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Stemmen voor waarheid en vrede jrg 30, 1893 [volgno 3]

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CHTBCH, AEFBED J., Stories from the Bible. Londen 1890. Met Platen. 288 blz. f 2.-.

Noten for Boys (and their Pathers) on Morals, mind and manners. Geb. London. f 1 .

G. J. WBTXE MELYILLE, Hotmby House. A tale of old Northamptonshire. London. 385 blz. f 0.60.

VEENON SEE, Miss Brown. A Novel. New-York. 285 blz. f 0.50. CAPTAIN MABEYAT, The Pirate and the three Cutters, f 0.25. CHAELES BICKENS, Grimaldi, The Clown, f 0.25. M. E. BKADBON, Flower and Weed. f 0.25.

Behind a Brass Knocker. Some Grim Eealities in Picture and Prose. f 0.50.

Only a guard-room dog by Edlth E Cuthell. Geill. Geb. (nieuw. Ex.). London 1892. (f 3.50). f 2.—.

Messages to the Multltude by Charles H. Spurgeon. Met Portret. Geb. London 1892. (f 2.25). f 1.40.

Cleveden Kenn, Down in the Fiats or Party besore Fitness. London 1892. (nieuw), (f 2.25). f 1.40.

The Girls and I. A Teracious History by Mrs. Molesworth. Illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke. Geb. London 1892. (f 2.50). f 1.50.

LUKE ASHEEIGH, or School-Life in Holland. By Aifred EIwes. Met 6 platen. London. Geb. (nieuw), (f 2.25). f 1.25.

Mrs. BBAY, Our duty to Animals. Geb. London. f 0.75.

The Heidenmauers by Fenimore Cooper. London. f 0.40.

The white Czar and other poems by Longfellow. London. f 0.30.

Stray Leaves from Cousin Mabels' sketch-Book by Miss Whatcby. Geb. London. f 0.40.


GABIBALDI. Memorie autobiograflehe. Firenze 1888. 486 blz. f 1.25. JUAN VALEBA, Pepita Jiménez. A novel. London 1891. f 0.7