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at, since the prices for photographic multiplication of manuscripts vary materially at different places. But I think that, according to information received from' an expert in Germany, no more than two pfennige (Va cent) for a square centimetre of good photolithographic work need to be figured, aside from the print and paper. At the seat of many libraries there are good photographic establishments which would attend to the original copying cheaply, not taking state institutions into consideration, like the state printing offices at Berlin and Vienna, the technical bureau of the Italian Military Comm'andery at Florence, and perhaps the lmprimerie Nationale at Paris, which, no doubt, would come to the assistance of such an association, the intention of which would not be to do business."

Th'e success of Dr. Hartwig's memorial did not answer his expectations. At the congress it was simply introduced and for want of time referred to the direction of the American Library Association. *) Therefore it was not discussed until the following year at the Conference of (American) Librarians at Lake Placid, 17th— 22nd. Sept., 1894. Here it was recommended by the president, Mr. Larned, with the words (see the report in „The Library Journal" XIX, No. 12, P. 160):

„It is estimated that, at a cost of 100 francs to as many libraries as might reasonably be expected to take part in this scheme, there can be an extensive reproduction of certain rare manuscripts. The feeling of my trustees is that we should not hesitate for a moment to become subscribers to this, and for two reasons. If it is not done now it will not be proposed again for a long time to come. It might afford librarians the only opportunity

') The Library Journal, XVIII, N°. 9 (1893), Conference of Librarians, Chicago, July 13—aa, 1893, p. 87: „It was moved that M. Hartwig's paper referred by the World's Congress of Librarians to the American Library Association be referred to the council."