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HOMERI ILIAS Codex Venetus A, Marcianus 454.

The importance of this famous Codex, no less valuable for the light it throws on the Homeric text than for the marginal notes and Scholia, justifies me in the hope that I shall find great encouragement when I place the MS. within reach of the learned world by an accurate reproduction.

I have obtained the requisite permission through the personal good offices of Heer Dr. Sc. de Vries, in communication with the Librarian of the Marziana Library, Venice, Dr. S. Morpurgo, and with his Excellency Signor B a c c e 11 i, Minister of Public Instruction, strongly, supported by their Excellencies M. de Beaufort, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Ambassador from the Netherlands at Rome, to all of whom I tender my respectful thanks.

The great Italian savant Dom. Comparetti has done me the honour of writing a Latin preface to this volume, thus enhancing its scientific value in no small degree. The printing of the preface, as well as of the plates, is so far advanced that the publication may be promised for January 1901. The style will correspond with that of the former volumes; the size of the page being 54 X 36 cm. I shall be happy to forward a specimen on application, free of charge.

In my former circular, announcing the publication of Codex Venetus A, Marcianus 454, HOMERI ILIAS, I had the pleasure of informing you that the photographic negatives were already prepared of the Codices Laurentiani Medicei 681 et 68 11.

I am now able to promise the immediate publication of Vol VII of this important series:

Pars I. TACITUS Codex Laurentianus Mediceus 68 I Pars II. TACITUS Codex Laurentianus Mediceus 68 II