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The A and B certificates

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"No vegetables here, in the country, in the middle of 20summer!" I exclaimed surprised, thinking of my friend's splendid hotbeds.

"Oh no," sighed Mrs. J.; "all that kind of thing is much better in Amsterdam; and besides, my daughter wants some things for her toilet, — and really, when one has 25friends to dinner, in this season, it is so difficult."

"To be sure, I did not know," I said, "that people gave dinners in this season."

"Ah, well, in the country, you know," said Janssen, "you can do anythingyou like. I often think so, when I drive quite 30 leisurely to the "village and saunter along the houses and country-seats.

"But then we shall have quite a large company together, and for the first time: — so I should like everything to be in order. I should be sorry if people had cause to 35find fault with anything."

Half an hour afterwards the carriage came round, the ladies were helped in, and Janssen and myself were left alone.

We sat down at the breakfast-table again, and read and re-read the newspapers, till I knew them for the greater

40 part by heart.

At length I rose, and brought out my cigar-case.

"Wait a bit," said Janssen, "Mrs. J. doesn't like us to smoke here. We '11 go to my room."

"They are just cleaning your room, Sir," "said John, who 45 was clearing the breakfast-table.

"All right, then we'11 smoke our cigars here," said Janssen courageously, and he lighted his and offered me a match.

"You may leave the door open", he continued tothefootman.

I went and stood beforc one window and my host before 50 the other. We looked out without speaking. The deepest silence prevailed, only broken by the rattling of the windows, whenever a violent gust of wind shook them, and by the incessant pattering of the rain against the panes.

13. Difference between countrj-people and countrymen?

Country-folk is also right.