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Voorspel, o. prelude; presage; small piece, introductory part.

Yoornpeldeii, ov. w. to pin before; voorspelder, m. pinafore.

Voorspelen, or. w. to show how to play; on. w. to prelude; to play first; to have the lead (at cards).

Voompell en, ov. w. to show how to spell; to ioretell. to forebode, to predict; to prophesy ; —er, m. foreteller, predicter;—ing, v. predict ion, presage, prophecy.

Voorspiegel en, ov. w. to show in a dazzling light; to raise, to hold out (hopes, promises, expectations); —inj;, v. making a tul se show, illusion.

Voorsp(Js, v. first meat, first course.

Voorspits, v. point; head of an army, vasguard.

Voorspoed, m. prosperity ; —ig, bv. & bw. prosperous (-ly), successful (-ly); —Igheid, v. prosperousness, successfulness.

Voorspook, o. fore-token, t'oreboding, omen.

Voorsprank, v. intercession, mediation, advocate, defence ; m. & v. advocate, defence.

Voorsprek en, ov. w. to speak in favour of, to excuse, to intercede for; —er, m. excuser, intercessor; advocate, mediator; voorspreekster, mediatrix.

Voorstaan, ov. w. to defend, to protect; to assert, to advocate (a cause); to promote ; on. w, to be present to the mind ; het staat ■n|) voor, I remeinber, I recollect; zicli laten —, to presume (on), to pretend (to), to value one's self upon, to piqué (to plume) oneself.

Voorstad, v. suburb.

Voorstand, m. maintenance, defence, protection ; —er. m. muintainer, advocate, defender, protector; partisan; —er z(Ju van, to be for; to be an advocate of etc.

Voorste, bv. foremost, ftrst; Haantje de —, the cock of the walk.

Voorsteek, m. flat stitch.

Voorsteken, ov. w. to put before, to pin fast.

Voorstel, o. proposal, proposition; problem ; een — aannemen, to accept (to agree to) a proposal; een — doen, to make a proposal ; een — verwerpen, to reject a proposal ; — lei», ov. w. to propose fa scheme); to present (at court); to introducé (to a friend, to a stranger); zich —, t. w. to represent to one's self; to purpose, to intend ; stel u eens voor! only fancy; —Ier, m. proposer; performer; —Hng, v. proposition; repre»entation (theatre); presentation; idea; —skracht, — sverniogeu. imaginative faculty.

Voorstem men. on. w. to vote (to give one's vote) for ; —mers, the ayes.

Voorsteng, v. fore-topmast; — estag, foretopstag; —estagzeil, foretop-stay-sail.

Voorsteven, m. prow, stem; head; —beeld, figure-head.

Voorstoot, m. first stroke; —en, on. w. to play first.

Voorstak, o. fore-part, fore-piece, front-piece. first piece, introduction.

Voort, bw. on, forward, away, gone; presently, directly.

Voortaan, bw. henceforward.

Voortand, m. fore-tooth, incisive tooth (=* snijtand).

Voort babbelen, on. w. to continue tattling, to tattle on.

Voortbewegen, ov. w. to propel; zieh —, t. w. to go on, to move on.

Voortblazen, ov. w. to blow away; on. w. to continue blowing.

Voortbreng en, ov. w. to bring forth, to produce; to cause, to beget; —end, bv. productive; —er, m. producer ; —ing, v. production ; —sel, o. product, produce, production.

Voortdraven, on. w. to trot on, - away.

Voortdribbeleu, on. w. to trip away, to toddie on.

Voortdrijven, ov. w. to drive on, - away.to

push on; on. w. to continue lloating, tofloat away.

Voortdar en. on. w. to continue, to last; — end, bv. & bw. continual (-ly); —Ing, v. conti nuance.

Voortduwen, ov. w. to push on, - forward,

- away.

Voorteeken. o. fore-token, presage, omen.

Voorteekenen, ov. w. to show how to draw, to draw (sometliing) for one.

Voortellen, ov. w. to count down, to sum up.

Voorteten, on. w. to continue eating.

Voortgaan, on. w. to go on, to continue, to progress; — d, bv. progressive.

Voortgang, m. progress, success, speed; — hebben, to go on, to be in proarress, to succeed, to be concluded; — maken, to hurry up.

Voortgleden, on. w. to slide on, - forward.

Voorthelpen, ov. w. to help, to patronize.

Voorthollen, on. w. to continue galloping, to gallop (to hurry) away.

Voortyd, m. spring, antiquity; —s, bw. formerly.

Voortijlen, on. w. to hurry on, to basten away.

Voortjagen, ov. w. to drive (to hurry) on, on. w. to drive away.

Voortkomen, on. w. to oome forth, to get forward, to thrive, to prosper, to be born; (alt) to arise (to proceed) from.

VoortkrUgen, ov. w. to get forward, - away.

Voortkruipen, on. w. to creep along, to crawl, to creep forward.

Voortkuieren, on. w. to walk on, - away, to stroll on.

Voort kunnen, on. w. to be able to get alon?,

- to proceed.

Voortleven, on. w. to continue living.^

Voortlezeu, on. w. to continue reading, to read on, • further.

Voortloopen, on. w. to walk on, to run away.

Voortmaken, on. w. to make haste; zich —. t. w. to get away, to pack (to scamper) off, to take to one's heels.