; — achtig. bv. musculous.

Spiering, m. & v. smelt; een — uitgooien om een kabeljauw te vangen, to cast

a sprat to catch a whale.

Spies, v. zie Spiets; —glans, antlmony.

Spiets, v. pike, spear, lance, javelin ; —drager, pike-man, lance-bearer ; —Uzer, head of a pike; —schacht, — stang, pike-stafT; —volk, pike-meu ; —en, ov. w. to pierce with a pike, to empale.

SpU, v. zie Spie; —gat, zie Spuigat.

Spijk, v. spike, spike-lavender; —balsem, balm ofspikenard; —boompje, spike shrub; —olie, spikonard-oil, oil ot' laveuder.

Sptyker, m. nail; stud; warehouse, store-house; den — op den kop ftlaait, to strike home, to hit the nail on the hcad; —s met koppen slaan, to be positive, energetic; to conie to a decision-, —s op laag water zoeken, to piek holes in another man's coat; —bak, uail-box ; —halwem, balm of spikenard; —boor, gimlet; —gat, nail-hole; — handel, nail-lrade; —hard, an hardas iron; —Uzer, iron for nails ; —kooper, nailmerchant; —kop, head oi'a nail; —lade, nail-box; —maker, —smid, nail-smith, nailer ; —niand, nail bn«ket; —ton, —vat, nail-cask; —vast, nailed, immovable; — winkel, nail-shop; —en, ov. w. to nail.

«PUI. V. bar, skewer, spit, spar.

SpU», v. food, ineat, dish; — bereider, — bereidster, cook ; —bezorger, caterer, purveyor; — bezorgster, cateress; —brood, zie 9Iawtelui>i| —kamer, pantry; —kast, safe; —kelder, larder ; —lU"t, bill of lare; —loop, diarrhcea; —markt, market for victuals; —meester, caterer; — offer.oblatiou ; —proever, fore-taster;—vertering, digestion; gebrek aan—, indigestion, apepsy; slechte —vertering, dyspepsia.

SpUt, v. spite, regret, rancor; — hebben vau, to regret ; in — van, in spite of; — en, onbep. w. to displease, to vex; het — ui(j, I ain sorry (for it); — ig, bv. & bw. spitelul (-ly), grievou* (-ly), snappish (-ly); —Igheid, v. spitefuluess, grievousness.

SpUz eu, ov. w. to feed, to give to eat to; on. w. to eat, to diue, to sup; —Iging, v. feedin?; —Ing, v. feeding, dining, tui pp ing.

Spikkel, m. speckle, spot; —achtig, bv. speckled; —eu, ov. w. to speckle; —ig, bv. speckled; —Ing, speek ling.

Spikspelderuieuw, Spiksplinternieuw, bv. bratidnew, bran-new, fire-new, spick-andspan new.