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-•honger, canlne (ravenou.) appetlte; — wolf.-foot; - claw, -.kuil, wolf-

-nir. r,,,au,,t ,of » woU- -«melk,

wolf .-mille .purg, (a plant); -apela. wolf. for; —«Tel, wolf s akin ; —«roet (plant) *<W-wort; —nchtig, bv. woia.h. P Wolk, r. cloud; I» de — en zyn (lig.), to «T rauch pleaaed; er uitzien aU eene —. to look the very picture of health; lu

V ire" t0 «lo1«®the

JKJV. dï -e", "«''en. to fall from the cloud. to be qulte perplexed; —breuk, cloud-burst; —kolom, pillar of cloud- — vanger, tarpawling cloth, (marmer'.) upp.rcoatj — euhemel, weikin, .kle.; —aehtlg Mreie clo"dr • —«'ooa, bv. cloudlesa,

Wollen, bv. woollea; —Ig, bv. woolly; —

Igheld, r. woolline...

Wolr ebeet, m. bite of a wolf; — edak sloping rooi wlth four corners, pavilion ■ — eprent, —eapoor, footprintofa wolf. wo'lf'. track; —enuard, woiflshnesa; — enlaelit. wolf-hunting; —enjager, wolf-bunter: —In, t. sne-wolf. * *

W°i,d'.T- "°und! —»«*■, -heeler.aurgeon; —heelkunde, aurgery; —Uaer. probe ;— wound-ferer; —krnld, wound-wort; —middel, vulnerary ; —teeken, .car, clcatrice; -baar, bv. vulnerable; —baarheid, v. vulnerability; —en, ov. w. to wound, to liurt. Wonder, o. wonder, miracle, marvel, proF <°f learmng); —balaem, wonder-balm ■ pi mi.?culoï" fmage; —boom, gourd, pal ma Christi; —daad, miracle ; —dadlg, „7* .»"• mlraculou. (-Ij); -dadlgheld, mlraculouancss; —dier, prodlgy, monater; —doend, perforining miraclea;—doener performer of miracle.; —dokter, quack; . fflft .°r working miracle.; —geloof,

Im.rl.llï, ?!rscl"> 1 —goed. uncornmonly (marvellously) good; —goedkoop, a marvel of cheapness; — groot, wondrously great. Ei ?ï ® 'kli'd, wondrou. child, little prodigy j —kracht, power of working miracle». wondertul power; —kruid, wonderful lterb ; —achoon, admirably fair;— apreuk paradox ; -apreuklg. bv. 4 bw. panEtoxical ii "7 fe "' werk, miracle; —vol,

«Mm f !,r,,u,"g- b'- & bw- odd (-ly).

whimaical (-ly,, capricloua (-ly); —baar, — baarlijk, bv. & bw. wonderful (-ly). marvellou. (-ly); —baarheid, wonderfulue.il, marvellouane..; —en. onp. w. to eurpriae, to cause aurpr.se; _|yk, bv. & bw. wonderful (•ly), strange (-ly), whimsical (-ly); —lijksicalness* WOm*erlu'nes8' "'rangeness, whim-

Won en, on. w. to dweil, to lire, to realdeop het land, lu de atad —. to live In tbe country, — in town; op kauiera —, to lire teloteta.. woont de koulnk-

! „ ? , ,e de» Haag, olficially the

wya fainily reside at the Hague; -lug, v.

fi habitation, lodging; vrije —lus. reaidence rent free.

Wo"""cht'*- ft- ^wel||ag, living, r..ld«t; —hula, O. dweiling (houee); —kamer, r — Tertrek, o. dweillng-room, living-room. •Ittlug room. parlour; —plaata, —atede. v. dwelling-place, babitatlon, re.ideuce.domiclle w°"r5 °- »«*. term; »p „.(Ju -, upon

'y word; het — voeren, to apeak • te

ataau, to apeak wlth, to Haten to; iHn — geven, to pas. (to pledge) oue'a word ; het f'00«' ~ '»»»••' «r »it. the trutli wa. to

ia ont 1 I1 i'ïT ~ '* " """der

,ou'i—•" hebben met, to have a quarrel wltli one, to be out wlth one; het — vragen, to aak leave to .peak; het — heb ben, to have the Iloor. to be in the posseaaion of the meeting, to be .peaking- het — Jw!™"' t0 uddres" (» meeting), to hold S2 g r Toere». m carry It

liigh, to be very overbearlng; «oda — verkondigen, to preach the Goapel; een man een mai,, een - een -, an hon»at man ia aa good aa in. word; op zyn — vrllgelaten worden, to be released upon parole; ''"e ,' ®p. —•» hoe beter, least said' joonest mended; —afleiding, etyinology; — breker, promise-breaker; —buiging, declen-

fa?tni.f.i7?r01 eLymo,°Sy; —Houdend,

faitliful to a promlse; —lid, farticle; —omzetting, inversion, tranaposition; — ontledinganalyHia.parsinff; -raadsel, logopryph; —«cliikkiiig, conatiuction, syntax; -«pe' ■lag, play upon words, pun, quibble; —en 'Vn , n' t0 p,,n» to q««bble; — uitlating, tiïf ; ~vei!hreklng, violation of one'a Zit ; inisrepresentation,

laying a bad conatruction upon a. o. 's worda—voeging, syntax; —voerder, «pokesmanl speaker, mouth-piece ; — vorachfr, etymolo~TOP,ch,"lï' etymolofry ; — enboek, enlil«^r^w' ~a®hrUver, lexicoi?rapher; — enljlat, vocabulary; -enpraal, pomp of dtction, verbiape, bombast;—enrilk copions; verbose, loquacious; —euriikheid. copiousness; verboaity. loquacity ; — ennchat. glossapr vocabulary; — enspel, pun, quibble—enstryd, — entwlat, altercation; Ioto^ machy; —envltter, caviller; word-catcher; —envittery, cavilling, word-catcbinsr; —enwiaaeling, diapute, altercation; — el Uk bv. & bw. verbal (-ly). ' w '

Word en, on. w. to become,to grow, to wax;

Lh.f' .?Ur? ; wat XHl er V,,M h«»" - T

wuat will become of him ? het —t al donker, it is getting dark already ; ouder en wtfzer —, to grow older and wiaer; «lea wintera — t het water dlkwijla Ua. in winter water often turus to ice; bleek

to turn pale; zuur —, to turn sour; geslacht to be killed; al alechter —. to grow (to wax) worse and worse; — Iiik v. origin, creation, becoming; —insaleer' organology. ■ '

Worg. m. qninsy. —en, ov. w. to strangle to tnrottle; —koord, strangling-string, halter;

paal, strangling-post; —er, m. straneler —Ing, v. strangulation.