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Horatii carmina, — Ovidii Met. fragm., — Servii et aliorum opera grammatica, — S. Augustinii de dial. et de rhetor., — B e d a e Hist.

Brit. I, eet. eet. continens.

I need not here expatiate on the importance of this manuscript. It is famous as the earliest and best MS. copy of Horace, of Ovid's fragments etc.; it contains a store of mediaeval learning, and is of the highest value as throwing light on the learned efforts of Sedulius Scotus and his Irish contemporaries.

In June 1891 Dr. L. Traube wrote Ln, „O Roma nobilis" p. 56 (A paper in the transactions of the Bavarian Acad. of Sciences Cl. I, Vol. XIX, Part. II, p. 352).

„MS. Bernensis 363 is indeed so important in every respect that we fain would hope that some learned body may have it reproduced entire, by photography, and so provide alike for the preservation of this treasure and for a more general knowledge of its contents."

Hence, when I now, without the aid of any learned Society, and at my own risk, propose to publish the w h o 1 e volume in autotype, I am certain of doing a real and great service to learning, and believe I may count on your approbation and support.

I have been so happy as to secure the assistance of Professor H. H agen of Bern, as the admirably competent and learned writer of the Latin Preface which contributes in no small degree to the value of this volume.

The Codex Bernensis 363 will consist, besides the preface, of 394 pages in photography, large quarto, precisely like the specimen I have the honour of submitting to you herewith.

The price of this volume is $ 48.—, b o u n d in mediaeval style, delivered in Holland,