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Lectures on Holland delivered in the University of Leyden during the first Netherlands week for American students, July 7-12, 1924

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she dipped the fringe of her banners in the waters of the western seas : freedom of movement, unhampered independance, love of liberty are in her blood. Again these quaUties have their weak sides : dislike of discipline, a kind of stubbornness, sometimes even lawlesness. But this love of liberty and independance is not a doting on an abstract idea, but the cherishing of a simple practical thought of personal freedom to think, to say, to do, what God and conscience bid him to do, although he does not always unite this love of freedom with true hberahty. Holland has breathed into her nostrils at the very birth of the nation the true spirit of hberty, but Holland knows, or better should know: Nisi Dominus f rustra !

Marching in the van of ehristianized hberty, her manifest destiny is to light the torch of hberty tül it illumines the entire pathway of the world, in the spirit of our Prince William of Orange who has written these golden words, in 1574 to his brother .John: "We must submit to the will of God and trust in his divine Providence, that He, who has given the blood of His only son to maintain His Church, will do nothing but what will redound to the advancement of His glory and the preservation of His Church on earth".