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"Dainty little maiden, whither would you wander,

Whither from this pretty home, the home where mother dwells?" "Far and far away," said the dainty little maiden,

"All among the gardens, auriculas, anemones,

Roses and lilies and Canterbury-bells."

"Dainty little maiden, whither would you wander?

Wither from this pretty house, this city-house of ours?" "Far and far away," said the dainty little maiden,

"All among the meadows, the clover and the clematis.

Daisies and kingcups and honeysuckle-flowers.


All the next winter I had no one to take care of me. I h ad to live in the forest, where I found scarcely enough to keep me from dying of hunger and thirst.

When the spring came, I went one day to a village on the edge of the forest, and was surprised to find quite a commotion there. The people were walking in processions; everybody had on their Sunday clothes; and, what was strangest of all, every donkey in the neighbourhood seemed to be there. They were sleek and fat; their heads were decorated with flowers and leaves, and not one of them was in harness

or had a rider.

I went trotting up to see if 1 could find out what all this was about, when, all of a sudden, one of the boys who where standing there, saw me, and shouted:

"Oh, I say, look liere! here's a fine donkey!"

"My word!" said another, "how well groomed he is! and how fat and well-fed!" and they roared with laughter.