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den troon —, to succeed to the throne ; twisten — uit, quarrels ensue from; ,,die volgt". next boy (girl); — iu rang op, to come in rank next to; —brief, pass, safe-conduct; — cijfers, sequence offlgures; —dienaar, lackey, lootman; —knarten, sequence of cards; —nummer, mccesaive number; —reeks, series, succession ; — ziek, fond of imitation; — zucht, spirit of imitation; —end, bv. following, successive, next; —ene, vz. according to ; —er, m. follower, votary, disciple.

Volgroeid, bv. full-grown.

Volgzaam, bv. docile, submissive ; —held, v. docility, tractability.

Volhnudlg, bv. busy; het — hebben, to be very busy ; —heid, v. being inuch occupied, stress of business.

Volhard en, on. w. to persevere ; — ing, v. perseverance ; —Ingavermogen, inertion, vis inertize.

Volheid, v. fullness, plenitude.

Volhouden, on. w. to keep up, to persevere; to sustain (a certain character).

Volijverig, bv. zealous, full of zeal.

Voljnrig, bv. of age, mature; —held, majority.

Volk, o. people, nation ; troops (■=» soldiers); het gemeeue —, the mob, the vulgar; — planter, colonist; —planting, colony ; — rijk, populous ; —rijkheid, populousness ; -eukunde, ethnology ; -eurecht, law of nations ; — aaard, genius of a people; — «begrip, popular opinion; —■bestuur, democracy ; — abeweging, popular moveineat; —sblnd, popular paper; —sboek, popular book ; —«dichter, popular poet; — sdrom, —«hoop, —smeiiigte, crowd of people; —sfeest, national least, popular festivity ; —sgaarkeuken, people's eating-house ;— sgebruik, popular cuslom; —sgeest, public spirit; —sgeluk, —«welvaart, public welfare (good); —«gezang, popular song; sinpring of the people; —«gunst, public favour, popularity; — elmat, public hatied; —«klaase, lower class ; —sleider, — aiiienner, demagogue ; —«lied. national song ; —«oploop, —«oproer, tumult, popular sedition, commotion ; —«overlevering, popular tradition; —spartU, domocratic party; —«redenaar, popular orator; —sregeering, democracy; —«school, national (primary) school; —s«pel, —svermank, popular game, popular amusement; —ssprookje, popular tale; —««taui, tribe ; —sateui, voice of the people; — «taal, vulgar tongue, patois, vernacular; —«telling, census ; — —«trots, national pride ; —svergaderlng, assembly (meeting) of the people ; —«verhuizing, migration of the nations, emi »ration of nations; —«vertegenwoordiger, representative of the p- ople, deputy;—«vertegenwoordiging, representation; —«vijand, national enemy, enemy to the comtnon welfare; —«vooroordeel, popular prejudice; —«vriend, friend of the people, democrat;

—swapenlng, general arming of the nation; —swil, will of the people ; — swoede, fury of the mass, popular fury ; —«zaak, popular cause; —«ziekte, epidemie.

Volkomen, bv. & bw. perfect (-ly), complete (-ly), entire (-ly); —held, v. perfection, completeness.

Volledig, bv. complete; — maken, to complete; — lieid, v. completeness.

Volleerd, bv. perfectly, skilied, profleient; —e schurk, a deep-dyed (thorough-paccd) villain.

Vol len, ov. w. to full; —kuip,—tobbe,

fuller's tub; —molen, fulling-mill; —Ier, m. fuller; —saarde, fuller's earth.

Volmaakt, bv. & bw. perfect (-ly); —lieid, v. perfection.

Volmacht, v. full power, power of attorney, authorization, plenary power; btf —, by proxy, deputy ; — hebber, mandatory, procurator; — geven aan, —igeu, ov. w. to empower, to authorize.

Volmak en, ov. w. to perfect; —ing, v. perfection.

Volmondig, bv. & bw. plain (-ly), frank (-ly).

Volop, bw. plenty (of).

Volprezen, bv. highly (duly) praised; nooit —, ever praise-deserving, unequalled.

Volschoon, bv. very (most) beautiful.

Volslagen, bv. & bw. full (-y), complete (-ly), bw. quite, totally.

Volstaan, on. w. to suffice, to be sufficiënt; dat zal niet —, tliat won't do.

Volstandig, bv. steadfast, constant; —heid, v. steadfastness, constancy.

Volstrekt, bv. & bw. absolute (-ly); — niet, by no means; —heid, v. absoluteness.

Voltallig, bv complete; — maken, to complete, to make a round number of; —heid, v. completeness.

Volte, v. fulness, crowd, volt.

Volteekend, bv. fully subscribed for (a loan e.g.).

Voltooi en, ov. w. to finish, to accomplisli; —er, m. —«ter, v. finisher, accomplisher; —ing. v. finishing, accomplislunent.

Voltrekk en. ov. w. to accomplish, to consummate (a marriage), to cxecute(asentence), to carry out, to carry into effect; —ing. v. accomplishment, consummation, execution.

Voluit, bw. at full length, all out, in full.

Volvnardig. bv. & bw. rcady (-ily), willing (•ly); —heid, v. readiness, willingness.

Volvoer en. ov. w. to perl'orm, to accomplisli, to fulfll; -ing, v. performance, accomplishment. fulftlmeut.

Volwassen, bv. full-grown, grown up; —held, v. being full-grown.

Volwichtig, bv. of full weight.

Volzin, m. period, phrase, sentence.

Vond, m. a thing found. Onding, invention, contrivance, devise, trick; ceu gelukkige —, a treasure trove.

Vondel, m. zie %'louder.

Vondeling, m. & v. foundling; te —leggen, to be exposed; —shuis, foundling-ho9pital.