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office of an equerry; -uicit, stable-dung 5 —meeting, fatten ing in a stable; —poort, stable-gate; —voeder.fodder; — voedering, feeding in a stable.

Stal ei», bv. steel (pen), steely; tenaclous (memory); hard, strong (nerves); — voor* hoofd, brazen face (front); —en, ov. w. to steel, to harden (irou); to try the colour of, to lead ; on. w. to match, to be niatched; die twee paarden — niet goed, those two homes are not well niatched (do not go well togetlier); —ing, v. steeling.

Stall en, ov. w. to stable ; on. w. to stable, to be stabled; to stale, to agree; —etje, o. stall, booth; — sinaii, second haud bookseller; —ing, v. stabling, stable.

Stam, in. trunk, tree, stock, stem; race, tribe; de twaalf -men van Israël, the twelve tribes of Israël; de reclite — van den den, the straight trunk of the flr(-tree); de

— van het koren, the stem of the cornplant; de staiu van het woord „aangenaam," the stem (the root-word, the radl* cal) of the word "agreeable"; de appel valt niet ver van den —, as the tree is, so ia the fruit; like sire, like son; he (she) is a chip of the old block; uit denzelfden

— spruiten, to be derived from the same stock; —beschrijver, genealogist; — boek, book of genealogy, herd-book (of cattle); — boom, genealoglcal tree, pedigree; —goed, hereditary (allodial) estate ; —houder, son and lieir; —hout, trunk-wood, stock-wood; —huis, race, dynasty, ancestral home, descent; —oudera, arboreal aucestors; -regieter, genealogy; —vader, progenitor, ancestor; —vee, blood-cattle; —verwantschap, affinity; —volk, primitive people; —wapen, arins of a fninily; —woord, primitive word.

Stamel aar, m. —aarater, v. stammerer; —en, ov. & on. w. to stauimer; —kees, — tong, m. & v. stammerer; —taal, stammering, lisping; —ing, v. stammering.

Stamet, o. worsted, woollen yam; —ten, bv. worsted.

Stamyn, v. stamin, tamine ; —en, br. stamin.

Stammen, on. w. to descend (uit, from).

Stamp en, ov. w. to stamp, to ponnd, to bray ; to pulverize (fijn stampen); to ram (a gun); on. w. to stamp; to pitch (of vessels), to sond ; —molen, pounding-mill; — paarlei», seed of pearl; —rijden, —atooten, to pitch, to heave and set; —atok, rammei'; —voeten, to stamp; —vol, chokefull; — «ee, head-sea; —er, m. stamper, pestle (of a mortar); beetle ; pistil (of llowers); rammei* (of a gun); pitching vesscl.

Stand, m. stand, station; poiition, condition, situation, state; de —en van den acteur, the attitudes of an actor; de hoogere (lagere) —, the higher (lower) class; van eiken rang en —, of every rnuk and station ; overeenkomatig zijnen — leven, to live according to oue's station; boven haren —, above her station ; de — van

het weer, the state of the weatlier; «le — van de sou, the height of the sun; de — en der maan, the phases of the moon; nijju hula ataat op een goedeu —, niy

house is in a good (fashionable) quarter (neiehbourhood); my house is well situated 1 de ambtenaar van den burgerl||ken —,

the registrar of births, deaths and marriages; een kind aangeven bi| den burgerlij*

ken —, to have the birth of a child register* ed ; de —van een winkel, the good-wlll of a shop; zijn— ophouden, to keep up

(to support) one's position ;«le derde —, tha third estate; In — blijven, to remain, to stand out, to continue, to last; tot — brengen, to bring about, to bring to pass, to uccomplisli; In — houden, to maintain, to support, to keep up; tot — komen, to ba brought about, to be accomplished ; —beeld, statue ; —houden, to stand, to keep ground; to hold one's own (ngainst); to remain, to continue ; —penning, Standard ; —plaata, standing-place, station; living (of u vicar etc.); —punt, point of view, station; — recht, court-martial kept on the field of battle ; —vaatig, bv. & bw. constant (-ly); —vaatigheid, constancy, stead fastness ; —averwiaaeling, changing of state.

Standaard, m. Standard; banner; —drager, standard-bearer.

Standelkruid, o. stander-grass, satyrion.

Stander, m.axle-tree,capstern-spindle;(umbrel* la-)staud; —olie, (kind ot) oil used by painters.

Standje, o. blowing-up, scene, set-down, re* buke; riot, row (in the street); een — ki*y* gen, to be blown up; to catch a rebuke; —a maken, to kick up a row ;—• krijgen, to fall out; to be at odds.

Stang, v. bit; bar, perch (of birds);—kogcla, cross-bar-shot.

Stank, m. stink, stencil, noisome smell; — voor dank krijgen, claw a churl and he '11 bewray your list; to be rewurded with ingratitude.

Stap, m. step, pace ; den — veranellen, to quicken one's pace ; — voor —, step by step ; den eeraten — doen, to make tha first advances; to take the first step; — voeta, step by step, at a foot's pace.

Stapel, m. pile; heap; staple; stocks; op — zetten, to put upon the stocks ; van — loopen, to be launched ; een — hooi, a stack of hay; een — goudstukken, a pile of gold pieces; —gek, raving mad, stark mad; as mad as a hatter; —goederen, staple-commodities; —plaata, staple, staple* town, emporium; —recht, staple-riglit; — baar, bv. subject to the staple-riglit ; —eu, ov. w. to pile (up), to heap up.

Stap pen, on. w. to step, to go; to walk at an ordinary pace; to stalk; hy kwam def* tig aan—, he came stalking on (strutting on); —per, m. — ater, v. one tliat goes a great pace, qtiick walker.

Star, bv. stiff, fixed (look); —oogen, zie Staren.