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of names; eene achoone —, a beautiful

recitation, address, delivery.

Voordragen, ov. w. to propose, to deliver, (o perform, to prefer (for a situation).

Voordrinken, on. w. to drink first.

Vooreb, v. beginning of the refiux, fore-ebb.

Vooreerst, bw. in the first place, as yefc; — niet, uot in a long time.

Vooreinde, o. fore-part.

Voorgaan, on. w. to go before, to precede, to go too fast, to take the lead, to set an example to; goed — doet goed volgen,

a goud example draws onothers;de hertog gaat voor. the duke tak es the precedence (of other nobleinen;; —d, bv. foregoing, preceding, last.

Voorgaaig, m. example, precedence; —er, m. —ster, v. leader, predecessor, clergy man, priest.

Voorgebed, o. introductory prayer.

Voorgebergte, o. promontory.

Voorgebouw, o. fore-part (of a building).

Voorgemeld, bv. before-mentioned, afore-said.

Voorgerecht, o. first course.

Voorgestoelte, o. place of honour, first place (seat).

Voorgevel, m. fore-front, frontispiece.

Voorgev en, ov. w. to give betore. - in ad* vance, • odds ; to pretend; óO punten — (blij), to give fifty points' start, a «tart of 60 points; -en. o. pretext, pretence; —er, m. pretender, scratch (at biiliards); —iaag, v. pretext, pretence.

Voorgevoel, o. presentiment, inkling.

Voorgezang, o. song before a serinon.

Voorgift, v. handicap.

Voorgisteren, bw the day before yesterday.

Voorgoed, bw. dt-finitively, for good and all.

Voorgoochelen, ov. w. to juggle in a. o. 's presence, to make a false show, to blind.

Voorgooien, ov. w. to throw before; on. w. to throw first.

Voorgrond, m. fore-ground, front; op den — plaatsen, to put in the fore-front; zich op den — stellen, to assume grand airs; to be too niuch in evidence; op deaa — •tellen, to make a condition, to assert in the first place; to draw one's attention to.

Voorliniiier, 111. sledge-hammer.

Voorhnnd, v. wrist, elder hand, precedence, aan de — zitten, to play first, to lead.

Voorhanden, bw. to be had, (to be) in stock (in store), ready, extant; — hebben, to have stock on hand, to have in store ; de — goederen verknopen, to dispose of the stock on hand.

Voorhang, m. zie Voorhangsel; —en.

ov. w. to hang before, to propose 'as a member); on. w. to hang before, to be proposed; —«el. o. curtain, veil, hangings.

Voorhebben, ov. w. to have an advantage, to have to deal with, to be about, to design, to aim at, to have a start (of several points). to meditate (some evil); het goed niet Iemand —, to mean well with one.

Voorheen, bw. foimerly, before.

Voorhlotorlach bv. prehistorie (-al); fabulous.

Voorhoede, m. van, vanguard.

Voorhof, m. parvis, porch, vestibule, fore-


Voorhoofd, o. forehead, front.

Voorhondeaa, ov. w. to hold fortli, to repre* sent, to remonstrate, to reproach with (=» verwalen), to exhort (— veraaaaueai).

Voorhuid, v. fore-skin, prepuce.

Voorhui*, o. fore-part of a house, passage, hall, vestibule, porch, entrance.

Voorin, bw. at the entrance, in the fore*part.

Vooriaageaaoiueaa, bv. prepossessed, partial; — beid. v. preposscssion, prejudice.

Voorinnemen. ov. w. to prepossess.

Voorjaar. o. spring; —shloeaai, spring-flower, vernal fiower; —«morgen, spring-morning; —sregeai, vernal rain, epring-rain ; —sopruiming, spring-clearance; —«weder, vernal weather.

Voorkamer, v. fore-room, front-room, parlour.

Voorkasteel, o. fore-castle.

Voorkauwen, ov. w. to chew for; (Ag.) to bIiow (repeat) over and over.

Voorkennis, v. fore-knowledge, prescience; buiteaa iu||aae —, without iny (knowledge) knowing it.

Voorkeur, v. preference, choice; de — hebben van eeat huis, to have the refuval of a house; recht van —, right of preference.

V<»orkind, o. child by a tornier marriage.

Voorkom eaa. ov. w. to prevent, to anticipate, to ohviato, to precl-.ide (amhiguity = dubbelzinnigheid); on. w. to occur, to ap[>ear, to be; — (voor 't gerecht), to be tried, heard; bij —de gelegenheid, wlien occasion presents; — is beter «laaa geaaezeai, prevention is better than cure; —eaa. o. appearance, look, carriage, mien; —end, bv. & bw. obliging (-ly), officious (-ly); —endheid, v. obliginir inanner, kindness; —iaag, v. prevention ; ter —iaag van, for the preveution of, to prevent.

Voorkoop, m. forestalling, pre-emtion, monopoly ; —eaa, ov. w. to forestall; —er, m. forestaller.

VoorkrUgeai, ov. w. to get before, • in advance, - odds; 3E5 punten —, to get 25 points' start.

Voorlaatst. bv. last but one, penultimate


Voorland, o. foreland, promontory, borderland, destiuation, fate.

Voorlang, bw. long ago, long since.

Voorlast, m. fore-part of the cargo, cargo in the prow.

Voorlegg en. ov. w. to lay before, to produce, to exhihit, to propose, to propound (a question), to submit (to); —ing. v. proposition.

Voorlez en. ov. w. to read to; —er. m. reader, prolector, clerk; —ing, v. readiug, lecture.

Voorlicht en, ov. w. to light, to enlighten (Hg.), to inform of, to acquaint with; —iaag, v. inlormation, guidance.

Voorliefde, v. predilection.partialness, liking.