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tered the Second Chamber. In 1898 he visited the United States and delivered his now famous Stone lectures on Calvinism. Three years later he was called to occupy the highest place in the Netherlands, next to the queen. Dr. Kuyper became the premier or leader of the Dutch cabinet. As such he tried to reorganize Dutch society according to his principles. He found it a difficult task. But he accomplished an encouraging amount of good, especially in behalf of free christian instruction and in the interests of Sabbath rest, the working classes, etc. But in 1905 the elections went against him and his allies and the Kuyper cabinet retired.

In 1903, while yet premier, Dr. Kuyper became the hero of the day, lauded by liberal and orthodox alike, for his manly opposition to and statesmanlike restraining of socialistic labor movements.

When Dr. Kuyper became prime minister he retired as professor of the Free University and as editor-in-chief of Standaard and Heraut. To this day he is not in charge of these papers but continually furnishes splendid articles to them. At present a series called „Pro Rege," „for the king", appears, a splendid exposition of Christ's claims and power as King. Some years ago De Heraut published a long series of articles on „Common Grace." It lias since then been published in bookform and has instantly taken its place as a Standard work on this much neglected and misunderstrood subject.

Other Standard works of Dr. Kuyper are his Encyclopedia of Theology, part of which has been translated into English; The Work of the Holy Spirit, also rendered in English; The Incarnation of the Word, The Angels etc. His comments on the Heidelberg Catechism, E Voto are much appreciated.

This month a new work appears, „Around the Old