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Uitlieemsch, bv. foreign (words, customs •tc.); exotic (plants); strange (=■ zonderling); —held, v. loreignness, exoticalness, strangeness.

Uithelpen, or. w. to help out, to deliver.

UitliU«clieii, ov. w. to hoist out (of).

Uithoek, to. point of land, promontory, remote corner, out of the way place.

Ulthoesten, ov. w. to cough out, to expectorate.

Uitlioll en. ov. w. to hollow, to excavate; —ing, v. excavation.

Uithonger ci», ov. & on. w. to famisli, to starve; — ing, v. famishment, starvation.

Uitliooren, ov. w. to sound, to pump; to hear to the end, to sit out.

Ulthoozeii, ov. w. to scoop out, to bale out.

Uithoud en, ov. w. to keep (to hold, to stretch) out (one's hand, arm, leg etc.); to bear, to stand; 't was niet om uitteliouüeii, it was not to he home, unbearable, - unendurable; vt~U konden het niet langer—, we could not stand it any longer; —er, m. relieving-rope.

Uithouwen, ov. w. to hew (from), to carve.

Uithuizig, bv. from home, wadding; — beid, v. absence from home, gadding.

Uithuwelijk en. Uithuw en, ov. w. to ntarry (to), to give In marriage; — ing.v. marrying, piving in marriage.

Uitiug, v. uttering, expression.

Uitjag en. ov. w. to expel, to drive out; —ing. v. expulsion.

Uitjouw en. ov. w. to lioot at; —er, m. hooter; —ing, v. hootinp*.

Uitkaarden, ov. w. to card, to clean with a card.

Uitkammen, ov. w. to comb out.

Uitkappen, ov. w. to lop oir, to cut out (away).

Uitkauw en. ov. w. to chew; —sel, o. chewed stufF, chew.

Uitkaveleu, ov. w. to sell by lots.

Uitkeer en, ov. w. to keep out; to turn out; to disburse (money, advances; voorschotten), to pay (money); to return (a dividend etc.); —ing, v. paying, payment; — ingsfomls, retmbursing fund.

Uitkepen, ov. w. to notch, to indent.

Uitkerven, ov. w. to carve, to notch.

Uitkieaiicn, on. w. enz., zie Uitbotten, enz.

Uitkiezen, ov. w. to choose, to select.

Ultkyk, m. prospect; look out, looktnan; op den — ntann, to be on the look-out; —en, on. w. to look ouc.

Uitkippen, ov. w. to select, to pitch upon.

Ultklar en. ov. w. to clear (out); —Ing. v. clearing, clearance.

Uitkleed en. ov. w. to undress, to strip, to plunder; uienig ouder kleedt zich uit ▼oor z(|ne kinderen, many a parent denies himself (herself) everything for hls (her) oliildren; • sacriflces everything to . . . j — Ing, v. undressing.

Uitkloppen, ov. w. to ring out, to toll forth.

Uitklimmen, on. w. to climb out of.

Ultklluk en, ov. w. to cry out, to proclaim; —er, m. town-crier.

Uitkloppen, ov. w. to beat out (a carpet); to knock (the ashes out of a pipe).

Uitknijpen, ov. w. to squeeze out; on. w. to go away ou the sly, to sneak away, to die.

Uitknip pen, ov. w. to cut in pnper, to cut out, to clip;—«el, o. cut paper-work, cutting.

Uitkok en, or. 8c on. w. to boil, • out, • too much, to overdo; —Ing, t. boiling, - too much.

Uitkom en, on. w. to come out, • forth; to end, to terminate; to look out, to open into; to appear, to bud, to open, to disclose, to have the lead (in card-playing), to be bom, to be published, to come to light, to bo divulged, to come true (of a prophecy, a prediction); to square (of a bill, a balance), to be correct, - all right; doeu —, to set ofT, to give some reliëf; —st, v. result, end, issue, relief, piece of good luck.

Uitkooksel, o. decoction.

Uitkoop, m. buying ofT, compositlon; —en, ov. w. to buy off, to sell out.

Uitkraaien, ov. w. to cry (to blab) out, to crow.

Uitkrabben, ov. w. to scratch out, to erase.

Uitkramen, ov. w. to expose for sale, to dish up, to display, to blurt out.

UitkrUgeH, ov. w. to get out, to get ofT.

Uitkreten, ov. w. to cry out; (voor) to call, to cry down (to decry) as.

Uitkruipen, on. w. to creep out of, to creep forth.

Uitlach en, ov. w. to laugh at, to deride; on. w. to cease hiughing; —er, in. derider; — Ing, v. derision.

Uitlad en. ov. w. to unlade, tounload; — ing, v. unloading.

Uitland er, tn. foreigner; — ig, bv. abroad; -igheid, v. being abroad; —»ch, bv. foreign.

Uitlat en. ov. w. to leave out (a word, a term etc.); not to put on (a flannel shirt); to omit, to skip (words, lines etc.); zieh —, t. w. to unbosom one's sell', to explain one's self (over, about); —ing. v. omission, elisioia; — steekeu. apostrophe ; caret (used in correcting proofsheets).

Uitleen en, ov. w. to lend out; —ing, v. lending.

Uitleg, m. explanation, meaning; —baar.bv. explainable, explicable; —gen, ov. w. to lay out(agown); to lay up (to save) (one's money); to expose (blootleggen); to explain, to expound, to interpret (= verklaren, vertolken); to enlarge, to widen; —kunde, exegesis; —kundig, bv. & bw. exegetical (>ly); —kundige, one versed in exegesis; — ger, m. explainer, expounder, interpreter; guardship; —ging, v. laying out, exposition, explanation, interpretation, enlargement, widening; —«ter, v. zie Uitlegger.

Uitleiden, ov. w. to lead out.

Uitlekken, on. w. to leak (to drop) out; (Hg.) to transpire, to become known.

Uitlever en, ov. w. to deliver (over), to pro-