Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

hoofd —, to cast a stone at a person '■ head; een blik — op, to cast a glance at; -auker, kedge, bow-anchor; —draad, — gnreu, woof; —lood, sounding-lead ; —net, cast-net; —schicht, —speer, —spies, Javelin, dart; — sch|jr, quoit. disc ; —tol, casting-top, humming-top ; —tuig, missile, slingstone, projectile.

Wervel, m. liasp (om te sluiten); vertebra (pi. vertebr»; ▼. het lichaam) % —been, vertebra; articulation, joint;—dier, vertebrate (animal); —draaien, peg; leader, manager; —wind, whirl-wind; —ziek, giddy, vertiginous ; —en, or. w. to hasp, to sliut wifch a hasp.

Werr en, ov. w. to recruit, to enlist, to levy; —er, m. recruiter, recruiting offlcer, levier; —ing, v. recruiting, enlisting, levying.

Wcrwaarts, bw. whither.

Weshalve, vw. wherefore.

Wesp, v. wasp ; —esteek, sting of a wnsp; —euangel, wasp'a sting ; —ennest, wasp's nest, vespiary ; in een —ennest roeren, to stir up a liornet's nest.

West, bw. west; — ten noorden (zuiden), west by north (south); —, v. west; WestIndies ; — haii, towards the west;—einde, west-end; —hoek, west-corner; —Indievaarder, Westlncfia-man ; —kant, — z(Jde, west-side ; —kust, western coast; —noordwest, west-northwest; —zuidwest, westsouthwest; —waarts, bw. westward.

Westel|fk, bv. western; —, bw. westward.

Westen, o. west, occident; —wind, westwind ; buiten — zQn, to be out of one's senses, to have lost one's wits; to be tipsy.

Wester, bv. western, Occidental;—lengte, western longitude; —sch, bv. western.

Wet, v. law; rule; government; — op de handelsmerken, Tiade Marks Act; — op de zeevisscheryen, Sea Fisheries Act (Bill); de — op het lager onderw|)«, Eiementary Educution Act ; de — op de troonsopvolging. Act of Settlement ; de

— op fabriekeu en werkplaatsen, Factories and Workshops Hill ; de — aannemen, to pass the bill; de —verwerpen, to throw out (reject) the bill; eene — opheffen, to annul a law; eene — overtreden, to evade (to transgretts) a law ; iemand de — stellen, to prescribe the law to one; —boek, code; burgerl()k —, civil law;

— van koophandel. Commercial Code;

— van stratvordering, penal law ; —geleerde, lawyer; —geleerdheid, jurisprudence ; —gevend, legislative-, —gever,legislator; —geviug, legislation; —houder, alderman, assessor, magistrate.

Weten, ov. w. to know; doen (laten) —, to make known, to inform (a. o.) of, to send word; te —, vis, namely, to wit; —, o. knowing; buiten — van, without the knowledge of; mtyns —s niets, not that I know of; tegen z0n beter — sprekeu, to speak in spite of oue's knowing better, — in spite of couviction; —swaardig, worth knowing.

remarkable; —s, bw. knowingly; willens en —, willfully, on purpose, premeditatelj; —•waardig, worth knowing; —swaardigheid, remnrkabieness.

Wetenschap, v. science, knowledge; —pelyk, bv. & bw. scientific (-ally); —peltfkheld, v. scientificalness.

Wetering, v. canal, issue, passage, watering.

Wette l|fk, bv. & bw. lawful (-ly); —tukheid, v. lawfulness; —loos, bv. & bw. lawless (-ly); —loosheid, v, lanlessness.

Wet ten, ov. w. to whet, to sharpen; —plank, grinding-board; —staal, whetting-steel,knlfesharpener; —steen, whet-stone.

Wettig, bv. & bw. lawful (-ly), legal (-ly), Isgitimate; — betaalmiddel, legal tender ; on— huwel||k, i 1 legal marriage; het — gezag, the lawful authority-. een — kind, a legitimate child; —e erven, legitimate heirs; —e titel, legitimate title; — gedeponeerd, registered (trade-mark); — verklaren, to legitimate, to legitimise, to declare legitimate ; —en, ov. w. to iegalize, to legitimate; —heid, v. lawfulness, legalness; —lug, v. legalization, legitiination.

Wev en, ov. w. to weave ; —er, m. weaver; -•hoorn, weaver's beam; —sspoel, shuttle; —swol, abb-wool; —er||, v. weaving, weaver's trade; weaving-manufactory; de—er|)en ts Knsrhedé, the textile factories at E; —ing, weaving, tissue.

Wezel, v. weasel.

Wezen, on. w. to be, to ezist; —, o. being, existence, nature, essence, countenance; — etrek, feature; — l(|k, bv. & bw. essential (•ly), real (-ly), material (-ly); het —IQke, the essence, the quintessence (of a thingr); —lUkheid, v. essentiulity, reality ; —loos, bv. senseless, perplexed, stupid (-ly), vacaat^ dull (-y); —loosheid, v. senselessness, stupidity, dullness, idiotcy.

Wichel aar, m. — aamter, v. augurer, sorcerer (sorceress), soothsayer; —ary, v. augury, sorcery, soothsaying; —en, on. w. to augur, to soothsay; —roede, conjurer's wand.

Wicht, o. baby, child, babe.

Wicht, o. weight; — ig, bv. weighty, heavy; — igheld, v. weightiness, weight, importancet —Je, o. gram.

Wie, vnw. who, whom; — ook, whoever, whosoever.

Wied eu, ov. w. to weed; —{Jzer, weed inghook; —mes, weeding-knife ; —emaaud, (month of) June; —er, m. —ster, v. weeder; —ing, v. weeding.

Wieg, v. cradle; —ekleed, cradle-cloth; ekoord, — etouw, cradle-string ; —elied, —ezang, lullaby ; —elen, ov. & on. w. to shake, to rock, to totter; —eling, v. shaking, rockiug, tottering ; —eu, ov. w. to cradle, to rock; In slaap —, to lull asleep; —er, m. —ster, v. rocker.

Wiek, v. wing, arm, fliglit, sail-beam, tent.

Wiel, o. wheel(«* rad); paddle-wheel («= rader —); bicycle, bike (=* flets); Inde—enr|f<len, to thwart, to cross ; —as, wheel-shatt; —