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total abstinence in the same light as he did before. He has learnt that he can live without alcohol and that he is better without it.

I am surprised to find in England that some magistrates even now do not know that Judge Pollards' plan can be put into operation. Let us all try to make it more widely known. After a man or woman has been put on probation, try to get the person to join some temperance Society, or place of worship or Adult School or some association where he or she will be helped with good companions.

When I know of anyone who is put on probation, I get as many people as I can to call on them. Some one calls and says: ,,Mr. S., we should all be so glad to see you at ourearly „morningclass". Another calls and says „Mr. S., come and take a walk with me on Sunday after service" and so on, till the man begins to think, „Well, how kind all the people are." He may not yield atfirst,but eventually he does. I think we should all be truly grateful to Judge Pollard for showing us this excellent way of dealing with these men and women — many of whom are real recruits for the temperance cause, when once secured.

We complain that we do not get the people, we want to go to our temperance meetings. Let us leave no stone unturned to get probationers to join our ranks. Those who have sunk lowest are often most appreciative of a kinds word and a little help. Let us lead them until they are able to walk alone.

I conclude with an illustration. An old man was seen manipulating clay and forming it by hand into an elegantly shaped piece of pottery. „Why don't you do that by machinery?" said an onlooker. Well, said the old man, I have tried all kinds of machinery, but somehow or other, it needs the „human touch". And so this work of reclaiming drunkards needs Gods blessing and the „human touch". The kind word, the helping hand, and the encouragement that every one of us can give. Let us give it.

Jhr. Dr. Jur. D. O. Engelen, (Zutphen): Die Grundlage einer bedingten Strafvollziehung ist in diesem System, auch den I.eitsatzen nach, eine schriftliche Erklarung zum Anschlusse an einen Verein.

Ich verstehe die bedingte Verurteilung, und falie ihr bei, auch für diejenigen, die im Rausch ein Verbrechen begangen haben, oder wegen eines Rausches angeklagt sind: die Bestim-