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has been kept, the sentence in the case shall thereby be fully satisfied and the prisoner discharged.

The Legislative Assembly of the State of Victoria, Australia, in July 1908, enacted a law providing for the „Abstention of the Offender from Intoxicating Liquor" where the offense was committed under the influence of liquor. This enactment was made part of the law to provide for indeterminate sentences and other similar provisions.

April lOth, 1907, the Temperance Party of the Swedish Parliament, (through its President, Hon. Ernest Beckman, and its \ ice-President, Hon. K. H. von Scheéle, the distinguished Bishop of Gothland, and its Secretary, Hon. Jakop Petterssont) in an address, indorsed and commended the „Pollard plan" of reformation of the victims of the drink habit, and forwarded said address to me.

A letter of indorsement and congratulation from Hon. Edward Wavrinsky, Member of the Parliament and International Chief Templer of the I.O.G.T. accompanied the address.

In Germany, temperance societies, reformers and humanitarians are urging the use of pledges in the courts for those arraigned for drnnkenness or drink-caused offenses, and a vigorous campaign is being waged to that end. Dr. jur. Otto Bauer, of München, has just published a book, ,,Das Pollard System und seine Einführung in Deutschland", which is being widely circulated.

The temperance advocates in the States of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, have petitioned the Premier to recommend the passage of a law incorporating 'the pledge plan of dealing with drunkenness and petty offenses that grow out of it.

W herever the law permits the taking of pledges by Judges and they have availed themselves of the opportunity, demanding a strict compliance with the conditions of the pledge, the success has been most remarkable and satisfactory, as shown by official reports.

The time allowed me will not permit a statement of the adoption in many States, Territories and Provinces, in many lands, of the pledge idea; nor of the indorsement by many judges, legislatures and national temperance organizations of this mode of reform by the Courts.

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