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memory and they readily acquire a large amount of book know-

ledge. Good memory, however, does not necessarily imply a pro-

portionate degree of brain power, and the acquisition of knowledge

may be merely significant of brain growth without a corresponding

development of the reasoning faculties. Unfortunately many

children of this type although brilliant at the outset, soon become

too exhausted to keep up with those who start more slowly.

Early promise is frequently unrealised, and asylum physicians

kn°w °nly too well how apt precocity is to be replaced by early

mental decay or so-called dementia praecox. It is a noteworthy

fact that children of alcoholic parentage may during the earlier

years of their lives compare most favourable with those born of

a more stable parentage; but alas the sequels are very different,

and the relatively greater frequency of the occurence in them of

early dementia tells a tale which has not yet been acknowledged

by those who make light of the effects of alcohol on the human race.

One fact to be noted in connection with precocity and nervous instability in children is the existence of a tendency not only to become excited and almost uncontrollable in their impulses and cravmgs, but also to exhibit an i n t o 1 e r a n c e to the effect of alcoholic stimulants of any kind whatsoever. Thus it is that some children by their excitability and intolerance of alcohol betray their possession of neurotic inheritance, and to them alcohol is a most deadly poison. The possessor of such a neurotic constitution calls for our deepest sympathy, and when I hear the careless boast of some individuals that there is no need for them to become abstainers, my thoughts fly immediately to those who bravely fight and conquer the demon of a heritage which constitutes the very essence of their physical and mental being We may imagine some of the difficulties overcome by them in their efforts to retain their intellectual and social status; but can we readily appreciate, subjectively, and to the full, the desperate nature of those inner constitutional evil forces which da part of the individual, tend to dominate the will, and absorb the personality, and more especially so when these self same forces come into conflict with the desire to conform to the ordinary ethical standards of life and usefulness.

The facility with which some diseases either become evidenced by, or yield to, certain drugs often enables us to arrivé at a definite